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Young Justice

Mission 11/ A Reason to Say Thank You

["What's wrong, Superboy?" Surged knocked on the glass of Konner's pod. He turned to Doctor Desmond. "How long until he's ready?"

"With the information you gave us, he should be ready by the early July."

"So soon? That's not even two weeks away." He glanced at the pod again. "What about his mental functions?"

"They should all be working, other than the personal programming that is. The genomes are still in the process of giving him an education."

"Good. The higher ups put him in the my group instead of QB's. I look forward to being friends with him."

"Friends? He's a weapon."

Surge chuckled. "So was I, remember? Now look at me."

"Speaking of which, I understand congratulations are in order. You've been promoted to the- 'Cadmus Board of Directors.' Talk about climbing the ranks. You went from my prized project to my assistant and now you've jumped to the top of the ladder."

"Well thank you, Doc."

"I'm the one who should be thanking you. With a partner like you, I was able to complete the first working sample of the Blockbuster serum. It's too bad that you're leaving now."

"You'll tell me when he's ready, right?" He started walking towards the door.

"I swear you'll be the first to know." Desmond smiled.]

Surge jumped out of Konner's way as he swung at him. He brought his fist down on Konner's head. "What's wrong, Superboy? Losing your touch? Or is Daddy's reputation too much to live up to?" He flipped back to avoid Konner's furious swing. "Whoops. Touchy subject. Not that I don't get why he wants nothing to do with you."

"What's that supposed to mean?!"

Surge's smile faded. "Tell me. If you were one of the world's greatest heroes and someone attempted to make a copy of you to do their dirty work, to hurt innocent people, wouldn't that disgust you? That's the way I see it, apparently he does too so you really shouldn't take any offense to anything I say. Besides, you're just like me!" He sent a blast of electricity at him. It blasted Konner back into the wall. He rose from the wreckage and lunged at Surge again, enraged.

'Konner! Don't let him bait you.' Cat thought. 'Listen, I know you don't think much of yourself but to me, you're amazing. Who cares if you're not Superman? Just be you, no one can ever say you suck at being you.' She ducked under Vixen's claws, pushed her arm away and swung at her. Vixen leaned back and ducked under her fist, grabbed it and flung Cat. Cat vanished and reappeared on her feet.

"You should really focus This fight is a little underwhelming for me." Vixen frowned.

"Sorry. I wouldn't want you to be anything less than whelmed." She vanished again and was behind her.

'So fast?' Vixen turned and blocked Cat's kick. 'I almost didn't sense her.' Cat attacked her much faster than before. She vanished between each strike. "Enough hide and seek." She swung as Cat reappeared. Her claws ran through one of Cat's braids, pulling it apart before she vanished again. She reappeared behind her. 'Now I've got her- what?!' As she turned, Cat was gone. In a split second, she reappeared directly in front of her.

"Then lets play chicken!" She socked Vixen in the jaw. As she tumbled back onto her feet Cat smirked. "I guess I win." she pulled the rubber band out of her hair and unraveled the other braid.

"You know," Vixen smirked. "The rule of that game is that you're not actually supposed to strike your opponent."

"I'm not good with rules."

"That makes two of us. Good thing too. I wouldn't want you to lose that spunk of yours over a little rule." She pulled out several little black marbles and threw them at the ground. Smoke began to fill the area. Vixen quickly put a filter mask on her face and blitzed towards Cat. She slashed her forearm and nailed her in the stomach with her knee. Cat vanished again and appeared a few feet back. "I hope the smoke doesn't bother you, its paralysis gas."

"Honestly, I could use some fresh air." She vanished as the ceiling busted open. Hovering through the opening was the bio-ship. Robin knocked Siren to the ground and grabbed hold of one of the lines that had dropped from the bio-ship. As Wally did the same, Robin dropped two discs that released a smokescreen. Artemis shot Creeper with another flash arrow before grabbing a line.

"Vixen!" Surge barked.

"I gotcha." Cat reappeared in front of her.

"I never said I was done with you."

"Oh, so you didn't run away?"

"I told you, I needed some fresh air. This fight isn't over until one of us drops."

"Cat!" Kaldur called to her as he began flooding the room with water.


'Superboy, let's go.' M'gann floated to the bio-ship after deflecting one of Ember's fire blasts. Konner decked Surge and turned towards Cat. He quickly grabbed her before leaping onto the bio-ship.

As Creeper hissed, he spotted a person in restraints with neon purple hair. His shadow screeched and lunged upwards. Robin dropped a grenade out of the ship. With a flash and a high pitched whining sound, they were gone.

