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Thanks for 100+ Watchers!!! by Enthaga
Thanks for 100+ Watchers!!!
Wow. So I hit 100 watchers and it just suddenly started skyrocketing from there so yay~!
Thank you all sooooo much~!

Christmas is coming up so if you "drop a hint" in the comments, you may get a nice little story from me ;)

{Kenpachi Zaraki X Reader} 
A flower among weeds Pt. 4


    You groaned as light fluttered across your eyelids. Your body ached and the reason why eluded you at first but you quickly came to your senses as your eyes snapped open and you attempted to jerk upright. The attempt failed as you slammed back onto the flat surface of an examination table. Your wrists were bound but your body felt too heavy to move, a sensation you hadn’t felt in a long time and one you deeply hated. “Masume-!” you growled.

“Nuh uh uh! Don’t strain yourself too much, ___. I wouldn’t want you to get hurt.” Masume’s smug grin appeared into view.

“Don’t pretend to be nice, you bastard!”

“Now now, ____. You know I’m always nice to you.” He ran his hand along your leg, pulling your pant leg up. “It really was surprising to see you strutting about as if you could walk on air. How are you doing it? I’d ask myself. Then it hit me, the scratching in the back of my brain was quieted. Reishi. You’ve always had a lot of it and I mean a lot but it was like all of a sudden, you were… quiet.” He pressed his finger down on your shin causing you to yelp as a blue pulse shot through you. “You’ve focused the reishi in your body down to even the smallest muscle and nerve. You are moving a symphony of muscles and you’re not even thinking about it! Do you know how phenomenal a technique like that is? With the right research, there’s no end with what I- we can do with it; strengthening soul reapers or even helping others with your… disposition. I’d just have to take a serious look at a reishi enhanced nerve, is all- or a few of them.”

You jerked, causing him to back away. “Masume, if you lay a hand on me,”

He hushed you. “Don’t worry, ____. I don’t mean you any harm.” He smiled, a sickeningly sweet smile. “I mean, I’ll put you back together again. After all, you are my precious childhood friend.” He paused, his eyes shifting for a moment. “But it seems I have visitors. Don’t they know they can’t see the patient until after the procedure is done?” he began walking away.

It took you only a moment to redirect a portion of what you could move of your reishi to your hands as you tore through the binds. You sprung up but quickly met the floor face first. Your body still felt heavy from what Masume had did earlier as you fought the battle to stand. You heard a sigh, realizing you had caught Masume’s attention and he turned back.

“You really are troublesome,” he grabbed your arm and smirked. “Just like the good old days. I wonder what Hayato thinks of you now.”


{“-And when we severed his arm, four more grew back! Crazy, right?” Masume laughed. “I heard Squad Twelve took him in alive for research after that. Man, I can’t wait to be on that squad when I graduate.”

“Masume,” You were sitting in your bed, eyes set out the window. Masume had been seated in a chair not far from you, going on about his field trip with the Soul Reaper Academy. “Maybe you should spend more time practicing than sitting here, running your mouth.”

“Nah, I gotta take a break once in a while. Besides, you’d get lonely if I didn’t come visit ya.” He grinned but she hadn’t bothered looking at him at all during the short exchange of words. “Anyways, I heard that Squad Eleven got a new captain. Their whole thing is by way of combat so whoever is the strongest is top dog. You’d like that, huh? Better if I don’t talk about research, right?”

“Talk about whatever you like.”

He sighed. “Apparently it’s some big fella with a busted up sword.” Your eyes grew wide as you turned to him.

“A… busted up sword?”

“Yeah, the blade of his zanpak-to is all chipped and broken and there’s a rumor that he didn’t even use his shikai or bankai to beat the captain, just straight up slaughtered him the old fashioned way. And get this, he brought a kid with him and apparently she can be just as scary as him.”

“How… how do you know this?”

“Huh? I got inside sources. I have a few cousins who are already soul reapers and sometimes they tell me things.” He was surprised by a loud thud as you flew out of the bed and onto the floor. You struggled to force yourself up, your arms shaking violently as you did so. “Aw, come on, ____,”

“Don’t touch me!” You snapped as he attempted to help you up. “I don’t need your help.”

It wasn’t long before a commotion began as several servants attempted to help you up as well and a growing crowd began to linger in the hallway.

“What is going on?” a male voice echoed from the hallway. The servants moved as the figure appeared in the doorway.

“Hayato,” Masume clammed up as Hayato shot him a look.

“Brother,” you breathed, out of breath from the struggle alone.

“What are you doing out of bed?”

“She fell-”

“I did not!” you cut Masume short. “I jumped. I… am going to become a soul reaper and then, I will be a member of Squad Eleven.” You had forced yourself into a squatting position but your legs threatened to give out from under you at any moment.

“No way, ____! You can’t even walk a few steps!” Masume argued. “It is impossible! Your nerves are permanently damaged!”

“I will!” There was a sudden shift as a large spirit pressure distorted the air of the room.

‘She’s putting out a spiritual pressure like this?!’ Masume thought.

“I will join Squad Eleven!” Your legs shook as you tried to force yourself up. “And if any of you have a problem with that then you better stay the hell out of my way!” The pressure became too much and you collapsed onto the ground again.

“You want to become a soul reaper,” Hayato asked rhetorically. In the next moment, he heaved you over his shoulder and took off in a straight march down the hallway.

“H-Hayato?” Masume followed.

It was all happening so fast that you didn’t have time to question it. The next thing you knew, you were sliding through the dirt outside the front entrance of the estate. He had tossed you out. You stared at him, too shocked to speak but he broke the silence. “Fight.” He stated plainly. “Fight against the fate laid out for you. You are a beast outside your cage but to one sheltered for so long, I doubt the outside world will be welcoming. No hand holding. Survive and fight on your own. You can always come back here if it becomes too tough but know that if you do, that will be the end of this and I will hear no more talk of being a soul reaper ever again.”

You clenched your fist, running it through the dirt as you began forcing yourself to move, even if it was a crawl. “Thank you, brother.” You chuckled. “But I won’t ever be setting foot in this house again.”}


Kenpachi turned, looking around the Squad Twelve’s research buildings. They all pretty much looked the same to him but thankfully, Mayuri had led the way and knew which one was Masume’s. They stopped right in front of it when they noticed a figure emerging. They were surprised to see it was you.

“____?” Mayuri questioned. “Where’s Kunikida?”

