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You stretched as you stepped onto the sight and everyone greeted you. “____!” Your boss called for your attention, much to your surprise.

“Yes, sir?” you asked as you stepped up to him.

“Don’t you look refreshed?” he joked. “So I was right about the Handyman after all.”

“What-? No!” you shook your head, flushed.

“Boss, don’t joke about that. You’ll hurt my feelings.” Conroy joked as he stopped, still carrying two sacks filled with cement mixture.

“She’s out of your league, Conroy.” He threw back. “Anyway, I have a favor to ask you. We got a quick repair job that needs to be done but our deadline here is preventing us from putting an actual team on it. A tag got a little wild at Bastard’s last night. He was handled, of course but he caused a lot of damage. Take Conroy and another with you and patch the place up, will ya? You can take today off to rest up but they’re expecting you over there tomorrow.”

“I can still work today!”

“Nonsense, you work enough overtime as it is.”

“____ doesn’t need beauty sleep!”

“Get back to work, Conroy-!” he paused as he turned and heart a creaking noise followed by a snap. The materials being hoisted up above him suddenly began falling. “Look out-!” Before anyone could even blink, Conroy suddenly was rolling out of the way as you shoved him. The debri had fallen on top of you.

“Holy shit… was that ___?!”

“____!” everyone began calling as they attempted to shift through the rubble before it started moving on its own and your head popped up, coughing.

“I’m fine, I’m fine. Conroy, are you alright?”

“Uh yeah…”

“You’re not alright!”

“Boss, really-”

“There’s a clinic nearby, they have no problem looking at tags.”


“Dr. Theo’s. Now.” The familiar name caught your attention. “Conroy, help her walk since it was your sorry ass she pulled out of the fire.”

“Right.” He nodded as he put your arm around his shoulder.

Your boss pulled out his cell phone. “Better let the handymen know,” he muttered under his breath.

Alex turned as the phone rang, putting the sign language book down and answering it. “Handymen.” She paused as she heard a voice on the other line. “Wait, what happened?”

“Hm?” Alex’s surprise caught the handymen’s attention.

“Alright,” she turned to Worick. “It’s Raymond, ____’s boss. There was an incident on sight and they had to take ____ to Dr. Theo’s.”

“Ah, so they’re still at it?” Worick asked rhetorically as he lit a cigarette, realizing Nicolas was already turning towards the door. Worick grabbed his arm, catching his attention. “Wait a moment, we’ll all go. Let me talk to her boss first.” He stated, making Nicolas stop as he took the phone.

Dr. Theo sat across from you, wrapping your ankle. You were sitting on one of the beds for about half an hour while he bandaged you up. You had already shooed Conroy back to work when you arrived.

“Really,” he sighed. “Who gets a bunch of construction materials dropped on them and doesn’t have a single broken bone?”

“W-well, I am a tag, afterall.” His stare unnerved you as he looked up when you said that. His lazy stare went back to what he was doing.

“So you’re the girl Nic picked up, huh?” he stood up and went over to the counter.

“How’d you know that?”

“He may have mentioned you.” He said as he jotted something down. “He must really like you.”


He held a notepad he had before he went back to writing. “The notepad he has is yours, right?”

“Yeah, I gave it to him when we first met because I don’t understand sign language. It’s not anything special.”

“Maybe not to a normal person but to him it is.” He turned, sliding his hands into his lab coat pockets as he leaned against the counter. “Nicolas has never been one to go out of his way to communicate with someone. If anyone else gave him a notepad, he’d probably throw it back at them or trash it. You went out of your way to learn sign language to speak with him,”

“I’m pretty good but I still have a lot to learn.”

“That’s why he’s kept it.” He pulled a cigarette out of his breast pocket. “It’s like he always wants a way to tell you what he means even if you don’t understand his signing.”

You dropped your gaze to your feet. “You shouldn’t say things like that, you’ll get my hopes up.”

Nina’s voice could be heard in the other room. “Oh, Nico! Dr. Theo is busy with-! Waah! Wait, you can’t go back there right now!” A few noises followed and Nicolas appeared in the doorway, staring at you. His eyes were wide with what you thought was concern.

“Hey…” You greeted him shyly as you fixed the buttons on your jumpsuit.

What happened?