"Ugh!!!" Surge yelled and a blast of lightning shot through the opening and into the open sky to match his frustration.

"That was close." Wally sighed as he sat back in a chair. The seatbelt latched around him.

"Konner, you can put me down now." Cat rolled out of his arms. A chant came from behind them and Neon vanished as Zatanna walked up to Cat. "Thanks, Z." She high-five'd her.

"Hey, no problem. Anything to pay back a favor." she smiled. "I gotta say, that was a good plan though."

"I hope Batman sees it that way." She sat in her chair. "Kaldur, why did you do that? You know I can't swim."

"That's exactly why I did it. We were there to extract you, nothing more. If Konner hadn't grabbed you, I doubt you would've teleported."

"I could've beaten her." She frowned and then she noticed Konner's hand on her shoulder.

"We know you could've." She looked away, he couldn't tell whether or not she was blushing.


Batman stared at the nervous team. He wished he could say he was angry but he was… impressed. "The way you handled the mission was not as smooth as the League would've liked but not all plans work out the way we want them to. Overall, the team has performed more than adequately."

Wisteria sighed. "Translation time. That's Batman speak for 'you guys did a good job.'"  She smiled as the team was overcome with a sense of relief and joy. "Now what I want to know is why our little Black Cat is so tight lipped about the holes in her report."

"Because. My alias, Neon aka Sheila Isles, is still in tact. As far as H.I.V.E. knows, Neon is in the middle of a fitting for an orange jumpsuit and on her way to her new cell at Belle Revve. If certain details slipped out of a League member or one of us, they'd realize that she was a spy or think that she sold them out. We could still use 'Sheila Isles' to gain more information. The holes are due to personal conversation or teenage chatter that I deemed unimportant or too personal that I felt it was inappropriate to share. Everyone has their own personal secrets, even the League. I gained the intel Batman was looking for as I came into contact with H.I.V.E.'s elite class and the senior staff members and learned as much about 'The Light' as was needed. Nothing more, nothing less."

Batman took a deep breath. "I see. I respect that decision. Making it is not easy." Cat let out a sigh of relief and suddenly- fainted.

"Cat!" Konner picked her up. He could her breathing just fine.

"She'll be fine, Konner." Wonder Woman placed her hand on Cat's forehead. "She's just exhausted. Athena knows she didn't sleep at all while staying there and the fight after probably didn't help. Now it's time for her to rest."

"Not to mention the added strain of her teleporting on a low amount of stamina." Wisteria said.

"What?" Konner asked.

"It takes an immense amount of focus and energy for her to teleport the way she does." Batman explained.

"Really?" Zatanna asked.

"But she always does it like its nothing." M'gann said.

"She'd like you to think that. She's more worried about looking weak." Wonder Woman took her from Konner. "I'll take her to her room." She paused. "You know, I was a little skeptical at first but she seems more lively. I'm glad she came here." She disappeared down the hallway.

"Fall break has just started. Everyone should head home and rest for the time being."


Cat moaned and rolled out of bed. 'I don't remember ever going to bed.' She wandered down the hall and into the living room.

"There she is." Wally smiled.

Wally? Artemis? What are you doing here?"

"You're joking, right?" Artemis smirked. "The concert is in three hours."

"What?! I slept that long?! I gotta shower!" And like that, she vanished.

Artemis sighed and shook her head. "Scatter brained as always."


Konner sighed as he sat on a park bench. Wolf whined a little and nudged his leg. He sat down, panting and wagging his tail. He barked excitedly. "Not now, Wolf."

"Big doggie!" A little girl ran towards Wolf.

"Samantha!" Her mother called after her. The little girl giggled and hugged Wolf. Wolf licked the side of her face.

"Haha! That tickles!"

"Samantha, what did I tell you about running off?" She grabbed her daughter.

"But Mommy-"

"No buts!" She looked at Konner. "I'm so sorry about that. She's an animal lover."

Konner smiled, "It's fine.  Right, Wolf?" Wolf barked joyfully, plopped on the ground in front of Samantha and licked her cheek again.

"He's a very big dog. What kind of breed is he? A husky?"

"Yeah, a rare breed." he lied.

"Hey Mishter." Samantha scratched behind Wolf's ear. "What are you doing out her all by yourself?"

"Samantha, that's rude."

"But Mommy! No one should be outside all alone! He should be with his friends."