“Inside. He got the drop on me but once I woke up, I hit him with a little payback. He was pretty cocky.” You smiled. “Don’t worry, Captain, I’m okay.” You turned back to the room. “Come on-” you paused, sensing danger as you moved to avoid Kenpachi’s fist as it struck the wall next to the door way, causing it to crack but not quite shatter.

“I don’t how you’re wearing her face but you better take it off,” Kenpachi’s venomous glare sent a shiver down your- his spine as he pulled a blue light from his image of you and it vanished to reveal Masume.

“H-How did you know?” Sheer terror and confusion showed in his expression.

“Two reasons, you knew I was worried about ____ when she knows that ordinarily I wouldn’t have noticed she had gone missing so soon. And second, your stupid mug couldn’t get her expressions right if you tried.”

“You also forgot I could sense ____’s strange spiritual pressure which you lack. You rushed into a kidnapping when you heard I was having lunch with Zaraki, a foolish mistake.” Mayuri criticized him.


Kenpachi clenched his fist. “Try not to kill him, Zaraki. Bruised and broken is just fine.”

Before anyone could move, you flew through the doorway, slamming your fist into Masume’s cheek, knocking him to the ground.


“You… stupid… bastard!” you breathed.

“How are you standing?!” You put your foot on his cheek, applying pressure.

“I did let my guard down. I didn’t think anyone would notice and I didn’t put enough pressure on my reishi but if you think I can’t recover from your little knock out stunt, then you’re dead wrong. And don’t even bother trying it again because once I got a feel for it, I adapted and I promise you it won’t work. Now, I’d just love to see my captain beat you into a pile of meat- hell, I’d do it myself but unfortunately, I was kind of making you do something important like, I don’t know… test reishi samples so I can’t let you go into a pain induced coma just yet so you’re going to continue working. Extremely supervised and extremely cooperative.” You applied more pressure onto his face, “You’re going to give your findings to Captain Kurotsuchi and stay the hell away from me or where you are laying there will be a crater the size of the hole in a Menos’ chest and it will only be the beginning of your suffering. Am I clear?”

“Y-yes!” he cried and you removed your foot.

“Smart girl. I’d say I’m surprised she’s not on my squad but her ferocity is well suited to Squad Eleven.” Mayuri cackled.

You sighed as you turned to Kenpachi. “So… uh… you came to rescue me, huh?” He turned and began walking away. “Hey!”

“Go on.” Mayuri stated. “I’ll make sure Kunikida works under the proper supervision. Mine.

“Thank you,” you gave a quick bow and took off after Kenpachi.

It wasn’t like him to leave without speaking to you but he had been rather off lately and you knew now that you weren’t just imagining it. It’s like you were total strangers all over again.

“Captain,” you finally caught up, matching pace with him as you walked next to him.

You waited to see if he would speak, doubtful that he would but thankful that he did. “You lied.”

“Huh? About what?”

“You said you’d known Kunikida since the academy but you knew him before that.”

“No. Masume said that.”

“But you agreed.”

“I did not. He said we were friends and I said I wouldn’t call us that.” You sighed. “He was a bird, perched on a chair in my room, chattering constantly but never really saying anything of value.” You stretched as he stopped walking and you stopped just ahead of him. “But every so often they say just one thing that makes you smile.” You turned to him, staring at him thoughtfully. “If you think I lied about Masume then I guess you know about me now, huh?” he hadn’t answered but his stare said he was still listening. “I was too sick to walk, well, I couldn’t walk because of my sickness I guess would be the exact phrasing. My family is nobility so they had no use for a useless daughter, thankfully my father has my older brother Hayato to drop everything on. I was stored away in a stuffy, old estate far from public view. My father thought that sending Masume to keep me company was a good idea so I didn’t get lonely but most of the time, it would have been better if he wasn’t there.” You shook your head, “But… one day, a wild man appeared in the yard outside my window. The guards were panicking but there he stood, calm as can be. That man was you. You told me to get stronger and come after you. You were probably joking and you probably don’t remember it now but… it was the first time anyone said I could do something. It was always “you can’t” or “don’t overexert yourself for nothing” but you just made it seem like getting up and walking away was just that easy.”

“Tcht!” he made an annoyed noise. “It’s about time you said it.”

“Wait… you remembered?”

“At first I couldn’t figure out where I recognized you from but… You should have just said something.”

“It would have been embarrassing if you didn’t remember!”

“Like I could have forgotten about a sick girl who threw herself out of her window just because I teased her about following me. That one is a little too weird even for me to forget.” He said as he rubbed the back of his head and began walking again.

“Although if it weren’t for Masume’s big mouth,” you started. “I would have never found you. He was talking about how Squad Eleven had a new captain and gave me a description that matched you. You gave me the motivation to get up and go for it. Even if that new captain wasn’t you, I at least tried.”

“___~!” Yachiru came flying at you, embracing you with a squeeze as you entered the Squad Eleven barracks. “I just knew Kenny would get you back!”

“You’re alright!” Ikkaku said as a swarm of worried squad mates came towards you.

“Let me get a look at you,” Yumichika tilted your chin slightly. “Darkening circles under your eyes and a paler than normal complexion, let’s get you fed and off to bed.”

“Yay~! Chika’s cooking!” Yachiru cheered.

“The Captain rescued you, huh?” Ikkaku asked rhetorically.

“Of course, baldy, she’s Kenny’s princess!”


“I didn’t really save her. She beat Kunikida to a pulp before I even got the chance.”

“Should’ve figured.” Ikkaku chuckled. “She is a member of our squad, after all.”

“Although I bet the Captain wanted to rescue her himself.” Yumichika joked before receiving a glare from his captain.

“Weren’t you supposed to be cooking?”

“Yes, right away!” he smiled.

“You guys don’t have to be so upset, I’m fine!” you attended to fend off the rest of the crowd.

“But that Kunikida weirdo!”

“I heard you let him off easy!”

“We should teach him a lesson for picking on the flower of Squad Eleven!”

“What…?” you questioned.

“Didn’t you know? That’s what everyone’s been calling you.”

“Oh really?” You frowned, somehow knowing the head captain must have had something to do with it as you pictured his stupid face. You sighed, deciding it wasn’t worth the headache. “It could be worse.”

“___ is back, time to party!”

“Yeah!” everyone cheered.


Kenpachi rolled over when he heard a soft knock at his door. It opened to reveal you standing outside of it.

“I know you said that you didn’t want me coming to your room but I promise, I’m not staying-”

“Shut up already.” He lifted up the blanket. “Hurry up and get in. If you had a nightmare just say so.”