You hesitated to react to his signing or to pretend you didn’t catch it but you thought better of it. “You know me, clumsy as always. One of the hooks was loose on the platforms we use to carry materials and I ended up knocking it over…” You froze as his eyes narrowed into a glare. You flinched as a hand suddenly stretched out to you before you realized he was just rubbing the top of your head. His glare was gone almost as if it were never there to begin with. In the next moment he ruffled your hair and removed his hand.

“____’s injuries weren’t really severe. She’s pretty beat up, sure, but she doesn’t have any broken bones or torn muscles. If anything, she’ll be a bit sore for a while. I recommend you take the next couple of days off.” Dr. Theo said.

“No can do. My boss put me on a new assignment, I have to get it done soon. Besides, it’s a quick an easy job so I can take it easy afterwards.” You stated as you stretched and jumped up.

Interest shone in Dr. Theo’s eyes. “Have you been seeing a doctor since you’ve been in town?”

“No, not really.” You shook your head.

“Then you must be running low. Let me write you a Celebre prescription.” He said as he turned to the table.

“No, you don’t have to…” A note of nervousness carried your voice.

“Yeah, I do. You’re my patient and your health is my primary concern-”

“I said I’m fine!” You snapped without realizing it. “Uh, I still have some left so don’t worry about it,” you gave him a slight smile. “Thank you though.” You walked out the door past Nicolas, just wanting to vanish out of sheer embarrassment.

“____, are you-?” You stopped and placed money in Nina’s hand before heading right for the door. “Wait-!” Surprisingly, you stopped as Nina called. “You can always come back, okay? If you’re hurt… Nico will be sad so… don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

“Thanks, Nina.” You said in a hushed tone as you left.

    Other than mentally kicking yourself for the way you had just acted, you were glad that there were people who were nice to you despite being a Twilight. You had also left Nicolas behind, not even acknowledging him as you left but you knew if you had walked home with him, he’d likely notice the slight limp in your walk. It’s not as if your ankle really hurt or anything but it was hurt and that made all the difference to your body.

“You’re walkin slow.” A gruff, muffled tone came from behind you, nearly making you jump out of your skin. You turned to see Nicolas was standing behind you.

“N-Nicolas…? How long have you been there?” He went back to signing as if he only spoke to grab your attention.

The whole time. You wanted to leave.

“Yeah but…” You actually didn’t have a response to that. “Um…” You started, “Is it alright if I hold your hand? Just for a little while, I mean, we’re almost back to my apartment.” He actually hesitated to your surprise.

Are you going to rest when you go home?

“Well yeah. My boss said I can’t come back in today so I might as well but tomorrow I have to work.”

Then I’ll hold your hand.

“Why did it matter?”

I was going to bribe you into staying home so you’d rest but there’s no point now.

“Yup. Too bad. I’m sleepy.” You held out your hand and he laced his fingers between yours, unlike last time. You reached your apartment sooner than you wished and the pleasantness of walking hand in hand was over. He let your fingers slip out of his slowly, almost reluctantly. “Um, did… you want to come in?” he shook his head.

I have a job to do in a bit.

“Okay…” You sighed acting as if you were disappointed. “I guess I really will have to take a nap.” You stopped, noticing he was staring at you as if he was waiting patiently. “What?”

Goodbye kiss.

He was giving you that signature smirk of his and the idea suddenly crossed your mind to tease him. You took a step closer to him but instead of kissing him on the lips, his brow furrowed as you planted one on his cheek. You were about to retreat backwards when you grabbed ahold of your chin with an annoyed growl. “If I give you anymore, you won’t want to leave.” He let go as he put on a frown. You were not about to fall for his pouting. “Wow, you really gave up easily. That’s so unlike you. Oh well, good night~” You felt your body halt to a stop as Nicolas grabbed your shoulder. You found yourself pinned between the door and him as he stared you directly in the eyes. You waited… and waited. “You gonna…?” A pinch of annoyance hit you as he smiled and flicked your forehead before backing off. “J-jerk!” He stuck his tongue out as he walked off.

You pulled the tape measure slowly across the damaged wall and when you were sure you had the right distance, you jotted it down on a notepad.

“Well, lookie here.” A voice in the doorway caught your attention as you turned to see a man. “Aren’t you a hard worker, a pretty one too.”

