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Funny Faces by Enthaga
Funny Faces
Kon and Cat being cute babies.
Realizing that Kon is 6'1" and Cat is 5'3" means she'd have to tip toe to kiss him. She's so smol.
Based after his look in New 52's Superboy comics.
Time For A Picture! by Enthaga
Time For A Picture!
My wonderful OC, the Black Cat with the New 52 styled Titans. Cassie- Wonder Girl being held by Bart- Impulse/Kid Flash, Raven being held up by Garfield Logan- Beast Boy, and my baby Catherine Lord aka the Black Cat being held up by Conner Kent aka Superboy.
Despite a lot of peoples' opinions, I actually adore the New 52 designs. Its a parallel world so things are gonna get shaken up.
So lots of stuff is gonna be pumping out of my account. Between updates to existing series: SGPA, YJ, NicolasXReader, KenpachiXReader, etc. 
And handling the request pool, it'll be a randomized free for all. 
Not only that, My long awaited {XReaderCollection} will be coming around. For those of you who are new, let me explain.
I wanted to do XReaders in more than just a fanfic POV but also as an entirely new story starring who? You, of course. It's a better way to show off my writing skills. Not to say that I'm NOT going to continue fanfics and XReaders because of course I still love those and have a lot planned for them but this is something new entirely that I think everyone will enjoy. There will many different {XReaderCollection} series but the first to come out will be:

  • The Art of Love and War Pt.1
  • Heartache Pt.1
  • Body Talk Pt.1

As per usual, any Questions, Comments, Concerns?
Hero of the Arcane- My book!!! by Enthaga
Hero of the Arcane- My book!!!
I know I probably should have posted this sooner. I need to do more advertising but I'm at a loss when it comes down to it XD
I could use all the support I can get so please spread the word!

It's available on Amazon, Kindle and my estore which I will put the link for below. 
It's 500+ pages of (well, pure agony for me) adventure, violence and a dash of comedy. 
And if anyone has tips on promoting it lemme know! (cuz I am trash at promoting)

    You never thought it would end this way. When you pictured dying, you assumed that other forces would have gotten you first but going out in a blaze of glory? You weren’t really the showy type. But dying so a girl like her could live? A girl like Yang? That’s something you’d make an exception for. I mean, it’s not like you weren’t dying anyways. You didn’t know your paths would cross. You had been sent here separately for two different missions and you had just happened to run into each other along the way. The creatures of Grimm gave a helping hand in separating the two of you from everyone else.

You lay on the ground, sniper rifle in hand, observing a group of Ursa crossing a stone bridge in the distance, below eye level. They weren’t the only ones in this canyon but they were the few that were in sight.

“So,” Yang started. She had been lying next to you, overlooking the edge of the cliff you both resided on as well. “How’s it looking?”

“Once that group of Ursa is gone, we’re good to move.” You said, passing her a sideways glance. “Thanks for, uh, listening to me by the way. I know you’d rather punch your way through here.”

“Eh,” she gave a nonchalant shrug. “If Ruby were in serious danger, yeah but she’s got the rest of the team with her. Besides, you’re an upper classman and you seem to know where you’re going so why not?” she responded in an upbeat manner.

“Heh. Alright then,” You watched the Ursa as they began to move out of sight. “And… we’re good.”

“Besides, I’m kind of curious.” She stood up, dusting herself off.

“About?” You sat up.

“You. Everyone at Beacon says you have the strongest team out of the second years. You’re always gone on missions so we hardly ever see you around. That and apparently you’re at the top of everyone’s dream boyfriend list.”

“Ha! So it’s true that even Beacon girls talk about boys.” You chuckled.

“Ha ha. Very funny. I was just wondering what they like about you, is all. How’d you manage to woo so many girls?”

“Maybe it’s my poetry skills.”

“Poetry?” she laughed before realizing you had grabbed her hand.

“But my lady, you must be the sun and I the desert for I am scorched by your brilliance and the world is cold when you are gone. I would dare to stare at your beauty all day even if it meant being blinded by your radiance.”

She was quiet for a moment before snorting a laugh. “Could you even add any more cheese?”

You laughed as well as she pulled you to your feet, “Yeah, I’m just messing with ya. I really don’t know the answer to that.” You pressed a button on your rifle before tossing it in the air and catching it by the barrel. The barrel extended and the weapon transformed into a lance. You pulled on the end of the handle, hooking it to the gauntlet on your arm, a thickly woven wire connecting the two. After several seconds of you eyeing a ledge in front of a tunnel across the way, you threw the lance. It struck the wall above the ledge. You tugged on the cord to make certain it wouldn’t come loose. Once it was satisfactory, you grabbed ahold of it and held your other arm out to Yang. “Come on, let’s get over there before more Grimm show up.”
“Alright, Casanova.”