“Oh that wasn’t why-!”

“You’re letting the heat out again.”

“Oh! Sorry!” You shut the door behind you and squeezed under the covers next to him. Unlike last time, he was a lot closer and he had his arm stretched over you- on top of the blanket but still the same embarrassing effect. “Uh, captain,”

“Hm…” His eyes were already shut so you doubted he gave it any thought.

You smiled to yourself, thinking that the carelessness was just like him. “I wanted to say it earlier but everyone was so busy celebrating that I never got the chance to. I’m glad…” you stifled a yawn, your eyelids feeling heavy. “I’m glad that when I got here, the squad eleven captain was really you.”

To Be Continued…

{Kenpachi X Reader} A flower among weeds pt.4

no really I'm going to sleep now bye

Part 1-…
Part 2-…
Part 3-…

I promise there is still more to come XD I am nowhere near done 

Mission 17/The Puppet with No strings

“Your Majesty!” The strange, blond man grabbed a hold of Cat’s wrist.

“Hey-!” She attempted to retreat away from him but his grip was too strong. Conner recognized the fear in her eyes. He grabbed Cat, giving her the extra strength to pull free of the mystery man before stepping between them.

“You’re scaring her!”

“Scaring…?” He noticed her expression and his eyes narrowed into a glare. “What trickery is this? You have her majesty’s soul but you act as if you do not know me.” He paused, sensing Roy’s presence behind him as he stood poised with bow and arrow in hand.

“You’ve got one minute to start talking before I shoot.”

“Lower thy weapon, archer or lose the hands to hold it with.” He growled. “I demand an explanation as to what is going on. I would also request that the Kryptonian take his hands off of the princess before I remove them myself.” He locked eyes with Conner.

“Wait…” Cat stopped Conner before he could react, stepping in front of him. “You know who I am?”

“Why ask such a ridiculous question? Unless… you don’t know!” he dropped to one knee, bowing his head. “I apologize, my lady, for not realizing sooner!”

“Oh no! Don’t worry! It’s not really that big of a deal.”

“But it is indeed.” He eyed her thoughtfully. “I am Ilan Tolleris, your knight and second.”

“We really just going to believe this guy?” Roy asked.

“Cat?” M’gann looked to her. Her brows were furrowed which was a sign M’gann recognized as concern.

“I believe him.” She rubbed her wrist. “At least from the jolt that I got, I believe him.”

“Jolt?” Roy raised an eyebrow.

“It was like… shattering stained glass. All these images just flooded in all at once and then…”

“It has been some time since you were once in contact with one of your own. Quite a bit has happened since your disappearance. It may… take some time for the memories to settle before you can understand them.”

“So, Cat’s royalty?” M’gann asked.

“Yes, my lady is one of the most important people of all of our kind.”

“Um… what was I called? My name, I mean.” She asked nervously.

He took a breath before speaking. “Endora Du Laciatas, Second Princess of the Void and heir to the throne of Haven.”


    Zatanna’s words enchanted the trees around her to jump to life, branches and roots lunging at Mute. With a blast of energy, he lit them ablaze. Zatanna put the fire out just as easily and with another chant, dirt blew up into his face. With her next few words, there were a dozen copies of herself and charged. He swung at one and it vanished. He dodged the next kick and grabbed her by her leg, fake. He paused when he heard another chant. He leapt into the air as the tree roots below the ground lunged out at him. He moved quickly, summoning a gust of wind to deflect the fireball Zatanna sent while he was still midair. He landed several feet away, the rest of Zatanna’s illusions were fading. Both were a bit short of breath from the game of quick draw they had just played.

“I have no quarrel with you, Zatanna Zatara. I am only here for the traitor.”

“Can I ask you two questions without you blasting at me?” She gave him a curious glance as his stance relaxed.

“Very well. You have my word.”

“How do you know my name?”

“My fellow new gods mentioned a young hero they came across when they came here to search for the New Genisphere.”

“Wait, your fellow new gods?”

“Yes. I did further research into you and your companions in the hope that you might help me apprehend the traitor. Never did it occur to me that he’d actually manage to trick you into trusting him.”

“Pfft! I don’t trust that creep.”

“You… don’t?”

“Not even if he hypnotized me. A friend of mine got a good read on him. If he’s so insistent on pretending to be a good guy, it’s best we keep a so-called new god close. I’m just waiting for him to slip up. Second question you’ve kind of already answered but why exactly do you keep calling him a traitor?”

“He betrayed the people of our home, even his own brother, for the power of Apocalyps.”

“You mean Moonrider. Then why are you working for the Light?”

“I am not. It was a mutual agreement. I help them here and they give me information on the traitor’s location.”

“You do know Apocalyps has been selling the Light weapons, right?”


Clapping echoed from behind him. They turned to see Jonah walking towards them. “You were always so slow, Muto Grand. It’s too bad that I’ve found something that’ll put me on equal grounds with Darkseid. A Celestian with so much untapped power, it would twist your head clean off.”

“I knew you were a sleazebag. Too bad with as much as you know about Celestians, you spent most of your time putting your hands all over one with contact telepathy or we never would’ve known just how fake you were.” Zatanna smirked.

“Contact… telepathy…” He growled and the killing aura returned. “You’re dead, witch…” his eyes glowed before he was suddenly struck with an explosive fireball that slammed him into a tree, knocking him out cold.

Ember walked up, ablaze. “His mouth is almost as big as his ego.” The fire weakened as she saw their confused expressions. “He’s no ally of ours either. He had it coming and now my debt is repaid.”

“Debt to who?”

“It isn’t important. I would normally never suggest this but let’s call a truce.”


“My orders were to investigate the anomaly happening in this area, not to waste time on stupid fights.”

“Wait, so this isn’t you?”

“If it was, do you think Klarion would be this obvious knowing a Lord of Order on is the Justice League?”

“Wow.” Zatanna said, unamused.

“Do we have a truce or not?”

“For now.”

“I’m in as well.” Muto placed energy cuffs around Jonah’s wrists before lifting the unconscious new god over his shoulder. “Let’s go. The energy reading is coming from this way.”


Conner crept around the corner, making sure he was alone. He let out a sigh as Cat appeared next to him. “I think we’re safe.”

“Now that you’ve lost your shadow.” He joked.

“He means well.”

“His job is to protect you, I get it but-”

“You want to protect me?” She took his hands gently.

He averted his eyes shyly. “Yeah, what’s wrong with that?”