"My friends are busy. Besides, I needed some fresh air." Wolf barked. "Wolf too."

"Mishter, how about I play with you? I gotta go to Grandma's today so lets play before I go!" She smiled.

"I'm so sorry about this. She can be pretty impulsive." Her mother apologized.

"Nah, it's okay." He smiled. "I don't mind. I think Wolf needs the exercise."

"Yay!" She cheered and showed Wolf her doll, it was old and slightly damaged. "See, Wolf? This is Molly. She's really old and special so you can't eat her." Wolf tilted his head and barked.

Konner smiled as he thought back.

["Konner! Konner, look!" Cat pointed at the jungle gym excitedly.

"It's a playground, so?"

"I've never played on one!"

"Cat-" too late, she dropped her bag and bolted for the slide. "Wait!" He grabbed her bag and followed her. She climbed up the ladder and sat at the top of the slide. With a slight push, she slid down to the bottom in about two seconds. "See? It's just a slide."

"Yeah, I know." She looked at her feet. "I'm a teenager so of course the fun of a slide is kinda beneath me but I never had any of that. No childhood days on the playground- or at least as far as I can remember. No slides, no swings, or scrapes and bruises from falling over.  So doing the little things every once in a while is… nice. Even if I look stupid." She hadn't noticed yet but Konner had dropped their bags and climbed the ladder. "Konner- aaah!" When he slid down, she jolted forward. "Konner, what are you-?"

"Trying it for myself. I didn't have a real childhood either, you know, the whole being a clone thing." He paused. "You're right. This is kind of nice."

Cat jumped off of the slide. "Let's go! I can check this of my list now." she laughed.]

"Hey," Samantha pulled on his hand. "So what's you're name?"

"It's Konner Kent."

She grinned. "My name is Samantha but you can call me Sammy. My mama's name Sarah." He could see her missing teeth, one in front on the bottom and a canine.

"I'm sorry about this, Konner. You must have family plans of your own."

"Not really." He averted his eyes. "I'm not really on speaking terms with them."

"Oh, I see." Her sad look didn't last long as something exploded in the distance, further into the trees of the park. People began panicking and running. "Oh, dear." She grabbed Samantha. Wolf barked and growled angrily at the rising smoke.

"You guys stay here." Konner warned. "I'm going to go see if anyone was hurt. Come on, Wolf." he barked in agreement.

"Wait-!" Too late, he was already running. As Konner neared the smoke he unzipped his jacket to reveal the 'S' shield on his t-shirt. When he reached the area, the fire was gone and the ground was scorched. He knelt down to feel the burnt ground. 'Who put the fire out? There aren't any people or fire trucks here.'

"You're not who's attention I wanted." A man slunk out of a tree. "I expected the Black Cat to come teleporting my way." He had a strange accent. "I heard she's been spotted in this area many times but I never expected to run into Superboy."

"That's just too bad. What does someone like you want with the Black Cat?"

"To kill her, of course. I'm an assassin for hire and this is my newest job. Apparently she's been causing a lot of problems for my clients and now they want her gone."

Konner glared at him. "Not gonna happen. You're not getting anywhere near her."

"And you're going to stop me?" The man laughed. "Listen, kid. If they wanted a mediocre assassin who could be halted by a sidekick they would've hired someone like Cheshire." His stance shifted as stepped away from the tree. "Now out of my way. I'd like to handle this before I run into the League."

"No way!" He lunged at the man. A wild swing- and a miss. The man moved to the side, grabbed Konner's arm and slammed him to the ground. Konner rolled back and kicked the man into a tree. The tree cracked and fell over. Konner was quickly back onto his feet.


The crowd cheered wildly as the band played. The speakers nearly deafened the crowd closest to the stage. As the song ended, the singer stopped to take a drink from his water bottle.

"Okay, for my next song- who's recently had their heart broken?" Of course, almost every girls' arm shot up- most of them were obvious liars.

Artemis and Wally exchanged looks and they both raised Cat's arms in the air. "Hey, we've got your heart broken girl right here! She's been moping around all week!"

"Y-you guys!" Cat blushed. She had been caught off guard.

"Oh really now?" The singer smiled. "Alright, help the lady on stage!"

"Uh- guys…"

"Cat!" Artemis spun her around to face her. "You're about to be on stage with every teenage girl's dream, Judith Mercury." Artemis smiled. "Have some fun! Live a little."

She swallowed nervously as they led her on stage. "So, young miss. Can I get your name?"

"Catherine." She said as he pointed the microphone at her.

