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The SGPA's fourth anniversary of SGPA is coming up on April 6th so I thought I'd post the video now to give everyone a heads up and kinda pump everyone up.
I have never made a video in my life so its kinda crappy but I was joking with Meibatsu about doing it so I did it. XD 
I mostly just raided the SGPA Art folders for pics so sorry if I missed anyone because I did it split second. 
I don't know what we're doing for the Anniversary this year but I'm glad we made it to the fourth year. X3

As for the SGPA series, sorry I haven't updated. I have been super busy with my novel and work, plus the next issue is about our lovely Founders so I want to make sure I set it up right. It should be posted sometime this week.

Like I said, never made a video before so it's complete shit. I will stick to writing as my career from now on, thank you very much.

Mission 16/ Buried Alive by Secrets


“Now hold still.” Blue Diamond, Kana, knelt in front of Cat. She was sitting on the couch with the whole team including Red Arrow, Roy, crowded around the living room as Conner walked in.

“What’s going on?” As he asked Kana turned and looked at him, moving out of view so he could clearly see Cat. Her hair was brushed behind her ear and Kana was holding a piercing gun in her hand.

“I bought a piercing kit so that Cat could pierce her ears. My Christmas gift.” Zatanna smiled. “Kana’s got the best accuracy so she’s doing it to make sure they’re not crooked.”

“Don’t look so nervous.” Kana smiled.

“Come on, Kitty Cathy. It’ll be quick and you won’t even feel it.” Wally winked. “It’s a lot easier than fighting Killer Croc.”

“O-okay.” She held her breath and then- click!

“There’s one.” She switched ears. Click! “And there’s two. All done.” She opened her free palm and ice froze into the shape of a mirror. “Take a look.” Cat held her hair back and slowly turned her head both ways to see them. Two little pearl studs were planted in her ears.

“We need to disinfect them.” M’gann said as she snapped open a bottle of disinfectant.

“Was that so bad?” Dick chuckled.

“Didn’t even hurt.” She smiled.

“We told you.” Raquel said.

She looked at Conner. “How do they look?”

“They-” Before he could finish, she shot up off the couch with a distressed look on her face.

“Someone just opened a boom tube from another dimension!” A shock of pain hit her chest. M’gann sensed it. “Mphm!” She clutched her chest, a pained look took the place of the previous one.

“Cat!” Kana grabbed her.

She paused, breathing heavily. “It opened up in Happy Harbor’s park, down the street from the high school.”

“Are you okay?” Wally asked.

“For a moment, it felt like I was being ripped apart from the inside but I’m fine now.” She stood up straight. “Let’s go.”

“Being ripped apart does not count as being fine.” Artemis stopped her.

“We have to go-”

“You should stay and rest. You’re still wounded from our fight with Major Force-” Zatanna started.

“If anything disrupts this dimension, it’s my fault! I have to go!” She snapped. For the first time in a long time, her eyes appeared empty and lifeless.

“Well, I’m going.” Roy stated bluntly.

“Right. Everyone is going.” Kaldur ordered.

“If it’s a boom tube then it might not be anything good.” Conner said.


‘It’s going that way.’ Cat thought as she pointed towards the trees below. She was seated in the Super Cycle along with Conner and Wolf.

‘What is it?’ Roy asked.

‘It- they’re not human.’ Conner said, looking ahead with his thermal vision.

‘This is taking too long.’ Cat vanished.

‘She’s really on edge about this.’ Wally thought.

‘I almost forgot about her “rules.”’ Artemis thought.

‘How long has it been since she’s blanked out like that?’ Dick added.

‘Guys, concentrate. Don’t let your thoughts wander.’ Kana cut in.

‘There!’ Conner landed the Super Cycle and the team exited the bioship. Cat was surrounded by creatures that looked part tiger, part lizard. She seemed to be staring eye to eye with one of them. “Cat!” Conner caught the creatures’ attention as he called her name. They growled and started charging. Artemis and Roy were the first to move. They nailed the first two that lunged with tazor arrows.

“You gave away our position.” Roy snapped.

“I didn’t like the look on Cat’s face.” he said. A creature lunged at him, he caught it and sent it colliding into two other creatures.

Zatanna chanted something and the ground under the beasts’ feet who were charging crumbled. As they attempted the climb up, Kana froze them. They high-fived each other. There was a strange sizzling sound as the ice began cracking. The creatures shook themselves and the ice fell off as slush. “Been taking lessons from Sportsmaster?” Kana joked as she cart wheeled out of the way of one’s claws. “Freezeproof, Red!”

Raquel put a force field around Cat, the creatures turned and clawed at it. “Sorry, kitties. That-” one caught its claw in it and began tearing a huge crack in the shield. “Uh oh!” It was knocked aside by a flying kick from Wally. “They can cut threw my force fields! How is that even possible?!”

Kaldur quickly knocked one back as he pounced at him. Roy smashed his bow on one’s head, shattering it. It whined and dropped to the ground. “Blue! New bow, now!”

“Got it.” In a second, a bow formed in his hand. She tossed it to him. She twirled on her heel and nailed a creature with a kick. The two behind her were nailed by explosive discs by Dick.

“I got your back, Blue.”

“Just don’t get too distracted back there.” she joked.

Artemis ran directly towards a tree and used it as a springboard to back flip over a creature. It rammed into the tree but before it could shake the dizziness, she shot it with an arrow that exploded into foam. In less than thirty seconds, Wally knocked down four of them. “They’re easy enough to handle. Maybe Cat was worried for nothing.” As soon as the words left his mouth, he was tackled to the ground by one of them.

“Wally!” Artemis’s shouting snapped Cat out of her daze. She teleported out of Raquel’s force field and tackled the beast off of Wally. It rolled away from her as she barrel rolled back onto her feet.

‘Guys! More are coming out of the woods!’ M’gann warned as she blasted them back with her telekinesis.

‘Where are they all coming from?’ Conner slammed one’s head into the ground before turning and smacking down another.

‘Out of arrows!’ Roy thought.

‘And this is my last one!’ Artemis sniped a creature sneaking up on Zatanna.

Cat grabbed a hold of a creature as it was about to jump on M’gann. As soon as she grappled it she paused. “Wait- what-?”

“This isn’t good.” Kana said as she continually blasted them with ice. “They must be getting hotter because it isn’t even stopping them anymore!” The ice rose off of them as steam.

One latched onto Conner’s arm. He yelled as he grabbed it and threw it. His hand was singed. “Don’t touch them! They’re red hot!”

“Wait- stop fighting-” Cat was interrupted by a golden blast taking out the creatures surrounding Artemis and Roy. The beasts yelped in pain. A figure floated down from above, stepping off of a hoverboard. It was a boy in strange clothing that seemed familiar to Conner.

“Whoa.” M’gann gasped.