“Absolutely nothing.” She shifted. “Thank you.”


“It’s silly…”

“Come on,”

“Just… I know with being who we are that you protecting me is not really something I can take literally but the idea that you’d try… makes me happy.” He brushed her hair aside, setting his warm hand on her cheek. “Sorry, this whole thing is kind of new to me.”

“You’re doing fine.”

“Am I? I feel like my heart is going to explode.”

“So you know what I’m thinking right now?” he gave her a devious smile as he leaned in close and-

A buzz echoed in their communicators followed by Roy’s voice.

[“Superboy, Cat. Zatanna has requested immediate back up. Apparently, Vheiys has made his move already.”]

“Got it.” Cat sighed. “I guess we should- mph!” Conner surprised her by grabbing her cheeks and pulling her into a kiss that she seemed to melt into for a long moment. He broke away to let her breath. “Wow… And here comes my shadow.”

“Your majesty!” Ilen’s voice echoed down the hallway.

“I really need to have a talk with him about personal space.”

“I never got to say it earlier but the earrings look nice on you.” He gave her a satisfied smile that she knew was caused by him catching off guard. She blushed and gave him a quick peck on the lips. “Let’s go before Zatanna turns us into frogs.”


Cat teleported behind a tree. The forest was eerily quiet except for a crow who was cawing softly as he picked his feathers clean. Cat vanished and reappeared next to the crow on the branch, scratching the back of its neck. Its head slunk down as it fluffed its feathers, closing its eyes in a pleased manner. ‘Hey, little guy. It’s about to get scary, you should go.’ It shook its feathers as the she stopped then hopped towards the edge of the branch and took off. ‘Zatanna, we’re closing in on your location.’

‘Good. Your Prince Charming is exactly the rat you pegged him for.’ Zatanna responded telepathically.

‘What Prince?’ Ilen’s thought cut in.

‘Who is that?’

‘A Celestian. Turns out Cat’s some kind of royalty.’ Roy answered.


‘Can we not do this right now?’ Cat shook her head.

‘What are we looking at?’ Roy asked as he, M’gann and Conner stopped at the tree Cat was perched in.

‘There’s a large group of people a short distance from here but it doesn’t look like there are any guards.’ Conner observed ahead.

‘We should still be careful.’ M’gann added.

‘You guys might want to hurry.’ Zatanna tried to rush them as they began moving.

The crowd was standing in a circle as one set up something in the center. “What are they doing?”

“They’re setting up a ritual but for what?” Zatanna questioned. “What could they be summoning?”

“I recognize that symbol from one of the Witchboy’s books.” Ember stated.

“I know it’s a dark symbol but I don’t know what it goes to.”

“He has many names. The midnight monster, child eater, cacooey,”

“Who?” Muto questioned.

“The Boogey Man.”

“That human story about a monster who hides in closets and under beds and preys on naughty children?”

“He’s not just a story, he’s a lord of chaos. No wonder Klarion wants me to stop this mess.”

Cat appeared next to Zatanna. “Hey, I-” She spotted Ember. “What are you doing here?”

“The Black Cat.” Ember hissed. “I should have known it’d be you.”

‘We have a temporary truce.’ Zatanna stood between them.

‘You trust her?’

‘Strangely, yeah.’

‘Fine. I can’t really argue in this situation.’ Cat relaxed but only for a moment as she turned to the ritual circle. “Something’s coming out of there!” It glowed gold at first but then turned blood red. A dark, monstrous hand lunged out of the center as if tearing a hole in space. Cat teleported behind a cultist and pulled him out of the circle. The circle began to fade, sending a shock to the hand attempting to claw its way out. It let out a metallic shriek as the shadows of the trees lifted off the ground, forming strange creatures that quickly lunged at her.

“Cat!” Conner called as everyone else had finally caught up to her.

‘Don’t worry about me! Break the circle or that thing is going to drain the life force out of all of them to claw its way out!’

‘I’d ask how your friend knows that-’

‘It’s just one of the things she knows.’ Zatanna shrugged as they started for the circle. With her focus on the cultists, her spell caused a gust of wind to knock some of them away from the circle.

Roy shot three explosive arrows at the creatures. “You need back up whether you want it or not.”

“But the ritual-!” Cat argued.

“The others can handle it. Let me watch your back.” He nailed another creature but it quickly reformed. His next arrow caused it to freeze and with a kick he shattered it. ‘They’re weak against ice. The one time we actually need Blue with us,”

‘Still have those water capsule arrows?’ Zatanna asked.

‘Of course.’ He shot three arrows that burst all over the creatures. With a chant from Zatanna, the water froze, freezing the creatures as well. Cat slashed through them with her claws.

“That’s all of them- aaah!” She yelped as she was pulled back by Jonah who had grabbed ahold of her braids.

“You stupid, pathetic insects! You ruined it!”

“What-?” Zatanna turned to see Muto sprawled across the ground, his side scorched black.

“Little soldier boy was so busy trying to help you that he didn’t pay any attention to his prisoner.”

“You were behind this,” Ember hissed.

“It would have worked perfectly too.”

“All your sacrifices are gone.” M’gann stated.

“It’s fine though,” He pulled on Cat’s braids again. “Because she’s going to finish it for me.”


“The lives of three dozen humans is nothing in comparison to that of a Celestian such as this.”

“You-” Konner growled as he took a step forward.

“Don’t even,” he warned as his hand glowed as he held it up to her face, “One of you moves and I’ll be taking a shower in the Black Cat’s blood.”

‘Your majesty, what are your orders?’ Ilen’s urgent voice rang in their heads.

‘Where are you?!’ Roy snapped.

‘I was ordered to stay out of her majesty’s way so I am.’

‘Isn’t the point of being her body guard to prevent this very thing from happening?’ Zatanna asked.

‘I am not a body guard. I am a knight, bound by orders. My duty is to protect her but I cannot disobey an order. She must retract her earlier order or give me a new one.’

‘Hello, M’gann! Cat, you have to give him an order.’

‘Ilen, I order you…’

“You’re all too quiet,” he noticed Zatanna shift. “I said don’t move.”

“I’m just checking on Muto.”

“He can stay that way for all I care. It saves me the trouble of having to kill him later.” Cat grabbed ahold of his wrist. “What? You trying to save yourself? It’s too late for that,” In that moment, he stepped back, dragging her into the circle. A black energy surged through her body as she let out an almost inhuman shriek. Her eyes glowed as if brimming with magic, even causing her obsidian claws to flash back and forth between ethereal and solid. She dug them into his arm before elbowing him, causing him to release her.