"Now that's a beautiful name for a beautiful young girl. Tell us, how was your heart broken? Come on, don't be shy."

"Well, I have a crush on a really good friend of mine but he's going out with one of my best friends. I didn't want to get between them so when someone else asked me out, I said yes. When my friend tried to warn me that the guy was dating a bunch of girls, I got so mad that he was so 'interested' in who I was dating that I didn't listen. My friend was right from the beginning though." She flinched as a low echo of chuckles and rude remarks went through the crowd.

"Not a soddin' one of you should be laughing right now." Judith snapped. "See now, I know what unrequited love feels like and I can say that I have been cheated on before. So do some of you." He pointed to the crowd. "Now that doesn't make us stupid or worthless. But how do you know if the one you love doesn't love you back unless you give it a go? Take chances! Take risks! Make mistakes! After all, we're only human. You only get one life so live it with no brakes!" The crowd roared with excitement. "Now, Catherine…" he whispered something in her ear.

"Oh! I know the words to that song."

"You do? That's good. Then this is for me an' you. We're two of a kind, love. So you're singing it with me!" The guitarists behind him started playing. Artemis and Wally smiled at each other, satisfied with a job well done.


Samantha stood still, staring off into the direction Konner went. She heard several crashing sounds and the birds flew away to escape them. She shifted nervously and then took off. "Samantha!"

"I'm going to get Konner, Mommy!" She headed towards the trees. As soon as she got closer, she could spy a man.

"Give it up, brat." He taunted. "You'd have a better chance if you waited for Daddy to come rescue you."

Konner growled in response. Samantha spotted him. "Konner." She ran towards him. His super hearing had heard her low call of his name. "Hey!"

"Samantha?! No, don't-!" She froze in her tracks as he shouted, she was confused and frightened. "It's dangerous! You have to run!"

"B-but…but…" her eyes started watering.

"Just like your father," The man pulled a strange gun. "You have a weak spot for kids!" He shot Konner with a blast of red energy.  Samantha screamed but then paused. Konner was still standing, he had shielded himself. "Oh." The man smirked. "You seem to hold the title 'man of steel' as well." His eyes seemed to gleam with interest. "As expected from Superboy. Where'd your wannabe super-mutt go?"

"S-Superboy?" Samantha's eyes set on Konner. She noticed the symbol on his shirt. Her eyes rose to his face, the wind and sunlight somehow gave him a heroic appearance in her eyes. Before she could react, the man grabbed her and threw her down the hill. She tumbled and rolled down it.

"You better stop her before she hits-" There was a splash as she rolled into the pond. "Oops. Too late. Aw well."

"Samantha!" He turned, ran and leapt into the pond. He could see her, hands clasped over her mouth to keep in what little air she had and her eyes were squeezed shut.

"Now time to-" The man turned to leave but he heard a voice. Suddenly, the roots of a tree snatched his leg.

"Sorry but you're out of time." Zatanna and Kaldur emerged from the shadows.

"Witch!" he hissed. He blasted the branches with his gun to free his leg.

Konner emerged from the pond with Samantha in his arms. She hacked and coughed up water. "My baby!" her mother cried.

"She swallowed some water but she'll be fine if you get her to a doctor." Konner handed her to Sarah. He patted her on the head as she opened her eyes slightly. "You were brave, kid. Get some rest." He turned to the man. "You've threatened two people I care about. Now, I'm angry!" He lunged at the man. This time, he swatted the man's arm away like it was nothing, knocking the gun out of his hand. Konner head butted him to knock him off balance and then socked him in the face. The man slid back.

"This wasn't part of the deal!" He threw a smoke bomb at the ground. "Next time, I'll skin the Black Cat right in front of you!" And he was gone. Wolf barked wildly and then emerged from the bushes with a piece of cloth in his mouth.

"Looks like the cloth from that guy's jacket." There were blood spots on it. "Took a bite out of him, eh? Where'd you go?" He barked and walked up to Kaldur.

"We were checking out the disturbance. I hadn't expected to run into Wolf along the way."

"I called an ambulance in case anyone was hurt. Good thing, I guess." Zatanna added. She glanced at Samantha.

They migrated out of the trees as the ambulance halted in front of the park. They quickly loaded Samantha into a stretcher.

"Don't worry, Mrs. Galton. She's not hurt too bad." the paramedic reassured her.

"Oh, thank god!"

"Hey!" Samantha called out to Konner, waving at him. "You're my new favorite superhero, Superboy!" They put the oxygen mask back on her for a moment before she removed it again. "You still owe me a play date!" Whispers surged through the crowd.