“Sorry, sir. This room is still under repair and off limits.”

“Ah, against the rules, huh? That’s a fun set up. And construction worker? That’s one I haven’t seen, I’m interested to see where this will go.”


“How much, hot stuff?”

“Listen, I think you’re misunderstanding-”

“Playing going to get, huh? I love a good chase!” He grabbed ahold of your hand and you swiftly pulled back, easily escaping the man’s grasp. His attention went to the jingle of the tags around your neck as he heard it. “A tag? Huh, never banged a tag before. This’ll be fun-”

“That one’s not for sale,” A harsh female voice sent a shiver down the man’s spine. “Sorry sir, this room is out of commission while she repairs it. I’m sure one of our other girls will be happy to assist you,”

“Uh yeah…” he left the room, leaving you face to face with Georgiana.

“Sorry about that.”

“It’s fine, really.” You cracked a smile, attempting to make a joke. “Hey, I should at least be flattered he liked me.”

“That’s one way to put it,” she stopped after a short chuckle and eyed you carefully. “So you’re Nicolas’s new women, huh?”

“How’d you know about me?”

“I’ve heard rumors of the Handymen walking around with a girl, some even say they saw him holding hands with her.”

“Well, I wouldn’t say that I’m his woman, not yet anyways.”

“Haha!” She gave a hearty laugh at that. “You got spunk, that’s for sure. Just be careful, alright?”


“You seem like quite the sweet heart. A man like him could ruin you.” She said as she gave a slight wave and turned back down the hallway.

You let out a sigh as you turned back to your work. “I’m the one who ruins things.”

To Be Continued…

The Way to A Mans Heart [Nicolas X Reader] Part 4
The much awaited Part 4~!
Sorry I've been behind recently. If you any questions or anything, I can't run through and thank anyone for faves anymore because its gotten so massive, DevArt flags it for spam by the sheer number of commenting so if you want us to communicate, I don't bite just comment below. ;)

Part 1:…
Part 2:…
Part 3:…
Alrighty then. First things firsts. I got featured in a group for my Nicolas X Reader as a Must Read, which is awesome. 
And I'm already hitting 200 Watchers and I literally just hit 100 not to long ago so safe to say I'm surprised.
So other than updating my existing series, I'm also opening for requests and ideas.

The major thing I'm going to be doing that goes along with requests and ideas is my new brand of XReaders that are going to run kind of like OCXReaders. 
Okay, the quick run down is I'm going to take of character and story and make it up as I go. So basically its going to run like a Shojo manga from your point of view. That's why I'm taking requests/suggestions on what type of characters and stories you'd like to see. One I do have planned is a doctor character but you won't get much more out of me than that ;)
So as usual,

Questions, Comments, Requests, Concerns?

The Way to A Man’s Heart [Nicolas X Reader] Part 3

You slung your bag over your shoulder and stretched. You had just finished work for the day but not without incident. The thugs had stayed out of sight but you knew they were there, especially when little “incidents” began happening all over the construction site.

“You okay, ____?” Your boss asked. “I know you took kind of a beating today.”

You shook your head. “It’s fine. It was nothing I couldn’t handle.”

“Haha,” he slapped you on the back. “You’re a strong one but make sure you let someone spoil you, alright? You need it.” He ruffled your hair.

“I’ll spoil you, ____!” One of the other workers called.

“She needs someone to treat her like a princess, Conroy, not your Friday night hooker at Bastard’s.” he retorted and an echo of laughter followed. The scene was actually quite relaxing compared to what you were used to. “Looks like your Handyman friend is here.” This caused you to turn to see Nicolas standing at the edge of the sight. Your eyes met and he waved lazily. “You may just get spoiled today after all.” He shot you a sly grin that made your cheeks burn. You quickly turned and walked towards Nicolas but your steps stopped as you stood face to face with him.

“Uh, hi.” You said and he nodded at you. He simply turned and began walking and you shuffled to catch up to him so you could walk at his side. This had become habit for a while now. Now that you realized it, this comfortable little pattern made you feel… uneasy. You were so lost in thought that you jumped when Nicolas grabbed your arm. His expression seemed to show curiosity mixed with a bit of surprise by your reaction. He lifted your arm up to reveal a red mark across it. It had faded into a light bruise over the course of the day. “Oh, we had an accident on site and you know me, I’m pretty clumsy.” He frowned, not believing it for a second. Your eyes dodged to the ground, unnerved by his stare. To your surprise, he gently let your arm slip out of his hand and started walking again. You followed behind for a bit, somewhat put off by the reaction. His steps stopped and he turned to you again, grumbling as he signed.

If you want me to hold your hand, just say so and stop pouting.

“I wasn’t-!” you thought about how you felt when he let go of your arm. He didn’t give you much time to the about it as he grabbed ahold of your hand and gave you a tug to get you moving.

“Ahm hungry, dammit.” To your surprise, he actually spoke. The harsh tone seemed to make your earlier worries disappear as you smiled to yourself. You quickened your pace to catch up with his as you leaned on him.

“What do you want to me to cook?” that seemed to win a smile from him.

You stirred the pot, pulled a spoon from it and blowing on it. “Nico-!” to your surprise he was already at the counter waiting when you turned. “Here, taste.” He let you feed him the spoonful instead of taking it himself. He licked his lips and signed.

It’s good.

“Good. I’ll get some bowls.” You said as you stepped over to the other cupboard and reached for the high cupboard pulled down bowls. You were more aware of Nicolas’s close presence behind you considering Alex and Worick weren’t there at the moment. You attempted to ignore it but your nerves were making it hard for you to focus on what you were doing and you ended up dropping a bowl which thankfully Nicolas caught and set back on the counter as he moved towards the fridge. That feeling from earlier seemed to return as distance was put between you. He pulled out a bottle and popped the cap off. He took a drink of it, though he kept glancing at you while you had gone back to dishing out food. He set the bottle down and made an annoyed noise that you were used to by now. You paused as you noticed the sound of his footsteps disappear, in the next moment a jolt went through your body as he wrapped his arms around your hips and buried his face in the crook of your neck. “N-Nicolas!” You could feel his breath on your shoulder as it sent another shiver down your spine. You breathed out slowly, trying not to fidget. You hadn’t even noticed when you had stopped shaking. He placed a light kiss on your neck before he loosened his grip and you turned to face him. A grin spread across his face when he saw your expression. “Don’t you dare laugh.”

“I won’t.” he actually spoke which made you feel even more embarrassed.

“You’re gonna eat whether the foods cold or not.” The statement didn’t seem to faze him as Nicolas pressed his lips to yours in a rough kiss as one hand pulled on the knot of your apron. He took advantage of your surprise as his other hand slid up the back of your shirt and slipped his tongue past your lips. You locked your arms around his neck when you heard the most discouraging sound.

“We’re back! Is that ____’s wonderful cooking I smell~?” Worick’s voice caused you to break off the kiss in surprise, making Nicolas turn. He obviously guessed what had distracted you as you separated from you completely. You quickly fixed your apron as Worick and Alex wandered through the doorway. “Look at you two. ____, did something happen? Your face is red.”

“N-nothing happened.” Thanks to him, you thought. “Anyway, you’re right on time. Dinner is done.”

“Time for some good eatin’!” He paused. “By, the way, Nic. When you’re done, Dr. Theo needed you for something.”


“Dunno. Just go see him after.”

Alex took your empty dish as she headed for the sink. “Oh, I’ll do them!”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s the least I can do since you always cook for us.” She smiled as she turned towards the sink.

Your attention went back to Nicolas who was adjusting his sword at his waist as Worick spoke to him. “Don’t do anything too flashy.”

“I guess I should head home too.” You grabbed your bag but Nicolas shook his head.

You stay.


The clinic is in the opposite direction.

“I’m fine waiting until you’re done or I can even walk home by myself.”

Not with that gang after you. Stay the night, I’ll be back later.

“Don’t I get a choice?” He grinned, knowing he’d won as you lost your will to argue. He went to set his hand on your head but hesitated when you flinched. You cursed yourself for it but was happy that he still ruffled your hair anyways.

I’ll be back.

You yawned as you drew another card. “Tired, ___?”

“Yeah, getting there.” You answered Worick’s inquiry honestly.

“I know you’re trying to stay up till Nic is back but if you’re tired, you should go rest.” He stated as he placed another colorful card onto the stack. “Or maybe you were hoping for some special attention when Nic got home~”

“Ha ha.” You said monotonously. “I’m just worried, is all. Nicolas asked if it was trouble.”

“Nothing he can’t handle.”

“I don’t think you have to worry about him too much.” Alex gave you a gentle smile. “At least where trouble is concerned.”

Worick’s eye scanned you curiously for a moment. “He’s never done that, you know?”


“The way he hesitates when you flinch. Nic has always been a yes or no kind of guy so hesitation is not something I see often, at least, not until he met you.”


“He normally doesn’t care about what other people think but he’s always searching for your reactions. When he hesitates his eyes say “Is it okay if I do this?” I’ve never seen him put so much thought behind his actions.”

“I’m really not that special.”

“Don’t ever let anyone say you aren’t.” he stated. “Especially not in front of that guy.”

You threw your last card on the stack. “I’m out.”

“What?! You never even said Uno!”

“You never called me for not saying Uno.” You stretched. “I’m going to sleep.”

Worick stood up and led you down the hallway. “Here we go.” He opened a bedroom door. “You can sleep here.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah. I mean, it’s Nic’s room.”

“Wha-?! I can’t!”

“He’s the one who said you could.” Worick flashed you one of his signature smiles, “Welp, goodnight!” and vanished back down the hall.

You shut the door behind you and let out a deep sigh. “That’s exactly why it’s not okay.”

    Nicolas entered the room quietly, as if not to wake you. He set his sword down gently but then realized you were not in his bed from what he could see. He gave a curious look around before he noticed a blanket peeking out from underneath. He got on his knees and looked under to see you curled up. He sat up and scratched the back of his head before removing his boots and stripping down to his boxers. He then shifted under the bed near you. Unfortunately, he wasn’t successful without waking you.


“Hiding under the bed?” he spoke, likely because he couldn’t sign under the bed- in the dark.

“Yeah, sorry. It’s kind of embarrassing. I haven’t actually… been able to sleep in an actual bed yet. I guess…” The space was kind of cramped but he was able to place a kiss on your forehead before closing his eyes, ready to sleep. You smiled to yourself. “Thanks.” You knew he couldn’t hear it but you hoped your feelings came across.

“Gentlemen, I bet your wondering why I gathered you here.” A man sat in a deep red chair stated as he nursed his bandaged hand.

“You got all these tags in the same room, Gideon. What’re you playing at?” One spoke.

“How would you like to do me a service and rid this city of a very annoying woman?”

“Five tags for one woman?”

The man put his fingers into his breast pocket and pulled out a picture. “The woman is a tag much like yourselves, outside of the guild.” He threw the picture in front of them. A man, the one who seemed the least interested in listening picked up the picture. “Someone you know, Ares?”

“Yes. Someone I thought to be dead.” He smirked. “We’ll take the job.”

“You don’t decide for us-!” the others objected but he shot them a glare.

“My master will be very pleased.”

To Be Continued…

The Way to A Mans Heart [Nicolas X Reader] Part 3
Sorry, I've been distracted lately!
Who knew that now that my book is done, people would wanna socialize with me?
Part 1:…
Part 2:…


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You may call me Ryo
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I am an aspiring writer currently working on my first novel.
I am also an avid fan of a lot of anime/video games/comics/etc. Just because its not in my gallery doesn't mean I'm not a fan, it just means I was a spaz and didn't post it XD
I have like no photoshop skills so anything in color will likely SUCK.
My artist is the ever wonderful HKD-arts tho a lot of her stuff just comes here because sometimes she doesn't have internet XD
Okay, thank you so much to all my Watchers~! You're beautiful~!

Anywho. Lots of things.
  • First, my pledge to update daily: DOES NOT WORK. It was at first but that's because I had two days off in a row. I work a lot. So I'll make it a few things weekly.
  • Second, my book is technically DONE. Its just a lot of finishing up and final editing. Oh, and the damn copyrights.
  • Third, okay. this is a big one. So I always thank everyone who faves or comments on anything of mine but I have officially hit way past the natural number of faves that anytime I try to thank people DevArt won't let me due to possible "spam." Complete bullshit, I know. So, sad to say I will only be replying to Watches and people who comment first. Sorry to all. 
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Questions, Comments, Ideas?

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