“Looks like the flaw in your plan is you have to be stronger than the one you’re trying to sacrifice.” Zatanna retorted.

‘Cat, the more energy you output, the faster that thing will crawl out of there so don’t stand there for too long.’

“What-?” Jonah dodged Ilen’s blade as it came close to slamming down on his head. He dodged the next few swings and returned a blast of his own that Ilen deflected. Cat attempted to take a step out of the circle and it zapped her. Jonah laughed. “You’re so moronic, it’s ridiculous.” He dodged a fire ball from Ember. “What are you upset about? She’s your enemy after all.”

“Yeah and when I want her dead, I’ll kill her myself.”

“We need to break that circle,” Muto coughed as Zatanna helped him up.

‘We can handle that,’ Ilen thought. ‘If Superboy, Red Arrow and Miss Martian keep him busy, Zatanna and I-’

‘Don’t leave me out.’ Ember added.

‘What could you do?’ Conner responded, irritated. He was distracted by the next shriek that came from Cat with the next bolt of energy as she writhed on the ground.

‘It’s not pyrokenisys, I’m a pyromancer. And even Zatanna will admit that a triad of sorcerers work better than two. You don’t have much of a choice.’

‘Conner, we need to hurry. Cat can’t handle much more of this.’ M’gann added.

Conner growled as he jumped and came slamming down on Jonah. He dodged and began avoiding Conner’s swings. Jonah sensed the large rocks M’gann was psychically throwing at him as Conner moved out of the way. As he turned to shatter them, he was struck with two explosive arrows he spotted out of the corner of his eye. As the smoke cleared, they could see he was scratched but not down as he took the same menacing stance they had seen previously.

“No more mercy.” He growled. He slammed his fist into the ground, knocking Conner off of his feet. Roy latched onto a tree branch and pulled himself up before it had happened. With a quick motion of her arms, M’gann tore up the ground around him and sent it crashing towards him in waves. With his next movements, he sent a wave of energy to meet it and it exploded into a cloud of dirt and rocks.

 Meanwhile, Zatanna, Ilen and Ember formed a triad around the circle. Ilen planted his sword into the ground and a glowing, magical circle appeared around him. With a chant, Zatanna conjured a circle of her own as Ember’s flames formed hers. The circles connected around the dark one as magical symbols appeared, binding them.

Jonah caught Conner’s fist and threw him into M’gann before slamming his fist down again in an attempt to disrupt the triad of sorcerers- it failed.

‘Miss Martian, closing in on your coordinates!’ Dick’s voice rang in her head.

‘Hurry!’ Conner growled as he batted away another shadow creature as they begun to resurface.

Muto conjured a small whirlwind and pushed Jonah back. “We could have been partners, Mute. You and I are the same. Half breeds not wanted on New Genesis or Apokalyps!”

“The name is Muto, Sunrise!”

“And my name is not Sunrise! Not anymore.”

“You betrayed the Forever People! You know Dreamer never stopped waiting for you to come back?!” He charged at Jonah with earth shattering strikes that were swiftly evaded before Jonah nailed Muto’s scorched side. Before he could swing again, Conner’s fist collided with his cheek.

“That name strike a nerve, Sunrise?” Jonah swung on him, infuriated but Conner avoided it and nailed him in the cheek once more. He slid back several feet. “For someone so confident,” He caught Jonah by his wrist as he came at him again. “You’re easily set off.” He pulled Jonah forward, smashing their heads together. His response was to blast him wildly in the daze he was in. Three explosive arrows knocked Jonah to the ground.

M’gann noticed a new presence as she turned and spotted Vixen emerge from the trees, rushing forward to tackle Roy out of the way of Jonah’s next blast. “Don’t let Vheiys distract you when there’s a catastrophe in the process!” She pointed to the ritual circle. The creature was forcing the portal back open at the expense of Cat’s life force.

“Cat!” Conner paused as the reptilian-feline creatures from before materialized again but their focus went right to Jonah as they began attacking him as he attempted to stand. The rest of them paced around the circle, growling and hissing but they didn’t seem like they were making any moves.

“R-rift drakes?” Muto coughed as Roy helped him up.

“You know what these things are? What are they doing here?” Roy asked.

M’gann stared curiously before her eyes glowed as she gave them a quick scan. “I read their minds! They’re here to protect Cat from Jonah!” M’gann cringed for a moment. ‘She’s in too much pain! I can’t reach her anymore!’

“I understand now,” Muto started. “That Celestian possesses a dimensional gate and that monster is trying to force its way into this world through her. It’ll kill her or worse.”

“What’s worse?” Roy asked.

“Her gate appears unstable, if it continues to push on her so much, it’ll tear a whole in this dimension and possibly cause it to collapse in on itself.”

Vixen paused as she eyed Cat. “You said her gate was unstable?” she started towards the ritual circle. “You three, stop! In trying to contain it, you’ve stabilized the gate for that thing to come through!”

“I fear she is right.” Ilen commented.

“If we stop, it’ll definitely come through!” Zatanna argued.

“There is only one solution.” Ilen’s glow transitioned from bright into blinding. “We purge everything within the circle.”


“Do it.” Vixen stated.

“You-!” Conner grabbed her arm.

“Just this once!” she barked, causing him to give pause. “I ask you to trust me because my life is on the line too.”

“The Black Cat will live.” Ember stated. “I have no doubt. She does have nine lives, after all.”

A spell circle appeared above the ritual one. “My lady, forgive me.” With the next few words, that not even Zatanna understood, a bright light filled the space, release a blast that knocked everyone back.

There was a symphony of groans as everyone shifted. Conner was the first to move. He shot up to look for Cat. “Cat!” He easily spotted her, a crumpled mass on the ground and then fear set in.

[“We’ve stopped receiving transmissions from Zatanna. We better hurry.” M’gann said as she activated the bioship and flew on board.

“Conner,” Cat said in a low whisper so that only he could notice, causing him to stop. He took a few steps closer to her. “I didn’t get to say what I wanted to earlier.” He raised an eyebrow curiously as she fidgeted nervously. “You know I love you, right?”

He was a bit surprised but it quickly passed. “Yeah, I love you too.” He grabbed her hand gently. “I promise, I’ll be the one to protect you this time.”

“Thank you and when you need it, I’ll protect you too.”]

Conner rolled Cat over, “There’s no heartbeat!”

Wally zoomed up at that exact moment, “No way! I don’t see any injuries!”