"As soon as you get better- and listen to your mother!" he said back jokingly.

"Bye bye, Superboy!" They pushed her bed into the ambulance and shut the doors. Everyone around them stood silently for a minute and then they started clapping. Everyone started cheering.

"Go Superboy!"

"Good job!"

Kaldur placed a hand on Konner's shoulder and smiled. Konner did too, he felt… accomplished.


'Recognize, Kid Flash. B.0.3. Artemis. B.0.9. Black Cat. B.1.3.'

The scanners rang as they entered the cave.</P>

"I'm still hearing funny." Cat shook her head.

"That's normal for being front row at a concert. You'll be back to normal after a day or so." Wally explained.

"Talk about rocking out. Nice going, Cat." Artemis smiled. They spotted everyone in the kitchen and living room, including Zatanna and Rocket.

"Z! Roquel!"

"Hey, Catherine." She hugged her.

"Hey girl!" Roquel squeezed her with a bear hug.

"What are you guys doing here?"

"Just visiting before I leave for the holiday."


"Thanksgiving. On Thursday, remember?" Roquel raised her eyebrow curiously.

"Oh yeah." She clapped her hands together. "I have to make sure that movie is recording tonight." She teleported into the living room.

"No more spider movies." Konner said.

"Its not!" She clicked on the television. "Hey, you guys! Come look at this." She turned the volume up loud, it was the news.

["- after rumors flew around about the rise of a new super, the rumors have been confirmed today." A red 'S' Shield appeared in the corner of the screen. "You've heard of everyone's beloved hero, Superman and his young female counterpart, Supergirl. Now the world has been introduced to Superboy. He was spotted in a park in Salem, saving a child from a mystery assailant. This six year old little girl's name is Samantha Galton, the granddaughter of General Michael Galton." A picture of Samantha and her family appeared on screen. "She almost drowned as her attacker threw her down a hill and into a pond. We have Iris West-Allen, live, in the hospital with our young survivor."

The screen shifted to the reporter at the hospital. Samantha was sitting in the hospital bed. "Now Samantha, can you tell us what happened?"

"Well, there was this scary man attacking Superboy! And-! And-! I was so scared! And he told me to run but that man threw me into the pond and I can't swim!" She spoke excitedly. "And Superboy saved me! His friends were there too!"

"What friends?"

"Aqualad and a magician girl- I think her name was Zatanna! I heard Superboy say it!"

"Wow. You have a good memory. How badly were you hurt?"

"Not much." She frowned. "I lost a tooth that was already loose and I hurt my foot. I got this scrape on my arm and this cut on my face. But its okay 'cause I get to go home for Turkey Day!"

"Aw, I see." Iris smiled.

"One more thing!" She pulled the microphone close again. "Superboy, have a happy Turkey Day!"

"Back to you at the studio."

The screen shifted back.

"It seems this Superboy has made one little girl very happy."]

"Wow, Konner! That's so sweet of you!" Cat smiled.

"Yeah but isn't it strange that someone attacked a girl in a public place?" Artemis pointed out.

"She is the granddaughter of a general." Zatanna shrugged. "But he did mention the Black Cat. Is he someone Catherine knows?"

Cat shrugged. "I don't know."

"Definitely not. He was an assassin who was there for a job." Konner said.

"League of Shadows?" Robin asked.

"I didn't catch his name but he mentioned Cheshire. I already gave Batman my report."

"I don't get it. Who would want to kill a little girl?" Cat asked.

"He wasn't there for Samantha. He was there to kill you." Konner stated. It seemed to shock everyone. "Someone put a hit out on you. Apparently, you've been spotted frequently in that park so he set off an explosion, expecting you to come running."

"Well, I haven't been there in a while. Since before I lived here at least. There's a clothing store Hawkgirl used to take me to there when I needed new clothes."

"Haha, the Black Cat likes to spend time in Salem, who would've guessed?" Robin chuckled.

She frowned. "Who would want to kill me?"

"Should I make you a list?" Wally joked.

"Hah." She laid back on the couch. "I guess that's true."

"Konner." Red Tornado walked into the room. "Batman would like to have a word with you."

"Okay." He shrugged and followed Red Tornado into the briefing room.

"So, Zatanna. What are your plans for Thanksgiving?" Robin asked.

"I'm spending it at Roquel's. Since that's where I've been staying. It's also closest to the archive so I can train my spells in my free time."