    The creatures turned to him, not paying any attention to anyone else, and charged at him. He blasted them one by one. He took a step right then left, avoiding each with a smile on his face. He stopped, took a strange stance and then slammed his fists together. It released a wave of blinding energy. The beasts whined. He slid one foot forward and crouched down, taking another stance. “This time you won’t be so lucky, abominations.” his eyes narrowed into a vicious glare. One of them gave a metallic roar and they all vanished in a red blur. The boy relaxed his stance as he stood up straight. The killer instinct that was emanating from him dissipated in an instant as he relaxed. A gentle smile was on his face as he turned to Cat, He approached her. “I saw the commotion and what caught my eye was a Celestian beauty amongst abominations.” He held out his hands to help her up. She hesitantly grabbed them and he pulled her to her feet. She blinked at him curiously, still holding onto his hands. “Ven’is hat ne gei, vasherr’a?”

“Huh?” It made her jump a bit as he leaned in a little closer.

“I asked if you were alright.”

“Oh-! Yes! Of course.” She retracted her hands.

“I wasn’t sure you understood me when I first asked so I tried a rift dialect. My motherbox is still working out the translation kinks.”

“Motherbox? You’re from New Genesis?” Conner asked as he stepped forward.

“You’re Superboy!” his expression turned to a surprised one. “You met my brother, Moonrider and his friends.”

“Yeah,” Conner smiled. “I didn’t know Moonrider had a brother.”

Older brother. You can see the difference in our power levels. I do not require many pieces to access my source as they do. I came to express my thanks to you for helping our recovery team. I was originally supposed to lead that mission but I caught a virus that was going around and the Highfather wanted me to rest.” He turned to Cat. “Although, they never mentioned a Celestian was among your friends.”

“W-what did you call me?” Cat was taken aback.


“-I see.” Batman was in mid-conversation with Red Tornado when Cat appeared in front of them.

“Batman! Red Tornado!”

“What is it, Cat?” Tornado asked.

“There’s a guy here from New Genesis.”

“New Genesis?” Batman questioned.

“Not only that, he knows what I am!” This shocked Batman though he barely showed it.

“-and he really ran away like that?” Wally chuckled as they walked into the briefing room.

“I couldn’t believe it either. I distinctly remember shouting ‘at least come back and get your pants!’” the new god joked. The team laughed until they spotted Batman. “You are the one they call Batman and you are Red Tornado.”

“And you are?”

“Jonah Vheiys. New God from New Genesis.” He bowed his head respectfully. “I was told that you may need information from me.”

“You have information on the Black Cat’s origins?”

“By the Black Cat, I assume you mean this lovely creature.” He motioned to Cat. “I was not aware that your kind lacked this information. Your dimension is so culturally diverse that I assumed you at least knew about them.”

“No. There’s no one else like me. I… I don’t even know about myself. Until you called me that I had no idea what I am.”

“I didn’t know. I just assumed you did. Even among my people, New Gods, the Celestians are a mystery. They’re known as rift dwellers that occupy and control the dimensional rift. I would not call them mortal but I would not call them gods. They are… something else. There is a saying on my world that not many people have ever even seen a Celestian but you can always tell when one has been there. They’re known for leaving grand impacts wherever they go. Unlike most, since their home lies between dimensions, there are no parallels like this dimension and many other dimensions have. You will never meet a variant of a Celestian because there are none. Also, since their home lies in the center of the rift, the metaphorical ‘eye of the storm’ as humans say; it is nearly impossible to get to. That’s why they’re so elusive. Millenniums pass in many universes but they have remained an unknown. It is said that they watch over the dimensions to keep order.”

“You think that Cat is one of them?” M’gann asked.

“I’m quite certain though this is the first time I’ve ever seen a live one.”

“What do you mean?” Cat asked nervously.

“During April, many Celestian corpses leaked into our through a dimensional tear.” Cat gasped. “It appeared to be from a serious battle. Our leader, the Highfather is the one who identified their race. He had had dealings with one before.”

“…how…how many were there?” she asked.

“A little over two dozen. Considering the effect one can have, that is a lot.” Everyone noticed her frightened expression. M’gann even picked up on the sharp pain in her chest.

“Cat-” Conner started but was beaten to the punch as Jonah reached out and wiped the tears from Cat’s now watering eyes.

“I believe I have said too much. Don’t cry because of my words.”

“It’s fine.” She wiped her eyes. ‘I can’t sense anything from him and I’ve already come in contact with him twice.’

‘Is it because he’s a New God?’ M’gann asked.

‘Maybe. I’ve never met one until now to know any different.’

“April was when Superman and Green Lantern discovered the Black Cat outside of a collapsing wormhole.” Red Tornado said.

“That can’t be a coincidence.” Dick said.

“But she does not remember what happened?” Jonah asked.

Cat shook her head. “Can… we just stop for now? This is a lot to take in.” her attention went to Batman. “Did you have a mission for us?”

“Yes. Though it is more than one that will require a division of the team. Robin, Aqualad, Artemis and Blue Diamond shall take the first one.” Red Tornado stated.

“The rest of you will be investigating a mystic anomaly in a small town in southern France.” Batman added. “Doctor Fate said that Zatanna and the Black Cat should be able to figure out what’s going on and possibly come up with a solution if necessary.”

“I’ll go in the Black Cat’s place.” Jonah volunteered. “In fact, Miss Zatanna and I should be sufficient. If a large group of strangers is seen moving through the area, it may raise suspicions. I was considered the specialist when it came to handling mystic and interdimensional threats on my world so it should be easy enough. Besides, it is the least I can do after Superboy helped the Forever People. I would not feel right if I did not offer my aid.”

“I’m fine with it.” Zatanna agreed.

“I can go-” Cat started.

“You have had an intense day so rest.” He smiled at her. “After all, those abominations could have killed you.”

“But they wouldn’t! I don’t know how I know but they weren’t abominations at all! I could sense it and when I grabbed one of them-!”

“I agree with the new guy. Cat should stay.” Roy stated. “With your mini heart attack earlier, you could use some R&R.”

“It wasn’t a heart attack…” she frowned.

“Whether or not it was a heart attack is not the issue. If Mister Vheiys is offering to look into this for us, we’ll give him the opportunity.” Batman ordered.

“Yes sir.”


“Cat, can you read me off the ingredients?” M’gann asked as she opened the fridge.

“Sure.” Cat walked over to the counter where the cookbook was laying.

Roy and Conner were sitting on the couch watching a comedy skit on the television. Conner stole glances at Cat every so often. “Let me guess,” Roy was checking the tips of his arrows while he was occasionally watching the show. “You don’t like this ‘New God.’”

“So? You don’t seem to like him either.”

“I don’t trust him but coming from me that doesn’t mean much. I know he claims he’s your friend, Moonrider’s brother but even I can tell something’s off about him and I’ve never even met Moonrider.”

“Yeah but I can’t really place what it is.”

For starters? For someone who was here to show you gratitude, his attention was on Catherine the whole time. I understand that she’s a mystery but I would expect a New God who is as good at handling interdimensional incidents as he claims to be would know how to stay focused on his mission. Not only that, Cat’s contact telepathy didn’t pick up anything on him. What’s the normal circumstance for that? She’s never had a problem with any other race. Look at you and M’gann, even Red Tornado.”

“That’s… true.” He was really starting to think about it.