“Please don’t call me that.” You chuckled as she wrapped her arms around your neck and you gripped her waist tightly. You jumped, swinging easily to the other side. You let go of Yang as you gave the lance a forceful pull out of the wall.

“So you’re sure this is the right way?”

“Yeah,” you walked past her into the tunnel, picking something up off of the ground; a shell casing. “This is one of Ruby’s, right? I saw it through my scope. The tunnel will take us further down than I’ve ever gone before but we’re on the right track.”

“Good fighter, good tracking skills, sense of humor, not bad on the eyes; I’m starting to get the picture.”

“You’re not gonna let this go, are you?”


“Let’s go. You can play twenty questions along the way.” You stopped, wincing for a moment as you felt a sharp pain in your side and your vision blurred.

“Uh, hey, you alright?” You snapped back to reality as Yang put her hand on your shoulder.

“Yeah, bumped my head in the fight earlier. I’ll be fine.” You brushed off her concern quickly.

“Uh, okay…”

    The descent down the tunnels was slow but devoid of any Grimm which you took as a good sign. There were shell casings every so often as a sign someone had been there so you knew this must be the way they had gone. Yang hadn’t let up on her questions whatsoever.

“Mind if I ask a question of my own?”

“It’s only fair.” She shrugged.

“Why did they send your team down here?”

“To recover some old technology.”

“So they told you about this place?”

“Well, yeah. It used to be a massive hive of Grimm that would decimate nearby towns and any travelers venturing outside of Vael.”

“It was too close to Vael, so Atlas assisted them in making a weapon that would completely wipe the hive off the map. That’s what made the canyon and that’s what they sent you here for, right? To see if there was anything left of it to salvage?”

“Yeah but it’s been twenty years so I doubt we’ll find anything and why now all of a sudden?”

“Well, with recent activity,”

“I understand that, I mean, why didn’t they look for it sooner?”

“That’s… my fault, actually. A machine that utilizes dust to unleash a massive explosive force, anyone would have assumed it was destroyed in the blast. The scientist who made it apparently died while setting it up but not before turning it on. By this point, Grimm have already resettled here. Our team was down here on a bestiary assignment. We take those the most often. It’s a chance to better understand how to defeat Grimm. I had found several things when I was mapping the area out that hadn’t been destroyed in the blast and the possibility that the machine or even a part of it may still be intact must have sparked some interest.”

“Ah, smart too. Is there anything you’re not good at?”

“And just when I thought I had successfully changed the subject.”

“You thought wrong.”

“I’m good when it comes to studying Grimm monsters, that’s about it.”

“Modesty.” She said as she smirked at you. “So what’s the catch?”


“The catch! Why don’t you have a girlfriend?”

“Because I never asked anyone?” you stated plainly.

“Why not?”

“Is this really necessary?”

“Yes. Come on! It’s gonna drive me crazy!” Yang said dramatically before beginning another slew of questions. “Are you bad with girls? Afraid of them? Are you shy?”

“Does it sound like it?” You climbed onto a ledge that the pathway ended at and helped Yang up.

“No. Stupid question. Oh! I know! You have a growth! Something gross that you don’t want anyone to see.”

“I promise you, I have ten fingers and eight toes like everyone else does.”

“Wait, eight toes?”

You flashed her a grin. “Yang, I’m kidding.”

“Are you? Take off your shoes.” This just made you laugh even more. A little bit of humor between you two was fun. You wouldn’t call her questions annoying, if anything they were amusing. “Do you have any bad habits?”

“Other than venturing into spooky caves looking for Grimm or answering any question a pretty blonde asks me? No.” You stopped as you had reached the opening you had previously spotted light from. There was a crack extremely high above your heads but you could see the night sky all the same. It was speckled with silver stars shining through thin wisps of clouds. “Would you look at that? Imagine, before any of the Grimm took over this area, living in a town and seeing that when you looked up.”

“Yeah, it doesn’t look like that from Vael.”

“Part of the reason I spend so much time in the field... you can never…” The dizzy feeling was returning again.


“I’m dying, Yang.” 


“You asked what the catch was. I’m going to die. Probably soon.”

“What do you mean?”

“When I was a kid, my parents were killed by a Grimm but not just any Grimm, a creature thought to be long extinct- A Daddy Long Legs. I had gotten away but not before it did its worst. I was discovered by a hunter who was sent to investigate the attack. No… no one believed me, more like no one wanted to believe me. A creature that could eat a Nevermore in minutes is too much to believe in. Its poison is in my blood and they still don’t believe me. I’ve been fighting it off since then but modern medicine can only help so much. I need untainted poison from a Daddy Long Legs for anyone to make a vaccine.”