"Well, I on the other hand, plan on winning my family's annual eating contest." Wally beamed.

"Figures." Artemis smirked.

"Well what about you?"

"Spending it in with my mom."

"I'll be heading back to Atlantis tomorrow." Kaldur said.

"Uncle J'onn invited me to spend Thanksgiving with him and Wisteria." M'gann said.

"Wisteria?" Wally questioned.

"Yeah, you didn't know? J'onn and Charlotte are engaged." Robin explained. "Martian Manhunter and the ninja assassin Wisteria are all set to have a big Justice League wedding separate from their public wedding."

"Wow, talk about some serious planning."

"Yup and I'm the flower girl." M'gann smiled. She noticed Cat shifting through the channels, ignoring their conversation. "Uh, Cat, are you okay?"

"Oh? Yeah, I'm fine. I don't have any plans for Thanksgiving." She shrugged. "Don't really have a family to spend it with. It'll probably just be me and Konner watching movies like usual." They all looked at each other and then back at Cat. "Guys, really, I'm fine. It's just a holiday where people relax and eat a lot of turkey and other food. I can do that any day. Its not that big of a deal." She shut the TV off. "I'm going to bed." She vanished.

"And we've lost her." Robin shook his head.


Wally munched on some Cheese-Itz as Black Canary gave him an observant stare. "So," he said in between in each crunch. "Why are we doing this counseling thing again?"

"It's mandatory. We're seeing how the team has adjusted. I know many things have happened in such a short time. Of course, I've made my own observations but I'd like to know your thoughts on the subject."

"Subject? Catherine's been great. Sure, she had a few her problems but that's understandable-"

"I didn't mention her. But since you mentioned her, how are you feeling? You two had a rough start."

"That's not fair!" he jumped at that comment. "I was being affected by foreign molecules."

"Yes, I know." Canary calmed him. "But you're actions until now have been somewhat gentle, even for you. Almost as like you feel guilty. I first noticed it when Batman explained Cat's contact telepathy."

Wally sighed. "I did feel kind of bad. I was the first one to jump on the fact that she was distancing herself."

"Yes well, Cat's distant nature was something she developed in the Watchtower. After the League found out about her special skill, there was a long debate about whether or not she should be quarantined again."


"At first, it was about the violent and uncontrollable outbursts that had no explanation. Those eventually stopped. Everyone treated her like she carried the plague and when the foreign molecule incident happened with the Flash, Batman had no choice but to quarantine her. She developed this sense that people didn't want to be around her because she caused bad things to happen. She was so heart broken that she tried to prove that she didn't need anyone. She vanished and the League panicked."

"Well… what happened?" She had caught Wally's interest.

"We were scrambled trying to find her. Of course, at the time, Guy Gardner visited the Watchtower frequently. When he found out Cat was gone he was furious. He claimed the only reason anyone wanted her found was to keep her from letting anyone's dirty little secrets out. After he was done chewing everyone one out, we all had a terrible feeling that he was right. We felt awful. A girl had gone missing. She was probably alone and scared, and all we cared about was what secret she might give away. We couldn't help but feel guilty."

"Who found her?"

"Who do you think? There are only five people who knew her well enough to find her. It was Guy, he knew her better than anyone."

"Where'd she go?"

"Guy didn't say and that's not the point. The point is that I recognize when someone is walking on eggshells around her. Its taken the League a while to stop treating her like a princess, not they still don't spoil her especially Wonder Woman. Wally, you shouldn't feel the need to pamper Cat just because you feel guilty. She doesn't hold grudges and she's very-"


"Forgiving." Canary smiled.

"Anything… Anything I say is a secret right?"

"It never leaves this room."

"You said that she used to have violent outbursts, right? So… what if she… hypothetically had one recently?"

"Wally," She shifted uneasily. "If she had one recently, that is something you should've told us. Especially Batman."

"No! She made me promise not to tell anyone and she kind of, tried to pass it off as a headache."

"I see." She sighed. "But take some friendly advice. Batman believes they're caused by a severe injury to her brain. When she get's like that, don't get near her. She can't recognize friend from foe in that state and she'd never forgive herself if she hurt you."

To Be Continued…

Mission 11/ END

Woo Woo! This ones knocked out. Only- eight more to go... yeesh =.=' Once again, this fanfic takes place a year after the end of season one, before the time skip. I'll get to the time skip eventually but this was written before Invasion came out. Anywho~ if anyone has any OC's that they want me to add into my little fic, let me know ;3

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