Conner lifted her close when Kaldur and the others arrived. “What happened?”

“I’ll give you one guess,” Zatanna motioned to Jonah, who was suddenly being dragged off by rift drakes as they began vanishing.

“Should we?”

Muto shook his head at Roy’s question. “No, I’m sure they’ll likely give him what he deserves.”

Vixen turned to Ember. “Let’s go.”

“Hold on!” Artemis objected as she pointed an arrow at them.

“We have done what we promised. We won’t engage you today.”

“Let them go.” Conner said, not even turning as Artemis lowered her bow. Conner pulled Cat into his lap as he noticed something in her hand. He gently pulled her fingers away to see a familiar looking amulet resting in her palm. It was worn and the gem in the center was cracked.

“That’s the Amulet of Ancient Order!” Wally confirmed as he turned to Vixen. “Why?”

“That amulet was made by a lord of order so it could easily negate a lord of chaos and protect the wielder. At least, that was my theory.” Vixen explained as she walked away. “Whether or not the kitten died from the shock, well I can’t help that.” Ember locked eyes with Kaldur for a moment but then her expression softened as she nodded at him and turned to follow.

“Wait… a shock! Aqualad,” Kana looked to him.

“I could try.”

“Do it.” Conner rubbed his thumb against her cheek. Suddenly her eyes snapped open, glowing neon purple as she gasped. “Cat!”

“But you said she didn’t have a heartbeat!” Wally was surprised. “I mean, not that I’m not happy she’s alive but…”

“It just started beating again on its own.”

“Ugh,” she made a noise as she blinked at Conner, the glow in her eyes fading. “Aren’t… aren’t you a pleasant sight to wake up to?” She joked, winning a smile from him as she sat up slowly. “Did we win?”

“Yes!” Wally cheered.

“W-where’s Jonah?”

“Don’t worry about that right now. Are you okay?” Raquel asked.

“Um, yeah.” She said as Conner helped her to her feet. “Kinda weird but better.” She held up the amulet and looked at it before holding her hand out to Wally. “Souvenir?”

“The amulet that saved your life? A thousand percent yes!” he said as he took it.

“I doubt Jonah Vheiys is gone for good but I don’t think we’ll be seeing him for a while.” Zatanna smirked.

“Fate confirmed that he was using some kind of magical ability to coerce us into trusting him. Which is why not even Batman questioned his presence until Cat stated her suspicions.”

“Definitely feeling the aster,” Dick chuckled as they turned to the bioship that had appeared in the clearing.

Conner was holding onto Cat’s hand as they turned to the bioship. His heart sank as he heard the most disconcerting sound as Cat’s hand slipped through his fingers. A quiet crack turned into a loud one as Conner turned his attention to her. More followed, each quicker than the last as little cracks began to form in Cat’s skin like glass breaking. Now everyone had turned in horror, the sounds loud enough for them to hear.

“I… I think I’m dying.”

To Be Continued…

YJ Mission 17/The Puppet With No Strings
Haha its been way too long since I updated this. Sorry, just getting back into the swing of things. Promise stuff will come out faster now. XD
I'll stop ending on cliffhangers eventually. XD

If you need to catch up:

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Don't forget that if you want your characters to be in the SGPA Xmas special lemme know.
Questions, comments, concerns?
Okedoke. This shouldn't really come as a shock but I love the show RWBY and I have actually gotten many requests on both deviantart and tumblr to write something about RWBY. Well, since season three has already started and I don't like to write fanfic when something is mid-plot (as what happened with Young Justice) I decided that I'd write my own spin off story based at a sister school titled "Beacon North." It takes place outside of Remnant, which is the set world encompassing RWBY and in a different continent, which will be fully explained as to why. The academy is called Beacon North because of several reasons: One, it's Ozpin's idea. Two: It takes place in a continent NORTH of Remnant. And Finally, it is a flying fortress. 

It'll be a whole new cast of characters to work with and I will at one point make a crossover to meet the actual characters. There will be separate villains and plots as well as to not confuse any of them. 
There may be some objections to this idea since "Remnant" is what is said is the world but mind you, its just four countries plus I feel as though once it's explained, it'll make a little more sense.

A friend of mine also pointed me to a-flyer's RWBY bio template, which I may fill out a few just for fun to showcase any characters. 
Any who want to pitch ideas or characters to me, don't be afraid to as long as they fit and they're a well put together idea. I can't do anything if its all over the place and if I'm not confident I can depict them well. I won't deal with people being upset if I don't fit their "image" right. Not having it. That being said, if you have an OC in mind but you're having trouble getting it together, as long as you're willing to let me work my magic, I will use them and come up with some ideas you may like.
Some of it will be up soon so look forward to it!