“So… all these bestiary missions,”

“Hoping I may get lucky enough to come across one.” You began walking again, “We should hurry. Our friends can’t be far ahead.”


For a while after that, she followed in silence. You hadn’t intended to make things awkward but there it was. You had halted her questions which was disappointing now that it had happened.

“You…” After a while, she spoke up. “You don’t want to get close to anyone because you don’t want them to be hurt when you’re gone, right?”

“That about sums it up.” She was quiet again until you felt pain as she smacked the back of your head. “Hey!”

“That’s stupid.” She had stepped in front of you, eyeing you with a blazing look. “You think that pushing away the people that care about you makes them worry any less? You can’t stop people from worrying about you.”

“You asked why I didn’t have a girlfriend, I wouldn’t put her through that kind of thing.”
“And that’s selfish! If a girl really loved you, she wouldn’t care that you’re dying and she’d want to spend as much time with you as she possibly could because she might not get that chance ever again.”

“I-” You were interrupted by a loud banging and the cavern shaking. You hadn’t exactly thought out what you were going to say anyway but the interruption wasn’t very reassuring. You both bolted down the tunnel into the opening to see a large mass of Grimm being challenged by Yang’s teams. “Guess we’ll have to put this conversation on hold.”

You ran and leapt over the ledge, lance at the ready. The faint glow around your body was an obvious sign of you activating your semblance as you made a crater beneath you where a pack of Beowolves had been standing. With a twirl of your lance, you easily knocked back a creature as it scrambled after you. Instead of turning your arm, you shifted your footing and thrusted your lance through it. Yang’s landing was orchestrated in a different fashion. Her fist collided with the head of an overly large Ursa, firing off a shot as a boost before she landed on her feet. She quickly nailed the beast with several punches and it went down.

“Ruby!” she called out to her sister, catching her attention easily.

“Yang, you guys are alright!”

“What’d you expect?” She dodged a swipe from a Beowolf before slamming her fist onto its head, forcing an indent into the ground.

“We found the machine. It’s over here.” Blake stated.

“Doesn’t do us any good with all these Grimm all over.”

You looked up, spotting a Nevermore as it crowed. “And things just got worse.” Yang had noticed it soaring through the opening of the cavern.

“Maybe not. Cover me.” You took a step towards the edge of the platform you were standing on, you raised your hand, closing your eyes for a moment to concentrate before activating your semblance. The air around the Nevermore distorted as the cliffs and cavern walls around it began to crumble. Suddenly, the beast plummeted down, taking out several cliffs and platforms as well as a number of the enemy Grimm coming from that direction. The rest of the cliff crumbled to seal off the caves.

That was cool.”

“My semblance is gravity.” You responded as you twirled your lance, bringing the edge down on a Beowulf’s head. “Get to the machine. We’ve cleared out as many as we can for now.”

“Right.” She agreed and you followed her and Ruby towards an indent in the ground.

“Weiss, are you done?” Ruby asked.

“I grabbed anything that wasn’t charred.” She said as she motioned to a bag. You caught sight of the item in her hand.

“That’s a data chip. Any program used to run the machine would be on there.”

“It’s intact.”

“That’s the black box of this so to speak, the rest just looks like scrap and gizmos.”

“See? I said you were smart.”

“Careful, Yang. Praise me anymore and I might have to buy you dinner.”

“What happened while you two were gone?!” Ruby asked.


“_____ is asking you on a date!”

“Well…!” She scratched her head. “Help me out here,”

“Nuh uh.” You shook your head. “Besides, you said…” you found yourself trailing off as a chirping sound echoed through the cavern. The sound sent a shiver down your spine because it was one that haunted your dreams. You turned to see long, pointed legs set onto the stone in front of you as a dark body emerged from the depths.

“A spider?!” Ruby shrieked.

“Daddy Long Legs! Ruby, move!” You shoved her out of the way as one of its legs swung around.

“There’s no way! I thought they were all supposed to be gone!” Weiss shook her head.

“Ruby, get everyone to the tunnel, you got what you need. I’ll cover the rear!” You told her and she nodded.


The creature made another loud chirp as it sprayed webbing. Your lance glowed as you sheered through it. Your lance transformed back into a sniper rifle as you nailed the creature with a few well-placed shots to the joints of its legs, knocking it off balance. It swayed and hit the side of the cavern, causing it to split as the ceiling began to cave in. You turned to follow everyone else, dodging the falling debri. You spotted on the Grimm’s long legs about to swing down on Weiss as fast as a scythe. You slowed it with your semblance long enough for Blake to pull her out of the way.

You noticed the rubble was beginning to block your path and everything blurred as you took a step forward. Suddenly, your body wouldn’t move. You could see Yang calling out to you as she shattered a piece of stone with a punch as it came down but you couldn’t hear her. Your heartbeat pulsed throughout your body almost as if it could physically shake you. Your attention went to the Grimm who had spotted her. One noise rang out through the deafening silence, its shrill shriek as its body shifted back, ready to lunge. You activated your semblance without thinking, causing the falling rocks to block Yang’s path.

You turned your attention to the creature but it pinned you to the ground with one leg, lowering its pinching jaw towards you. You activated your semblance in full force, pushing every ounce of energy in it you had. The ground began to crumble beneath the Grimm’s feet. So back to where we started, dying for a girl like Yang? You could accept that.

“That’s selfish!”

Yang’s voice echoed in your head as her face flashed in your mind. You could see the Grimm above you and you could feel your blood run cold. A feeling you didn’t think you’d ever feel. You…

You didn’t want to die.

You grabbed your rifle, jamming it into the Grimm’s mouth and pulled the trigger several times. Once it reeled back, now falling with the stone underneath, you turned, forcing yourself to your feet as you began to run.


Yang walked around the rubble, shouting at the top of her lungs. “____!”

“Yang, we’ve been out for hours.” Weiss stated.

“Just a bit longer.”

“You roped a lot of people into helping,” Jaune started.

“Yeah, you’d think we’d have found him by now.” Neptune said. “The majority of the cavern collapsed and we’re not even running into any Grimm so-”

“I know, okay?” she snapped. “It’s just…”

“Hey! I see something!” They heard Pyrrha call and they immediately ran to where she was standing. She was peering over a hill of rubble. “Those rocks appear to be moving strangely.”

“They’re… levitating.” Ren observed.

Yang burst past her friends, sliding down the slope as she saw a figure crawl out from under the wreckage. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw that it was an Ursa. Moments after she had geared back for a punch, the creature was skewered. As it fell to the ground, dissolving you were standing behind it. You held your lance in one hand and your other hand was on your wounded side as you heaved.

“We… didn’t finish arguing…” You gave her a crooked smile. “How dare you call me selfish,” The rocks around you dropped and you along with it. Thankfully, it was into the arms of Yang as she helped you slowly to the ground.

“So you don’t have a death wish afterall.”

“Hehe, never did… But if I live for anything, it’ll be to prove you wrong.” She noticed a maroon colored stain on your shirt, “Don’t touch it. It’s from the Daddy Long Legs when I jammed my rifle down its throat.” You closed your eyes. “Let me use your lap for a while, I’m beat.”

“Yeah, rest up. You still owe me dinner.”

The END…

Heavy {Yang Xiao Long X M!Reader}
Sorry. This took a while to get posted. My internet has been out and I lost everything that was on my computer.
All the requests are pretty much done, I just have to finalize them.
This was a request for YUGIOHCARDMAKER21
I actually based the reader's powers after a character I had previously designed. I hope you enjoyed it.

If y'all are enjoying these little things I write, please check out my book that was released in January or help spread the word. I am a writer by trade so I do have to make money to be able to continue writing stuff like this in my free time. 
El link:


Enthaga's Profile Picture
You may call me Ryo
United States
I am an aspiring writer currently working on my first novel.
I am also an avid fan of a lot of anime/video games/comics/etc. Just because its not in my gallery doesn't mean I'm not a fan, it just means I was a spaz and didn't post it XD
I have like no photoshop skills so anything in color will likely SUCK.
My artist is the ever wonderful HKD-arts tho a lot of her stuff just comes here because sometimes she doesn't have internet XD
So lots of stuff is gonna be pumping out of my account. Between updates to existing series: SGPA, YJ, NicolasXReader, KenpachiXReader, etc. 
And handling the request pool, it'll be a randomized free for all. 
Not only that, My long awaited {XReaderCollection} will be coming around. For those of you who are new, let me explain.
I wanted to do XReaders in more than just a fanfic POV but also as an entirely new story starring who? You, of course. It's a better way to show off my writing skills. Not to say that I'm NOT going to continue fanfics and XReaders because of course I still love those and have a lot planned for them but this is something new entirely that I think everyone will enjoy. There will many different {XReaderCollection} series but the first to come out will be:

  • The Art of Love and War Pt.1
  • Heartache Pt.1
  • Body Talk Pt.1

As per usual, any Questions, Comments, Concerns?

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