“And my favorite: Every time he said something that upset her, he once apologized but instead preyed on her moment of weakness. It was like he refused to admit he was at fault.”

“Or he said it on purpose knowing how she would react.”

“Batman sent him with Zatanna likely to separate him from Cat. Which is why we’re sitting here waiting for our signal to go after them.”

“We have to tell her.”

“Would she even believe us? I’m the skeptic and she’ll just accuse you of being jealous- which isn’t exactly false. She’s dense but I doubt someone with contact telepathy can ignore the obvious advances you make.”

“Still. Cat would believe me.” He stood up and walked into the kitchen.


“This is the place.” Zatanna said as they jumped off of Jonah’s hoverboard and it vanished. “The rumors in town are that people have been snatched by monsters in this area and those who return are brainwashed as part of some cult and run off for hours at a time.”

“Would it still be considered kidnapping if they were returned?” he asked jokingly. “Anyway, it’s the creatures they’re likely worshipping that I’m interested in.”

“Cults are never a good thing.”

“Ssh! Someone is coming.” They hid behind the trees as they heard voices.

“This is completely ridiculous.” A female voice said.

“Not completely but mostly.” A male one agreed.

“I hate being the one to handle Klarion’s mystic crap.”

“Want to go back and tell Queen Bee that?”

“Ugh. No thank you.”

“I know that voice. That’s Ember, she works for one of the leaders of the Light.” Zatanna whispered.

“Not a friend?”

“Not at all.”

“How are these disappearances any of our business?” the boy asked.

“I don’t know. Normally he welcomes the chaos but Klarion looked like he was about to start spewing fire. Something about someone intruding on his territory.”

“I know that boy.” Jonah whispered. “Mute Granger. He is of Apokalyps.”

“Though you shouldn’t worry too much about Klarion. He’s not the one you need to be afraid of.” Ember warned.

“Why do you work for these people?”

“I don’t have a choice.” She turned to him.

“You always have a choice. I am only here until I find-” he paused as he turned and charged up a blast of energy.

“Zatanna, move!” They both bolted from behind the tree as Mute blasted it.

“Well looks like the traitor came to me.” Mute smirked. “Who’s your friend?”

Zatanna chanted something and a cyclone blew towards him furiously. With a wave of his hand, Mute caused the cyclone to spin around him and vanish. “Wind powers?”

“Nice try but I don’t blow out like a candle.” Ember chucked a fireball at Jonah, causing him to jump back. “I’ll handle him. Fry the magician.” Ember took off after him as he turned and ran.

“Jonah?!” Zatanna shouted after him.

“I need more room to maneuver! Divide and conquer!”

“You picked the wrong partner, mortal.” Mute growled.


“So what did you want to talk about?” Cat asked as she and Conner stood in the hangar. Her attention wandered to his motorcycle. “Did you finish the new modifications you were making?” she said as she looked at it closely.

“Uh, yeah but that’s not what I wanted to… Cat, I need to talk to you about Jonah.”

“What about him?” she stopped eyeing the bike and turned to him.

He swallowed his nervousness and dawned a serious expression. “I don’t trust him.”

“You too, huh? I don’t trust him either.”


“I wasn’t exactly telling the truth earlier when I said I sensed nothing from him. Cold heartedness and ruthless ambition. I don’t have to copy his memories to sense when someone’s trying to manipulate me. I’m the one who told Batman.”

“You knew the whole time he was flirting with you-?” his eyebrows furrowed in annoyance. “Why’d you let him grab at you like that?”

She frowned. “I was trying to get a better read on him but I’m starting to think this conversation is no longer about whether or not I trust Jonah. What does it matter? It’s got nothing to do with you.” She started walking away.

“It- it bothers me, okay?!”

“It shouldn’t! You’re not my boyfriend, Conner, so quit acting like it!”

“Catherine… what if I wanted to be?” this made her stop in her tracks.

She turned and looked at him. “My name… that’s they first time you’ve ever called me by my full name.”

“Really? I hadn’t noticed.” After a moment, his serious expression returned. “Catherine-”

“What… what am I to you?”

“Well,” he took her hands and held them gently. He was surprised to see a hurt look on her face.

“Don’t do that. You think I can trust my contact telepathy to tell me the truth when I know what I want find? Sometimes I need to hear you say it or I just don’t know if it’s real or… just me getting my hopes up.”

“I’m not very good at saying how I feel but… I like you. A lot.”

“You’ve already told me that, remember?”

“I mean, more than friends. A lot more.” His stance shifted. “How do I explain this?” He suddenly remember something. “The desire to be near you and be the center of your attention all the time, is that how you put it?”

“I think I understand that.” She blushed as she looked at him which earned a smile. She twitched, her eyes growing wide. ‘Someone is opening a dimensional portal nearby and it’s not a boom tube!’

‘Where?’ M’gann asked telepathically.

‘In- In here!’ Suddenly, a symbol appeared in midair. It was almost looked like a magical symbol The air seemed to swirl around it. As the symbol glowed like a portal, As the symbol glowed like a portal, Roy and M’gann entered the hangar.

“What is that?” Roy asked, A boy stepped through the portal. He had short, creamy blonde hair and wore a strange platinum suit of armor with a great sword on his back. The portal closed behind him.

“The trail leads here. I suppose it’s as good of a place to start looking as any.” He glanced around the room but froze when he saw Cat. “But- how…? Your majesty!”

To Be Continued…

[Mission 16//END]


Mission 12/ Half Baked and Overcooked

((Forewarning, this is Thanksgiving filler. But it does contain little insights to the main story, so please don’t just skip and don’t complain about the lack of action. I wrote this chapter because not everyone has a family to spend the holidays with and sometimes you spend it with someone unexpected))

            Cat skimmed the pages of a cookbook. Conner stopped as he passed by. Curious, he glanced at the cover. “‘How To Make a Thanksgiving Dinner’?”

“Yeah,” she lowered the book. “I thought about it last night and why should I miss out on a holiday just because I don’t have the picture perfect family to celebrate it with? Everyone else seems to have plans so it’ll just be me, you and Wolf. Well, Sphere too but she doesn’t eat.” She closed the book and tucked it under her arm. “I need to go to the store.”

“Are you sure that’s a good idea? There are assassins after you, you know.”

“It’ll be fine. It can’t be much harder than fighting Vixen.” she paused. “Um, Conner. There’s something I have to say. If I say it you have to wait till I’m finished before you yell at me or you won’t know whether or not you’re okay with it.”

“Okay, I guess.” he shrugged.

“Pinky swear?” She held out her pinky.

He sighed after a moment. “Fine.” -and promised.

“Okay.” She took a deep breath and cleared her throat. “I noticed how much it bothers you and sometimes it makes you lose your temper but…” she took another deep breath. “You’re not Superman. You can’t be Superman. It’s impossible-”


“You said you’d let me finish!” She snapped and he got quiet. “It’s okay to want to be like him but you can’t be him. You’re you and he’s him. What else? Oh yeah! I like Superman a lot. Clark Kent is great.” She smiled. “But I like Superboy more. I like Conner Kent more. So please, don’t be him. Be you.” She took a large step back. “I’m gonna teleport out of here but you unleash your Kryptonian wrath on me. Bye.” She vanished in that moment.

He blushed. “How am I supposed to be mad when you say that?”


“Why are we still doing this?” Artemis grumbled.

“I already explained that.” Black Canary said.

She sighed. “Yeah, I know.”

“So how do you feel about Cat knowing all of your secrets? I heard that you weren’t going to tell her.” Artemis was attentive to that.

She paused, her eyes full of thoughtfulness. “She’s great, you know? No matter what someone has done or how bad of a person they were she just smiles and says-”

[“It’s okay. Nobody’s perfect. I know I’m not.”]

“How can she… how can she see the darkness in someone and smile like it doesn’t exist? How could anybody?”

“It’s because she can do that that she smiles. That’s who she is.” Canary said after a moment. “She sees all parts of a person. The good and the bad. That’s why.”

Artemis looked down at her feet.

[“Artemis, look at this one.” Cat pointed out a pumpkin.

“That one? But it’s small and kind of funny shaped.”

“Hm?” She looked at it from a different angle.

“Cat, there are bigger pumpkins.”

“Yeah, but it’s special, don’t you think?” She smiled. “Hm, but I already have a pumpkin.” She frowned, trying to think.

“I’ll take it.”

“Really? But I thought-”

“You said it was special, right? If its special, we can’t just leave it.” she smiled and Cat’s face lit up.]

Artemis smiled and Canary did as well.


“Let’s see…” Cat walked into the hangar. “Sphere! Have you seen my jacket?” Sphere rolled back and forth while Wolf bounded around, barking happily. “I’m serious, Wolf. I can’t play with you right now. If I don’t get to the store soon, there won’t be any food for tomorrow.” She thought to herself for a moment. “Maybe I left it in the briefing room.”

“Looking for this?” Conner held up her jacket. He was leaning against his motorcycle, dressed to go outside.

“Oh, thanks.” She smiled and took it from him. She put it on. “So, where’re you going?”

“With you.” She gave him a stunned look. “Is that a problem?”

“No…no-no! I didn’t say that. I was just surprised is all.” She glanced at his motorcycle and then at the one next to it. It was black with neon purple markings, obviously hers. “You know, I don’t even know how to ride this thing.” She walked around it.

“That’s okay.” He handed her a helmet. “We’ll take mine.” They both smiled. After they situated themselves on the bike, Conner started it. “Hold on.” She wrapped her arms around him. The doors opened and they took off.


“I mean, sure it’d be nice if we could hang out more often but I’m constantly busy between the team and the Dynamic Duo thing- not to mention my own school work.” Dick sat back in his chair. “Besides, it’s kind of fun to view this stuff from a distance. You catch things people don’t usually see.”

“Uh huh.” Canary smirked. “Are you sure it isn’t because of lessons with a certain ice princess we know of?” He jumped at that.

“Batman told you about that?”

“No. Roy mentioned her getting dance lessons at Wayne Mansion but you just told me.”

“Ugh, I walked right into that.” He shifted in his chair. “Kana’s great. She graceful, pretty and she knows her way around a utility belt. I mean, I haven’t had a serious conversation about tech with anyone other than Wally. She knows a few things even I don’t know.”

“So you like her?”

“Well, yeah.”

“Have you considered asking her out?”

“Wha-? We’re friends! Just friends.”

“Just friends?” she raised an eyebrow.



“Hmm, should I make just turkey? Or ham too?” Cat eyed the pages of her book.

“Does it matter?” Conner asked as he leaned on the shopping cart. They were in the meat section of the grocery store.

“Yes, it does.”

“Is it really that tough of a choice?”

“Yes!” She shut the book and tapped him with it. “I’m making a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and ham is marked ‘optional.’”

“Okay then, let’s put it this way. Who likes ham?”

“Wolf does.”

“He likes all kinds of meat.”

“But I do too.”

“Me too.”

“I guess I have my answer then.” She chuckled and looked at the different kinds of meat. Out of the corner of her eye, she could spy a pregnant woman. She was attempting to reach for a package on a higher rack. Cat migrated over to her before Conner realized why. She grabbed the package of meat and handed it to her. “Here you go.” She smiled.

“Thank you.”

“Pardon my asking but how far along are you?”


“It’s okay. I’m at the end of my eighth month.”

“Wow.” Cat looked at the woman’s stomach with innocent curiosity. “Is it a boy or a girl?”

“Twins, a boy and a girl.”

“Cool.” She glanced at Conner. “Isn’t that amazing? If you think about it, everyone- no matter who they are; hero, villain or civilian we all started out the exact same way. Even Batman. It makes me wonder how everyone ended up so different when we all were born the same way.” She shook her head. “Oh! We were supposed to be buying ingredients. I almost forgot! Sorry, Conner.”

“It’s fine, Cat.”

“I think the vegetables are that way.” Cat started walking off as Conner pushed the cart behind her.

“Conner and Cat, huh?”

“Uh, Cat.” Conner whispered. “You know I was cloned so…”

“Well, yeah. And I’m not human but if you think about everyone else we know, I think we’re the lucky ones.”

“How come?”

“We’re old enough to decide what we want and no one can decide it for us. Not everyone gets that choice.”


“She does not seem to understand the concept of limitations.” Kaldur said. “There’s no ‘can’t’ or ‘impossible.’ She just does it. She doesn’t question commands and she’s never disobeyed an order. If something is even remotely possible, even if it’s in the smallest way, she’ll do it without hesitation. On a normal day, she’s sweet and optimistic but as soon as a fight breaks out she becomes serious and…”

“Hostile?” Canary asked.

“Not quite, more like driven. For someone so worried about death, she’s the first to jump into battle.”

“She’s has always been like that.” Canary said. “And have you ever given any thought to why that is?”

“I have given it some thought. With what she said on Halloween about Vixen, I thought about the possibility of it concerning some kind of reaction training from her past but she has never reacted that way unless it was necessary. I didn’t notice it at first but the way she fights is like that of an experienced soldier.”

“So you noticed it as well. Aquaman said you would.”

“She’s a valued member of our team but even with her amnesia there are some things that can’t be overlooked. I realize it may not be my concern but-”

“They still bother you. That’s understandable, the League had similar feelings. You have to understand that there are some people who have pasts they’d do anything to change. Cat may never know about her own past but in a way, she can be considered lucky. She escaped her dimension with no memory of it at all. It’s as if she was left in our world with her mind wiped clean. She’s lost her past and perhaps that was the best thing for her. She has friends and a new life and if she ever wanted to know about her past, the League wouldn’t hesitate to search for leads. She’s been told this. She has chosen to move forward and I can see she is perfectly happy here, with you guys. She has a chance that not many get. Yes, her past may be something to worry about but instead of worrying about what she might’ve done then, she worries about what she’ll do now.” She shifted in her chair. “She is very protective of you guys. Like a lioness protecting her pride, or so Wisteria says. But it’s not just the League, it’s everyone. Villain or hero, even if she doesn’t like them, she’ll give it her all.”

“But she won’t let anyone protect her. I realize that now but- for a time, I once believed that she might be a spy.”

“Really now?” Canary asked curiously.

“With what happened with Red Arrow, I’ve been somewhat over cautious. It started from when we met up until the mission with the Green Lantern, Guy Gardner. I had my suspicions because of her missing past but I gave her my trust anyways, hoping I was wrong. Now I’m certain that she is no spy.”

“I understand why you would think that. No past to speak of, connections to the League that even the team doesn’t have, not to mention her contact telepathy. She’d make the perfect spy and that’s enough to make anyone cautious but you were missing information the League already have. There are some things that I believe you should’ve been filled in on from the beginning. It would’ve prevented a few of the issues that arose.”

“Actually, I believe it was better that Batman didn’t tell us. We may have had a few problems but we worked through them as a team.” He noticed Black Canary clapping.

“I’m proud of you, Kaldur’ahm. You’ve all grown.” She smiled.


Cat organized the groceries on the counter while humming to herself. Wally zoomed into the kitchen, picked up an apple and twirled it on his finger. “Hey, Kitty-Cathy~ what’s with all the food?” He took a bite with a loud crunch.

“Thanksgiving, of course.” She smiled. “Why should Conner and I miss out? We can celebrate together.” She turned a page in her book. Wolf barked and wagged his tail. “With Wolf and Sphere too, of course.” She pet his head. “It can’t be that hard.”

“I don’t know. My mom says the turkey is the hardest part.” She flinched and frowned. “But I’m sure you’ll be fine. After all, you’ve got luck on your side.”

She smiled. “I should go ask Conner what kind of gravy he wants.”

“Does it matter?” Dick asked.

“That’s the same thing Conner said about the ham.” she frowned.

“It totally matters.” Wally agreed. “That’s like eating ice cream and saying it doesn’t matter what flavor it is.”

“How can you compare gravy to ice cream?” Artemis asked.

“Same basic principle.”

“Thank you. That’s exactly what I was thinking.” Cat nodded as she scanned a page in her book. “I’ll go ask him.” She set the book down and vanished. She appeared in the doorway of the briefing room. She backed up behind the wall when she spotted Conner and Superman.

“-I know it’s cutting it kind of close but my wife and I had a serious discussion and she- we believe it’s a good idea for you to spend Thanksgiving with us. Batman already said it was okay.” Superman looked nervous while Conner looked quite stunned.

“You’re… serious?”

“Yes. I wouldn’t joke about something like this.”

Conner thought about it for a moment. Cat recognized the look on his face. “I can’t-”

“Of course you can!” Cat revealed her presence in the doorway.

“Catherine.” Superman said, slightly surprised. “I didn’t even notice you there.”

“You have to go, Conner.”

“What about-”

“This is definitely way more important! No, you go. I’ll be totally fine.” She smiled.

“I’m guessing that’s a yes?” Superman raised an eyebrow curiously.

“Yeah.” he smiled at Superman.


“I love having Cat around. She’s fun and a good friend- and a good teammate. She gets a little confused sometimes but it’s never anything bad and it’s kind of cute.”

“M’gann. I understand that you’re trying to make it seem like Cat is fitting in perfectly because this is an evaluation but you can relax. We’re not removing her from the team. This is more about answering any questions you might have or to talk about anything that’s troubling you.”

M’gann chuckled nervously. “Hello, M’gann! I knew that.” She sighed, somewhat relieved.

“Why were you so worried to begin with?”

“Well, sometimes… and please don’t say anything but she’s completely incoherent. It’s like her mind is completely gone and it worries me. I‘ve only ever been ever to hear her thoughts when we establish a telepathic link.”

“Really?” It peaked her interest.

“Well… actually, it’s not exactly true. During our last fight with Psimon, he knocked everyone out but I managed to stay connected through Cat’s mind.”

“I didn’t know that was possible.”

“It isn’t- well, not normally. I think it was because of her contact telepathy. It’s like when she touches someone, she gains more than their memories. Its’ like she gains a piece of them or something like that. It was like an embodiment of that person in her mind and it was like a beacon. When I was in her mind… it was so empty. There was the essences of other people who she had come in contact with but… even though I was in her mind, she wasn’t there. It was like her mind was pulling together the memories of everyone else to fill in the empty spaces.”

“I see. That is unusual.”

“And… there’s one more thing. After I forced Psimon out of her mind, I saw a forest.”

“A forest?”

“Yes, the trees were all white and they didn’t have any trees. I saw something moving but she pushed me out of her mind before I could get any closer.”

“M’gann, you may have gotten too close.”

“Too close?”

“With the way you described it, it sounds like her mind is divided. That forest you saw may be the physical manifestation of her mind. It could be where all her past memories are and she’s using these embodiments that she’s pieced together from the memories of others as protection. It would explain why she’s so resistant to telepathy. You’d have to sort through the tangles mess of memories she’s collected before you could reach her mind. Her past memories may be something that she doesn’t want to remember so they’re quite sensitive and that may be why she pushed you from her mind.”

“Oh.” She paused thoughtfully. “Hello, M’gann! That’s it!”


Roy heard a knock at the door as he set the large bowl he was holding down on the counter. “I’ll get it.” He opened the door to see Kyte, dressed in a casual coat and heels. “Uh, hi.”

“Hi, I was wondering if you were busy.”


“Roy, what’s the difference between beef gravy and turkey gravy?” Kana walked towards him. “Oh. Hello, Miss Kyte.”


“They taste different.” Roy told her.

“That doesn’t help at all. Which one should I make?”


“Okay.” She smiled and bounced off.

“So, did you need something?” Roy turned back to her.

“I was wondering if you wanted to go out but it seems like you’re busy.”

“Busy? It’s Thanksgiving.”

“Oh. I guess I forgot. Thanksgiving isn’t something my family really celebrates.” She laughed. “I should go.”

“Hey.” He moved out of the doorway and let the door swing open. “Would you like to stay for dinner?”


“You coming in or what?” She smiled and walked in. He smiled as well and shut the door behind her.

“She’s staying?” Kana asked.

“She’ll be spending Thanksgiving with us.” He walked into the kitchen.

“Sweet. I’ll set another plate at the table.” She turned. “Aah! I didn’t set the timer!”


“Where is he?” Superman asked somewhat impatiently. He was waiting in front of the zeta tube.

“Here. I was finishing up with Black Canary.” Conner entered the room, followed by Black Canary.

“I thought you’d be at home by now.” Superman said to her.

“I still had two evaluations to finish that I didn’t get to, yesterday. All that’s left is Cat now. Conner, remember what we talked about. You have some thinking to do.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Wait!” Cat teleported into the room. “Good, I caught you guys.” She hugged Superman and then Conner. “Happy Thanksgiving.”

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Canary asked.

“No… let’s see. I said goodbye, the turkey is in the oven as well as the ham…” She thought aloud. “What am I missing?”

Canary sighed. “I was talking to Conner.”

“No-not that I can think of.” he looked away and Cat gave him a confused look. He caught it. “I’ll tell you when I get back.” he sounded annoyed but Canary and Superman could tell he was slightly embarrassed.

“Oh okay.” her smile returned. “Have fun.”

“Yeah, I will.”

The scanner rang. ‘Recognized, Superman.0.1. Superboy. B.0.6.’ And they were gone.

“Come on.” Black Canary placed her hand on Cat’s shoulder. “Let’s get this over with. I know how much you hate it so I’ll try to make it as quick as possible.”

She looked sad. “Okay.”


            Kana removed the biscuits from the oven. She placed the tray on the counter and removed her oven mitts. “Biscuits are done.” She said in an accomplished tones.

“They look great. Good job.” Roy eyed them observantly and then smiled at her.

“Thank you.” She beamed proudly.

“I wouldn’t mind trying one now.” Kyte joked.

“No! The turkey’s not done yet!” Kana whined.

“Holiday Nazi.” Roy said, it was meant as an explanation and a joke.

“I see.” Kyte chuckled and Kana blushed.

“Whatever. I’ve been busting my butt.”

“Trying not to light the kitchen on fire.” his comeback.

She frowned. “Meanie.” She grabbed her phone. “I think I’ll call Grayson and wish him a Happy Thanksgiving.” She set off down the hall.

“She certainly keeps things interesting.” Kyte said.

“You have no idea.”

“You’d be surprised.”

“Why? You have siblings?” He handed her a glass of cider.

“The only one I ever see is my sister.”

“Since you’re here I assume you’re not on speaking terms.”

“Why do you assume that?”

“Even if you’re fighting or if you don’t get along, Thanksgiving is a day to be with your family. It would take more than some petty argument if you’re not spending the holidays with your family.”

“You’re pretty smart.” she sighed. “It’s not that we’re not talking, we just have nothing to say to each other is all. We’re very distant but so is the rest of our family so I don’t celebrate holidays.” She stated. He was staring at her, lost in thought. “Aw, I know that look. Stop feeling sorry for me or I’ll steal a biscuit and say it was you.” She joked.

“I was just thinking.” He spoke finally. “You don’t always have to spend the holidays by yourself.”

“I’ve heard that before and look at me now.”

“You’re here with me.”

“Yes? And how long will this last? You’re not the first-”

“I’m not like other people.”

“Hm? How so?” She sounded interested now. She leaned back against the cabinet.

“I’m loyal.” He leaned closer.

“Mhmm. I’m listening.” She smirked.

“Polite, intelligent, courageous, strong.”

“You forgot handsome.”

“Gorgeous. Oh wait, that’s you.” He smiled deviously.

“Oo~ a compliment.”

“I figured one compliment deserved another.”

“Good sir, you are invading my personal space.”

 He chuckled. “Would you shut up and let me kiss you?”


The phone rang through the hall of the mansion Alfred swiftly answered it on the second ring. “Hello, Wayne Residence.”

[“Hi, Alfred; it’s Kana. Happy Thanksgiving.”]

“A Happy Thanksgiving to you too, young miss.” He smiled to himself.

[“Is Grayson busy?”]

“I’m sure he’s just talking to Miss Gordon. I will fetch him for you.”

[“Thanks, Alfred.” She heard him put the phone down. ‘Who’s Miss Gordon?’ She thought.]

After a few moments, she heard Dick’s voice. “Hey Kana, what’s up?”

[“Happy Thanksgiving!”]

He chuckled. “Happy Thanksgiving to you too. I should’ve guessed that’s why you called.”

[“You should’ve. So what’s my favorite boy wonder doing? I’m still waiting on the turkey to finish.”]

“Not much. Gotham’s ‘white knight’ invited the commissioner and his family over for Thanksgiving.”

[“So when Alfred said you were talking to Miss Gordon, he meant Commissioner Gordon’s daughter, Barbara.”]

“Nice deduction.”

[“I’ve done my research. I had to to keep up with Roy.”]

“Consider me impressed. Barbara’s been a good friend since Bruce took me in.”

[“It’s great to have someone you can depend on, especially at times like that.”]


“Who’s that, Dick?”

Barbara walked into the hall.

“Barbara. It’s just a friend.”

“A friend, huh?” A devious smile spread across her face, he knew that smile.

“Uh-! No! Barbara-!” She lunged at him, attempting to snatch the phone.

“I bet it’s that figure skater. What’s her name? Karen? Kristy?”

“It’s Kana!” He struggled to keep the phone away from her.

“Ah-ha! It is her, isn’t it?”

“No!” She suddenly knocked the phone from his hand and the battery flew out as it hit the ground.


“Nice going, Babs.”

-Other side of the call- 

“Hello? Grayson?” She looked at her phone, confused. The call had disconnected. “I hope he’s okay.”


 “It’s finished.” Cat carried two large plates filled with food into the briefing room. Wolf barked happily and wagged his tail as she placed a plate in front of him. She plopped down on the floor. “Now be honest if you don’t like it.” She leaned back against Sphere. “It’s too bad no one else is here to taste it. Sphere chirped and Wolf licked his lips as he looked at her. She took another bite. “At least they’re having fun, right?” She twitched and stood up. Wolf’s ears twitched as well as he stared towards the hall. “Someone just opened the hangar doors.” Wolf barked. “I know, who could it be?” Sphere chirped again. “Let’s go check it out.” She teleported in front of the bio-ship and quickly ducked behind it.

“Did we have to take the jet?” A familiar male voice groaned.

“Yes, we did. It was better the taking the zeta tubes.” A familiar female one too. She knew these voices all too well. She rushed out from behind the bio-ship wearing a huge grin.


“Honey!” Clark opened the door to the old house. “Lois?”

“In the kitchen, Clark!” She called back.

    He smiled and placed his hat on the hook and his coat on the rack. Conner nervously stepped in and did the same. Clark was already walking but he paused when he noticed Conner still standing in the doorway. “Come on.” Conner smiled and followed him into the kitchen. Lois stood in front of the stove. She instantly spotted them as they walked through the door. Conner saw an old couple as well, Ma and Pa Kent.

“Clark.” Lois kissed him on the cheek. 

“My boy.” His mother hugged him and then his father did.

“You’re bigger every time I look at you.” He said. 

“It’s great to see you guys.” He paused when he noticed Lois’s attention shift to Conner.

“You must be him.” She stepped closer, eyeing him thoughtfully. It was obviously making him feel awkward. “He does look a lot like you.”

“Clark was much skinnier at that age.”

“Ma.” Clark said.

“I’m Lois. This is Ma and Pa Kent. What’s your name?”


“Well, Conner, we’re glad to have you.” Ma said as she hugged him.

“Where’s Kara?” Clark asked.

“Late as usual.” Lois stated. “She was supposed to help us.”

“Come on, Clark, Conner. Let’s get out of their way.”

“Do they want me to help?”

“Oh no, ma boy. During the holidays, the kitchen is a dangerous place. Not even Superman there would venture that battlefield.”

“No thank you.” Clark shook his head.


Kaldur knocked on the door of the apartment. There was a sudden shift behind it and it opened. Still locked by the two chains. Ember peeked out from the crack. Her hair was ablaze. “You have two seconds before I incinerate you, what are you doing here and how did you find me?”

“That day we met in the street. You did not think I would recognize you? Even if though you appeared normal, I could still tell-”

“Times up, Atlantian-”

“Emily, please.” She paused. “How… you got it out of Neon, didn’t you?”

“No. I intentionally sought you out.”

“Why?!” She growled. The temperature in the area was rising but Kaldur still stood calmly.

“Because. You looked lonely.” She seemed a little stunned. “I would never have done anything this bold in the past but… I felt like I needed to find you.”

“That’s stupid.” She paused and shut the door. He sighed and turned to go. He paused when the door swung open to reveal a cooled down Ember- Emily. Her fiery hair was actually pixie short and brown and her eyes were no longer gold, one was green and the other brown. She was wearing a grey sweater a few sizes too large and some capri pajama pants. “Do… you want to come in? I didn’t make a turkey but there’s Chinese food and I’ve got the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special on.”

He smiled. “I would be honored.” 


YJ: Mission 12/Half Baked and Overcooked
This is the edit for 12. I'm almost done with edits and then I shall be posting new things~!
I shall post the links to all of the chapters when I'm done

{Kenpachi Zaraki X Reader}

            Kenpachi yawned as he propped his head on his hand. He was bored. A month of peace and now he was back to his usual, tiresome routine. Today, however, should hold something interesting; he thought. His squad was ‘receiving’ a new fourth seat. If there was someone who the head captain deemed strong enough to be on squad eleven, no, to be a fourth seat on squad eleven. Though he was unsure as to how much merit Kyoraku’s opinion had, he wanted to see what this person had that made him so special. So he laid back in wait, the whole squad crowding the room. Ikkaku and Yumichika at his sides.

“Damn, it’s just a new squad member.” Someone whined. “Why does the whole squad have to meet the new member?”

“Come on, don’t say you’re not the least bit curious about a new fourth seat? When was the last time we got a new squad member? Not to mention he’s so highly ranked.” Ikkaku grinned.

“Tcht. He’s probably not very good looking when you put it that way.” Yumichika added.

“Both of you shut it.” Kenpachi grumbled.

There was a creak as the double doors began opening. The whole squad grew quiet. As soon as they could see their new member, they were in disbelief. They were surprised to see you, a woman. You had (length, h/c) hair and beautiful (e/c) eyes. You were adjusting your zanpak-to at your waist to make sure it stayed secured. Once you realized everyone was staring at you, you stood up straight and bowed your head. “I’m (first name) (last name), your new fourth seat. Pleased to meet you.” Suddenly, everyone burst out laughing. You gave them a confused look. “Why is everyone laughing?”

“Listen. ______, was it?” Ikkaku rose to his feet and approached you. “I think you've got the wrong squad. I heard some of the other squads were getting new members too so I think you somehow got turned around.”

“Huh? Isn’t this Squad Eleven?” You walked straight past him and directly up to Kenpachi. “You are Captain Kenpachi Zaraki, are you not?”

He sat up. “Yeah.”

You smiled. “Then I’m in the right place. I’m the new fourth seat for squad eleven.”

“Wha-?!” You could feel everyone’s eyes on you.

“She’s so cute.”

“We’ve never had a girl on the squad other than the Lieutenant.”

“Well, does someone want to give me a tour of the barracks?” You asked.

“Oh jeez. This is not gonna go well.” Ikkaku frowned. “A girl in barracks filled with men.”

“This has bad news written all over it.” Yumichika agreed as the men volunteered in an uproar.

“That’s enough.” Kenpachi rose to his feet. “Can’t trust you guys for a second.” He placed a hand on your shoulder. “She’ll be staying in the room next to mine in the captain’s barracks. Like I’d trust her in the same barracks as you guys.”

“Captain Zaraki to the rescue.” Ikkaku smiled.

“Oh- I don’t want any special treatment. I’m just another squad eleven member.”

“Exactly, squad eleven.” Ikkaku smirked. “You’re like family now.”

“What? Really?”

“Yeah~” Yachiru jumped onto your shoulders. “Come on, _____~”

“Yachiru.” Kenpachi grabbed her off of yout shoulders. “Let’s let her rest for the day.”

“Aw~ Kenny.” She whined.

“Uh- it’s okay. Lieutenant, would you like to give me the tour?” You smiled, unable to resist her charms.

“Yay!” She jumped into your arms. “Come on, Chika. Baldy.”

“Quit calling me that!” Ikkaku growled.

“Baldy~! Baldy~! Baldy~!” She chanted as they headed out the door.

“Stop it- Ow! Lieutenant that hurt!” And like that, they were gone.

‘Why do I have this feeling of Deja Vu?’ Kenpachi thought to himself.


            Kenpachi yawned as he walked down the hallway towards his office. He had woken up late, as usual. It was already a little past noon. He could hear movement inside as he reached the door. He quickly opened it to see you- causing you to nearly jump as he did. His desk was- organized. All the papers that were normally scattered about his table-since he didn’t really have a desk- were in three neat stacks that didn't look like nearly as much as when they were scattered around. “Oh- you’re up.” You sighed when you saw that it was just your captain.

“What’s this?” he had a confused look.

“Well, your table was covered in papers when I came to talk to you and Madarame said you don’t get up early so I organized it.” You smiled nervously.

“Is that so?” He sat in front of the table. His hair hung in his face, he hadn’t bothered to fix it as he usually did.

“Yes. I organized them by what would interest you, what’s immediately important and what you wouldn’t care for. I also threw away the ones that were way past the time limit they were needed.” You smiled. “I’ve read them all so I could give you a brief summary of each if you’d like.”

“Huh, I hadn’t seen this table top in so long I almost forgot what type of wood it was.” He looked at you. “You’re a pretty hard worker. Why are you on my squad?”

“I’ve always wanted to be on Squad Eleven and I don’t mind doing stuff like this because I’m a fast reader. It doesn’t bother me one way or another.”

“I can see it doesn’t. You’re a weird one.”

“You’re one to talk.” You frowned at the comment.

“Ha. Our squad could use a hard worker like you. Okay, _____. Give me the summaries.” He grinned and you smiled in response.

You started reading them. You hadn’t noticed Ikkaku and Yumichika spying through the door. “Wow, they’re actually getting along.” Yumichika said.

“Was there really any doubt? We both know the Captain is an easy going person on a normal day. ” Ikkaku chuckled.

“I don’t know. There’s something about them that just seems… a little too friendly.”



“____~!” Yachiru jumped onto your shoulders.

“Oh, hello Lieutenant.” You chuckled.

“So,” Ikkaku approached you. “You’ve been here two whole weeks and the papers have stopped piling up on the Captain’s desk. You’ve done pretty well for yourself. I’m almost impressed.” he grinned.

“Almost?” you questioned.

“Well, squad eleven is made up of the toughest fighters in the soul society but we’ve yet to see your abilities.”

“It’s true. There’s been a lack of action since I joined.”

“_____, right?”

“Hm?” your attention turned to a man. Two of his buddies were snickering a few feet behind him. “Can I help you?”

“You’re the newest member of Squad Eleven, right?”

“That’s a stupid question.” your quick response somewhat shocked them. “If you know my name then you know what squad I’m on.”

“Ha. Right.” His friends were laughing, making him nervous. “How about a friendly spar? Just me an’ you.”

“Okay.” You shrugged.

“Yay~! We’re gonna see ____ in action~!” Yachiru jumped off of your shoulders.

“I was just thinking about looking for something fun to do and you just happened to have the best timing.”

“I don’t know. Something about this seems a little fishy.” Ikkaku frowned.

“It’ll be fine.” You said as you stepped onto the ground and stood a short distance from the man.

“What’s going on?” Kenpachi walked up.

“Oh, hi Kenny. ____’s gonna fight some guys from another squad.” Yachiru explained.

“They’re picking a fight with her because she’s a girl. It’s probably so they can brag about beating a member of Squad Eleven.” Ikkaku clicked his tongue, annoyed.

The man’s friend tried to hand you a wooden sword. “No thank you.”

“You’re gonna need it.”

“That’s what you think.”

“Such confidence. Alright then, ladies first.” The man joked.

“Then by all means, hit me with your best shot.” You gave him a devious look and his friends obviously thought your insult was funny as they snickered in the background. This caused the man to charge at you- a mistake he would regret as he swung a wooden sword at you almost wildly. You side stepped to avoid it, barely moving from your spot as he continued to miss. Once he swung and you stepped to his side, you brought the back of your hand down on his- causing him to drop the sword. In the next moment you grabbed ahold of him by his face and with enough force, slammed him into the ground. She dusted yourself off. “Now, if you don’t mind. I have to organize some files for my captain.”

“Wow.” Ikkaku stared, breathless.

The man staggered to his feet as you walked away. “Bitch-!” he jumped up and lunged at you. You turned on your heel and with a swift strike to his gut, he fell to the ground.

“Come back when you’re on my level.”
“She’s not bad.” Yumichika chimed in behind Ikkaku.

“How long have you been here?”

“Long enough to see that bumbling fool make an ass of himself.” His eyes went to Kenpachi, noticing the thoughtful look on his face. It peaked his interest.

‘I swear there’s something familiar about her.’


“So this is the famous female officer we’ve been hearing so much about.” Izuru smiled as he, Rangiku and Shuhei sat across from you. Yumichika and Ikkaku had invited you out to lunch with them and had offered to introduce you to their friends outside the squad.

“I’m _____, nice to meet you.”

“Oh believe me, there’s not a person in the Seireitei that hasn’t heard of you. I didn’t know you’d be so pretty though.” Rangiku smiled.

“She is quite aesthetically pleasing.” Yumichika agreed.

“You guys don’t have to flatter me. I didn’t join squad eleven to be treated like a princess.”

“Why did you join squad eleven then?” Shuhei asked. “I heard that you received the highest marks in everything and the Head Captain let you choose what squad you wanted to be on.”

“Really now?” Ikkaku was curious now.

You sighed. It wasn’t really any secret but it’s not like it was something you wanted to scream from the rooftops. “Joining squad eleven… wasn’t my first time meeting Captain Zaraki. I used to be very sick, so sick I couldn’t even walk…”

{Many years ago….

You sat up in your bed, alerted by loud noises and shouting from outside your window. You peered out at the garden, attempting to discover the source when a towering figure stepped out of the brush. Your eyes met his in that moment and you felt no fear at all only- curiosity. “So they were guarding a princess.” He joked.

“Wow, Kenny~!” Yachiru chimed from his shoulder. “A real princess?”

“What do you want?” You asked, giving him a serious look as if trying to appear brave.

“Nothing. Just passing through.” He turned to leave.

“Wait-!” You called out to him, not realizing that you did at first.

“What? You want to come with?”

“Yes.” He was surprised by how boldly you said it.

A grin spread across his face. “Then get up and follow me.” He had said it more as a joke as he started walking away only to hear a sudden ‘thump.’ He turned to see that you had climbed- well, more like fallen out of the window and was now struggling to get to your feet. He seemed to watch for several moments as he witnesses the battle that you were losing. He finally grumbled a sigh and lifted you up. He tossed you back through the window on to your bed. “If you really want to follow me, get stronger.” He stated. “You can bark at me defiantly all you want but you’ll never reach me unless you get stronger.”

You were unsettled by this as he walked away again. “I-I’m not getting stronger for you!”}

“…and so that’s the story.”

“What made you wanna follow someone like Zaraki?” Izuru asked.

“You have to understand, back then I was so sick that even my doctors had given up hope that I was ever going to get better and decided to focus on just keeping me alive. A wild man just ‘passing through’ my yard… he was free. He could do whatever he wanted and no one could stop him. I guess I wanted that. So, I put every effort into getting better and getting into shape. When I found out he had become a soul reaper, I devoted myself to it as well.”
“We get how you feel.” Ikkaku nodded.

“Well, almost. We don’t have a giant crush on our captain.” Yumichika’s comment made your face turn beet red.

“I- I do not!” you began shoveling food into your mouth to avoid the conversation, earning a laugh from everyone.


Kyoraku slid open the door to Kenpachi’s office. The sun was beginning to set He was sitting behind the table, reading a report. “Oh, does my eye deceive me? Are you actually doing paper work?”

Kenpachi put a finger to his lips to shush Kyoraku, which made him raise an eyebrow curiously. Kenpachi pointed to the mass on the side of table. His haori was draped over your body as you slept. Yachiru was snuggled up against you. “My newest officer went through the trouble of clearing up all of my work so it would rude of me not to.” He joked. “She was working so hard, she fell asleep on the job so I decided not to wake her.”

“So the delicate flower is standing tall in squad eleven from what I’ve heard.”

“I’m just as surprised as you.” He looked down at you, brushing your hair out of your face with his index finger. “To think she actually had the guts to follow me.”

“Kenny’s princess~….” Yachiru mumbled in her sleep.

“Ah, so you are familiar with her. She was dead set on your squad from the beginning so I thought that might be the case.”

“Yeah. It took me a while to remember. I met her before I became captain.”

“I see.” Kyoraku headed for the door. “I expect you to be the perfect gentleman, Kenpachi. If you make a pretty lady like that cry, you’ll get it from me.”
“Yeah, yeah.” Kenpachi shrugged what Kyoraku said off as he glanced at you again. A grin spread across his face. “Well, this’ll be fun.”


{Kenpachi X Reader} A flower among weeds Pt.1
I'm actually still behind on Bleach so if there are any inaccuracies, I don't care and it'll have to wait till I catch up to edit. Please and thank you.
I have no excuse for this one. I was bored and I had several margaritas last night which contributed to weird dreams and... this. This happened. XD Yeah. And it's gonna be a series.

It's going down, son.

I'm still busy with novel stuff but I actually have more free time now so if you have requests, lemme know and I'll see what I can do~

You know the drill. Questions, Comments, Requests?


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