Questions, Comments, Concerns?
SGPA Liaison Office
New York City, NY

Elle sorted through the papers on her desk as the holo-screens in front of her played host to a video chat. "-No."
["Ms. Hobson, we need that roster-"]
"Don't misunderstand, Ms. Waller. The SGPA's willingness to cooperate is a kindness. Considering A.R.G.U.S. has attempted to sabotage our missions on many prior occasions and arrest SGPA members with zero evidence-"
["We're defending Earth from extradimensional invasion. Darkseid-"]
"Got his ass handed to him. Look, Solar Cat is the only reason we're even speaking right now. I honestly would have liked to just have told you where you can stick your authoritative stick but you can understand, orders are orders. No, I will not be sending you a copy of the SGPA's new recruit roster nor will I be divulging their personal data. Funneling extradimensional visitors into concentration camps-"
"And yes, I know all about your so called "CIRCUS." We have much more important things to be worried about."
["Like the Celestian Lord you've allowed to stroll about Salem or maybe the corruption demon you have sealed inside a tree? Which, by the way, by the time we arrived on the scene, the tree was replaced."]
"The SGPA thought it was best to move the tree now that it has become a concern. No one should have known what was inside."
["But someone did, which means you have a leak."]
Elle sighed, "Look, I have a visitor. We can continue this conversation at a later date. Just know that if A.R.G.U.S. pulls any of their old tricks again, I will have you buried in so much red tape, even Lex Luthor's miracle lawyer won't be able to save you." Those were her last words as she pressed the end button on her holo-screen and the call vanished. She sat back in her chair as the door opened and a male figure stepped into the room. It was no businessman, that was certain, as he loaded the gun in his hand and cocked it. "Echo, and to what do I owe the pleasure?"
"A copy of the SGPA roster."
"Everyone wants one of those nowadays. I'll tell you what I tell everyone else, bite me."
He pointed the gun at her. "It wasn't a request."
Elle leaned back in her chair, not even the least bit bothered. "Put it away, we both know you won't use it. At least, not yet anyways."
"You're awfully calm."
"Are you talking about that fear factor you invoke on people? Sweetie, I face down corrupt CEO's, the military and politicians all day. Don't ever test my pokerface. So, who wants the roster now?" he stayed silent. "Not that I care, or that you'll get it."
"You're trying to keep me talking. Why?"
"Someone as smart as you knows how to disable my security with no issue. The police obviously won't be showing up." There was a click as Elle pulled a gun from underneath her chair and pointed it at Echo. "So let's make this interesting." 
"You're wrong." he stated. He pulled the trigger and suddenly the gun flew out of Elle's hand. "The roster is just for bonus pay." He pulled the trigger again twice but Elle had already ducked under the desk. 
"Shit." she cursed. "Hurry up and get here." she mumbled.
Echo had begun walking towards the desk when suddenly, Alexia came crashing through the window. Echo rolled out of the way of her and the glass shards that were now flying everywhere. 'Nocturne!' He turned and pointed his gun at her but before he could fire off a shot, he felt a sensation of someone behind him. He rolled to the side to avoid the blade of a sword. Putting enough room between him and a pair of piercing, gold eyes as she knocked the gun from his hand. "Kyte Al Ghul."
"It's Enforcer now, Echo."
"For the SGPA."
"Suits me well, don't you think?" He turned sharply to dive for the gun but Kyte moved first so he quickly twirled on his heel, slid across the desk and ducked under Alexia's swing before jumping out the busted open window. "After him." Alexia nodded as she followed. Kyte walked around the desk and peered under it. Elle was shaking underneath it as Kyte held her hand out to her. "The second your signal was cut short, I suspected something was wrong. Looks like I was right." She took it and crawled out. "You alright?"
"Yeah... yeah..." She leaned on her desk. "Just... the fear thing he does..."
"You did well." she clicked her communicator. "Space Girl, dispatch an escort team. Code Echo."
["Acknowledged, Enforcer. Sending two members to your location."]
"Thanks." She turned back to Elle. "You good while I go after him?"
"Yeah, I'll be fine."

Alexia twirled into a kick which Echo dodged before returning two blows. She dodged the second and returned one of her own, freeing herself to flip backwards as a whip materialized in her hand. With a crack Echo began to dodged strike after strike before he caught the end of it and yanked her into a headbutt. Before he could hit again, she suckerpunched him. He quickly realized that Kyte was about to swing her sword down on him and rolled out of the way. He was now staring the two against one situation in the face and measuring his odds. 
"I guess I can't make you go away." he said monotonously. "My power won't work well on an Al Ghul and a former Robin."
"At least you understand, chore boy." Kyte smirked. "How about you tell us who ordered the hit before things get dicey? Or at least that's what I would normally ask but we both know you're too professional to answer-"
"Trinity." he spoke plainly. "Trinity ordered the hit." this caused Kyte's smile to vanish.
"What's the catch?" Alexia asked. 
"None. I just wanted to confirm whether or not the SGPA was back so I took the job. Now it just seems like a hassle." he turned. 
"Wait!" Alexia threw a batarang but paused as a sliver blur appeared and caught it.
"Silver Zodiac," Kyte stated. "I could feel someone watching us,"
"The woman without a shadow." 
"We've never had the pleasure of meeting face to face." Her cool smile returned, "You're always so busy playing with the kitty cat that I never had the chance,"
"Withdraw. Echo has already told you what you needed to know."
"Hun, you don't seem to understand how this works."
"If that's how you want it," he took a fighting stance.
"Oh~? You want to fight me?" She wagged her finger at him. "I would but there's someone's who would be so mad at me. She's been dying to get her claws on you." It took only a moment for Zodiac to realize that the Black Cat had appeared right next to him. He quickly dodged her barrage of attacks before turning and leaping onto another building. "And off he goes! I knew having her tag along as my "shadow" would be useful."
"Wow! What a surprise!" Alexia and Kyte jumped back as a black, shadowy mass lifted under their feet followed the new voice. "Zodiac actually showed up~!"
"That voice... Argine." Alexia's brows furrowed as her figure appeared from the darkness. "Assassination is a step down from the Royal Flush gang." 
"Please, like they tell me what to do." a dark grin spread across her face. "Sometimes I get a little bored and decide to shake things up." 

SGPA Headquarters

"Space Girl, situation?" Phuong said as she walked up to Fafnr who was furiously keying things in at the holographic monitors.
"Last update from Nocturne was that Silver Zodiac and Argine made an appearance before our feed cut out from them." She turned to her this time. "Someone is trying desperately to cut us out of the loop."
And that's an odd trio. Seiren added his input in. I don't imagine any of them getting along.
"Enforcer asked to bring the Black Cat along, why?" Sybil added her input as she joined the group. "She's not stupid. I know she didn't just do it on a hunch." 
Phuong frowned. "She knew Zodiac would be there because he was following her."
"I can say firsthand, Silver Zodiac is weird but assassination of a public figure is not his M.O. I wouldn't put it past Argine though, if anything Echo's client hired her separately. Kyte can be pretty hyper sensitive when she's... well, she's just like that. She's pretty subtle so she was probably waiting for him to make his move but why did Zodiac decide to show himself when Echo appeared? That's what doesn't make sense."
There was a sudden beeping as several red lights appeared with several holoscreens. Fafnr quickly sorted through them. "We have two alerts, one's on the U.S.'s Atlantic coast line, the other-" there was suddenly static as a transmission cut in.
["zzzz....zz..Dispa-zzzz! Green Lant-zzzz! Need-zzzz! Need back up! Zzzz! Power rings-zzzz! Not working-zzz!"]
The transmission cut out completely. "I'm able to track his signal. He's several light years away." 
"Space Girl," Phuong spoke. "You good to go in the field?"
"Do you doubt me?" her expression was blank.
"Seiren, take two members and head down to the Atlantic coast. Space Girl, take Brawl and any other space ready members who're currently on base." 
"Wait, what about Echo?"
"He's going to get away."
"What?" Phuong's response caught Sybil off guard. "What?! Where is she going?"
"To a secret meeting." she chuckled as she walked off.
"Huh?" Seiren's hand set on her shoulder.
Brawl, would you see me to the zeta tubes?
"Uh, okay?" she questioned it but walked with him.
You may be a bit confused by our leader by now.
"I just don't like not being told stuff." 
We are in a war of secrets, no doubt Solar Cat knows that by now. There are villains working together who should not be and they're doing things they wouldn't normally do. It's making her feel... somewhat nervous.
"I get it but..."
You don't like secrets. 
"Hey, back off. Don't start digging around upstairs just because I let you talk to me telepathically."
I couldn't speak any other way. I... apologize. You seemed very anxious when you first arrived and I was wondering if there was anything I could do to help.
There isn't always a catch, my dear.
"Yeah..." she frowned. "Just not used to this whole team thing." they stopped in front of the zeta tube as Seiren input a code. "Just..." her voice caught his attention. "Give me some time. I'll tell you eventually... I promise."
Time is no issue to me. Take as much of it as you need. 

New York City, NY

Alexia dodged another shadow strike as she threw two more batarangs. They collided with a light screen shield and exploded before Argine dissolved it and Alexia was in her face. Argine dodged two swings before a dark tendril swept under Alexia's feet. She attempted to recover quickly but Argine gave her a swift kick in the side which made her roll across the roof top. She arose shadows around her to crush Alexia when she sensed that she was suddenly gone and had them disband. She turned to throw up another light screen but received a punch in the face instead. Alexia then kneed her in the gut before slamming her hands down on Argine's back. Her actions were cut short by a blinding light before she realized Argine was no longer in front of her. 
"Let's try a little target practice." Alexia dodged several light beams.
'She's put too much distance between us.'

Kyte swiped at Echo who was doing well to avoid her hasty attacks. His pokerface held well enough that he didn't even look tired. "Why is an Al Ghul working for the SGPA?"
"Oh~ Are we playing twenty questions?"
"Too bad." He paused when he backed away, no, when she let him back away and he realized a small, blinking disc was sticking to his shirt. "It would have kept you alive longer." He ripped it off and threw it, with enough time and enough thought that he aimed for Alexia. She, thankfully moved and it collided with shadow mass and detonated into a bigger explosion than any of them expected. "Clever boy. How'd you know it wasn't a tracker?"
"It was made by your tech boy, Surge. He doesn't track people."
"Smart cookie." she paused when she heard a cracking noise.
"Smart enough to know the SGPA won't let civilians die." He stomped his foot on a crack that was in the roof top they were standing on before he let something roll out of his hand. 
"Grenade!" Kyte shouted as she dove out of the way as it exploded. There was a suddenly shift as the building began to destabilize.
Alexia blinked through the smoke and Argine vanished. She ran over to help Kyte up but she was already on her feet when she reached her. "We need to save these people."
"Kitten's already started." she smirked. "Can't let her show me up." They descended the building quickly although Alexia wasn't expecting Kyte to jump and land on her feet. "Anti-gravity boots," she stated a quick explanation as they started clearing out any civilians in the way of falling debris. Cat had teleported past them more times than they could count before everyone was safely out of the way.
"Everyone working in the building went home for the night thankfully." Cat stated as she reappeared again.
"Zodiac?" Kyte questioned as Cat shook her head.
"He escaped through a dimensional tear again."
"Wait, how would he know where even one them are?" Alexia asked.
"That's what I've been trying to figure out for a year." Cat grumbled. 
"He'll show up again soon. So will Echo." Kyte stated. "Thanks, kitten." Alexia was taken aback by a genuine smile that had flashed across her face for a moment.
"No problem. I mean, I'll be your shadow whenever you need it." 
"What I'm most concerned about is who he said hired him for the hit." 
"Solar Cat is not going to like it." Alexia shook her head.
"I'll inform her when I get home." Kyte stretched. "I have a few more things to do, then I'm turning in." she stated as she began walking away.
"Uh, Cat."
"About what Kyte said about being her shadow,"
"You should probably ask her that,"
"I thought, maybe, I hadn't earned the right to ask."
Cat shrugged. "Kyte let's you call her Kyte, right? She would've corrected you otherwise."
"Are you coming, kitten? I want to be home before the sun is up."
"Oh! Coming!" She vanished before reappearing next to Kyte and vanishing along with her.


Altair removed his helmet after her closed the window and curtains behind him. He tossed it on the couch as he flicked the lights on and walked into the bathroom, stripping all the way down the hallway. He turned on the sink and splashed his face with cold water before letting out a breath.
And he runs again.
A familiar voice echoed in the room as he looked up to see a familiar image in the mirror. "Coman," 
If you're going to antagonize her, you could at deal with her permanently.
"I didn't antagonize her. She just started obsessing over chasing me." He grabbed the towel from the rack and began to dry his face.
It wouldn't have gotten as far as obsession had you dealt with her back then. 
"No." he stated sternly.
May I remind you, that you require the soul of a very particular person that you have been unable to achieve because of that troublesome duo?
"Would you stop? I know." He leaned against the wall. "I've been following Al Ghul for how long and she still hasn't lead me to-"
Then take initiative. 
"Since when did I start listening to you?"
Attack me all you like, Altair. We both know, you're scared. If we don't have that soul for the ritual, I'm not explaining to your mother why-
"I know. I'll... think of something." 
You still have feelings for that assassin.
"Huh? No..."
Don't worry. I won't inform your mother but if that was the case, you should be filling the seat with the Shadow Cabinet instead of me. I find his presence annoying.
That won a chuckle out of Altair. "You know I would never."
I do. Just do what needs to be done. I don't trust this little alliance with Morsetti so I'll get working on a back up plan.
"Thanks," Coman actually smiled in response.
It's what I do.

Somewhere else...

"Yeah, thanks, Kyte." Phuong said as she shifted through some papers.
[At least we've confirmed it now."]
"I knew we weren't lucky enough to be a coincidence."
[Is that why you're pillaging through old case files in an abandoned building?]
"It's the only one they haven't done something to cover up. That might mean there's nothing valuable here but I'm hoping our luck will change."
[And if it doesn't?]
"Code Omega."
[Oh~! Now things are getting interesting. Waller is not going to be happy.]
"For the sake of the universe, she'll have to suck it up." she paused. "Besides, I've got some pretty damning information that she just can't ignore."
To Be Continued...
SGPA [The Series] Issue #6/Publicity Stunt
Yay~! Sorry for slow updating. These take a lot of love and care :3
Things are getting real.
Anywho, after Issue #7 I may be taking a break to do the XMas special so yall who are interested in wanting your characters in, lemme know.

Space Girl, Solar Cat, