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Sorry, I'm running late on things. I was gone for the holidays and only had internet on my phone, then I got sick because I'm dumb and didn't wear the appropriate clothes outside and then had to prep my book which as of today has been released. XD
I have my gift for the exchange to post(which I'm uber sorry I'm late with), TWO SGPA The Series Issues and this lovely video for y'all to enjoy.

First off, super sorry that the XMAS stuff is being posted late. I was gone with family for the holidays and had no internet, then sick and finally, had to handle my book release stuff. Since I am now recovered enough to actually be moving around, XMAS stuff will breeze right in. Again, super sorry!!!

Good News: 
  • XMAS will be posted tonight/tomorrow
On that second note, my book is out. :'D After two years, it is out. Available on Amazon, Kindle and my Estore. If you purchase on my Estore or Kindle however, I make more money ;)
I shall post the links:
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Okay, sorry guys. Meant to post this the first but job and my book editing got in the way so lets hurry this up.
I am doing an xmas special again this year so those who want their characters in, lemme know so I can get it started and actually have it FINISHED by XMAS this year. Which last time I solely blame y'all. XD

I may also do some XMAS requests for free stories if y'all "drop hints" in the comments. ;)

Your Overlord,
Thanks for 100+ Watchers!!! by Enthaga
Thanks for 100+ Watchers!!!
Wow. So I hit 100 watchers and it just suddenly started skyrocketing from there so yay~!
Thank you all sooooo much~!

Christmas is coming up so if you "drop a hint" in the comments, you may get a nice little story from me ;)

{Kenpachi Zaraki X Reader} 
A flower among weeds Pt. 4


    You groaned as light fluttered across your eyelids. Your body ached and the reason why eluded you at first but you quickly came to your senses as your eyes snapped open and you attempted to jerk upright. The attempt failed as you slammed back onto the flat surface of an examination table. Your wrists were bound but your body felt too heavy to move, a sensation you hadn’t felt in a long time and one you deeply hated. “Masume-!” you growled.

“Nuh uh uh! Don’t strain yourself too much, ___. I wouldn’t want you to get hurt.” Masume’s smug grin appeared into view.

“Don’t pretend to be nice, you bastard!”

“Now now, ____. You know I’m always nice to you.” He ran his hand along your leg, pulling your pant leg up. “It really was surprising to see you strutting about as if you could walk on air. How are you doing it? I’d ask myself. Then it hit me, the scratching in the back of my brain was quieted. Reishi. You’ve always had a lot of it and I mean a lot but it was like all of a sudden, you were… quiet.” He pressed his finger down on your shin causing you to yelp as a blue pulse shot through you. “You’ve focused the reishi in your body down to even the smallest muscle and nerve. You are moving a symphony of muscles and you’re not even thinking about it! Do you know how phenomenal a technique like that is? With the right research, there’s no end with what I- we can do with it; strengthening soul reapers or even helping others with your… disposition. I’d just have to take a serious look at a reishi enhanced nerve, is all- or a few of them.”

You jerked, causing him to back away. “Masume, if you lay a hand on me,”

He hushed you. “Don’t worry, ____. I don’t mean you any harm.” He smiled, a sickeningly sweet smile. “I mean, I’ll put you back together again. After all, you are my precious childhood friend.” He paused, his eyes shifting for a moment. “But it seems I have visitors. Don’t they know they can’t see the patient until after the procedure is done?” he began walking away.

It took you only a moment to redirect a portion of what you could move of your reishi to your hands as you tore through the binds. You sprung up but quickly met the floor face first. Your body still felt heavy from what Masume had did earlier as you fought the battle to stand. You heard a sigh, realizing you had caught Masume’s attention and he turned back.

“You really are troublesome,” he grabbed your arm and smirked. “Just like the good old days. I wonder what Hayato thinks of you now.”


{“-And when we severed his arm, four more grew back! Crazy, right?” Masume laughed. “I heard Squad Twelve took him in alive for research after that. Man, I can’t wait to be on that squad when I graduate.”

“Masume,” You were sitting in your bed, eyes set out the window. Masume had been seated in a chair not far from you, going on about his field trip with the Soul Reaper Academy. “Maybe you should spend more time practicing than sitting here, running your mouth.”

“Nah, I gotta take a break once in a while. Besides, you’d get lonely if I didn’t come visit ya.” He grinned but she hadn’t bothered looking at him at all during the short exchange of words. “Anyways, I heard that Squad Eleven got a new captain. Their whole thing is by way of combat so whoever is the strongest is top dog. You’d like that, huh? Better if I don’t talk about research, right?”

“Talk about whatever you like.”

He sighed. “Apparently it’s some big fella with a busted up sword.” Your eyes grew wide as you turned to him.

“A… busted up sword?”

“Yeah, the blade of his zanpak-to is all chipped and broken and there’s a rumor that he didn’t even use his shikai or bankai to beat the captain, just straight up slaughtered him the old fashioned way. And get this, he brought a kid with him and apparently she can be just as scary as him.”

“How… how do you know this?”

“Huh? I got inside sources. I have a few cousins who are already soul reapers and sometimes they tell me things.” He was surprised by a loud thud as you flew out of the bed and onto the floor. You struggled to force yourself up, your arms shaking violently as you did so. “Aw, come on, ____,”

“Don’t touch me!” You snapped as he attempted to help you up. “I don’t need your help.”

It wasn’t long before a commotion began as several servants attempted to help you up as well and a growing crowd began to linger in the hallway.

“What is going on?” a male voice echoed from the hallway. The servants moved as the figure appeared in the doorway.

“Hayato,” Masume clammed up as Hayato shot him a look.

“Brother,” you breathed, out of breath from the struggle alone.

“What are you doing out of bed?”

“She fell-”

“I did not!” you cut Masume short. “I jumped. I… am going to become a soul reaper and then, I will be a member of Squad Eleven.” You had forced yourself into a squatting position but your legs threatened to give out from under you at any moment.

“No way, ____! You can’t even walk a few steps!” Masume argued. “It is impossible! Your nerves are permanently damaged!”

“I will!” There was a sudden shift as a large spirit pressure distorted the air of the room.

‘She’s putting out a spiritual pressure like this?!’ Masume thought.

“I will join Squad Eleven!” Your legs shook as you tried to force yourself up. “And if any of you have a problem with that then you better stay the hell out of my way!” The pressure became too much and you collapsed onto the ground again.

“You want to become a soul reaper,” Hayato asked rhetorically. In the next moment, he heaved you over his shoulder and took off in a straight march down the hallway.

“H-Hayato?” Masume followed.

It was all happening so fast that you didn’t have time to question it. The next thing you knew, you were sliding through the dirt outside the front entrance of the estate. He had tossed you out. You stared at him, too shocked to speak but he broke the silence. “Fight.” He stated plainly. “Fight against the fate laid out for you. You are a beast outside your cage but to one sheltered for so long, I doubt the outside world will be welcoming. No hand holding. Survive and fight on your own. You can always come back here if it becomes too tough but know that if you do, that will be the end of this and I will hear no more talk of being a soul reaper ever again.”

You clenched your fist, running it through the dirt as you began forcing yourself to move, even if it was a crawl. “Thank you, brother.” You chuckled. “But I won’t ever be setting foot in this house again.”}


Kenpachi turned, looking around the Squad Twelve’s research buildings. They all pretty much looked the same to him but thankfully, Mayuri had led the way and knew which one was Masume’s. They stopped right in front of it when they noticed a figure emerging. They were surprised to see it was you.

“____?” Mayuri questioned. “Where’s Kunikida?”

“Inside. He got the drop on me but once I woke up, I hit him with a little payback. He was pretty cocky.” You smiled. “Don’t worry, Captain, I’m okay.” You turned back to the room. “Come on-” you paused, sensing danger as you moved to avoid Kenpachi’s fist as it struck the wall next to the door way, causing it to crack but not quite shatter.

“I don’t how you’re wearing her face but you better take it off,” Kenpachi’s venomous glare sent a shiver down your- his spine as he pulled a blue light from his image of you and it vanished to reveal Masume.

“H-How did you know?” Sheer terror and confusion showed in his expression.

“Two reasons, you knew I was worried about ____ when she knows that ordinarily I wouldn’t have noticed she had gone missing so soon. And second, your stupid mug couldn’t get her expressions right if you tried.”

“You also forgot I could sense ____’s strange spiritual pressure which you lack. You rushed into a kidnapping when you heard I was having lunch with Zaraki, a foolish mistake.” Mayuri criticized him.


Kenpachi clenched his fist. “Try not to kill him, Zaraki. Bruised and broken is just fine.”

Before anyone could move, you flew through the doorway, slamming your fist into Masume’s cheek, knocking him to the ground.


“You… stupid… bastard!” you breathed.

“How are you standing?!” You put your foot on his cheek, applying pressure.

“I did let my guard down. I didn’t think anyone would notice and I didn’t put enough pressure on my reishi but if you think I can’t recover from your little knock out stunt, then you’re dead wrong. And don’t even bother trying it again because once I got a feel for it, I adapted and I promise you it won’t work. Now, I’d just love to see my captain beat you into a pile of meat- hell, I’d do it myself but unfortunately, I was kind of making you do something important like, I don’t know… test reishi samples so I can’t let you go into a pain induced coma just yet so you’re going to continue working. Extremely supervised and extremely cooperative.” You applied more pressure onto his face, “You’re going to give your findings to Captain Kurotsuchi and stay the hell away from me or where you are laying there will be a crater the size of the hole in a Menos’ chest and it will only be the beginning of your suffering. Am I clear?”

“Y-yes!” he cried and you removed your foot.

“Smart girl. I’d say I’m surprised she’s not on my squad but her ferocity is well suited to Squad Eleven.” Mayuri cackled.

You sighed as you turned to Kenpachi. “So… uh… you came to rescue me, huh?” He turned and began walking away. “Hey!”

“Go on.” Mayuri stated. “I’ll make sure Kunikida works under the proper supervision. Mine.

“Thank you,” you gave a quick bow and took off after Kenpachi.

It wasn’t like him to leave without speaking to you but he had been rather off lately and you knew now that you weren’t just imagining it. It’s like you were total strangers all over again.

“Captain,” you finally caught up, matching pace with him as you walked next to him.

You waited to see if he would speak, doubtful that he would but thankful that he did. “You lied.”

“Huh? About what?”

“You said you’d known Kunikida since the academy but you knew him before that.”

“No. Masume said that.”

“But you agreed.”

“I did not. He said we were friends and I said I wouldn’t call us that.” You sighed. “He was a bird, perched on a chair in my room, chattering constantly but never really saying anything of value.” You stretched as he stopped walking and you stopped just ahead of him. “But every so often they say just one thing that makes you smile.” You turned to him, staring at him thoughtfully. “If you think I lied about Masume then I guess you know about me now, huh?” he hadn’t answered but his stare said he was still listening. “I was too sick to walk, well, I couldn’t walk because of my sickness I guess would be the exact phrasing. My family is nobility so they had no use for a useless daughter, thankfully my father has my older brother Hayato to drop everything on. I was stored away in a stuffy, old estate far from public view. My father thought that sending Masume to keep me company was a good idea so I didn’t get lonely but most of the time, it would have been better if he wasn’t there.” You shook your head, “But… one day, a wild man appeared in the yard outside my window. The guards were panicking but there he stood, calm as can be. That man was you. You told me to get stronger and come after you. You were probably joking and you probably don’t remember it now but… it was the first time anyone said I could do something. It was always “you can’t” or “don’t overexert yourself for nothing” but you just made it seem like getting up and walking away was just that easy.”

“Tcht!” he made an annoyed noise. “It’s about time you said it.”

“Wait… you remembered?”

“At first I couldn’t figure out where I recognized you from but… You should have just said something.”

“It would have been embarrassing if you didn’t remember!”

“Like I could have forgotten about a sick girl who threw herself out of her window just because I teased her about following me. That one is a little too weird even for me to forget.” He said as he rubbed the back of his head and began walking again.

“Although if it weren’t for Masume’s big mouth,” you started. “I would have never found you. He was talking about how Squad Eleven had a new captain and gave me a description that matched you. You gave me the motivation to get up and go for it. Even if that new captain wasn’t you, I at least tried.”

“___~!” Yachiru came flying at you, embracing you with a squeeze as you entered the Squad Eleven barracks. “I just knew Kenny would get you back!”

“You’re alright!” Ikkaku said as a swarm of worried squad mates came towards you.

“Let me get a look at you,” Yumichika tilted your chin slightly. “Darkening circles under your eyes and a paler than normal complexion, let’s get you fed and off to bed.”

“Yay~! Chika’s cooking!” Yachiru cheered.

“The Captain rescued you, huh?” Ikkaku asked rhetorically.

“Of course, baldy, she’s Kenny’s princess!”


“I didn’t really save her. She beat Kunikida to a pulp before I even got the chance.”

“Should’ve figured.” Ikkaku chuckled. “She is a member of our squad, after all.”

“Although I bet the Captain wanted to rescue her himself.” Yumichika joked before receiving a glare from his captain.

“Weren’t you supposed to be cooking?”

“Yes, right away!” he smiled.

“You guys don’t have to be so upset, I’m fine!” you attended to fend off the rest of the crowd.

“But that Kunikida weirdo!”

“I heard you let him off easy!”

“We should teach him a lesson for picking on the flower of Squad Eleven!”

“What…?” you questioned.

“Didn’t you know? That’s what everyone’s been calling you.”

“Oh really?” You frowned, somehow knowing the head captain must have had something to do with it as you pictured his stupid face. You sighed, deciding it wasn’t worth the headache. “It could be worse.”

“___ is back, time to party!”

“Yeah!” everyone cheered.


Kenpachi rolled over when he heard a soft knock at his door. It opened to reveal you standing outside of it.

“I know you said that you didn’t want me coming to your room but I promise, I’m not staying-”

“Shut up already.” He lifted up the blanket. “Hurry up and get in. If you had a nightmare just say so.”

“Oh that wasn’t why-!”

“You’re letting the heat out again.”

“Oh! Sorry!” You shut the door behind you and squeezed under the covers next to him. Unlike last time, he was a lot closer and he had his arm stretched over you- on top of the blanket but still the same embarrassing effect. “Uh, captain,”

“Hm…” His eyes were already shut so you doubted he gave it any thought.

You smiled to yourself, thinking that the carelessness was just like him. “I wanted to say it earlier but everyone was so busy celebrating that I never got the chance to. I’m glad…” you stifled a yawn, your eyelids feeling heavy. “I’m glad that when I got here, the squad eleven captain was really you.”

To Be Continued…

{Kenpachi X Reader} A flower among weeds pt.4

no really I'm going to sleep now bye

Part 1-…
Part 2-…
Part 3-…

I promise there is still more to come XD I am nowhere near done 


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  • XMAS will be posted tonight/tomorrow
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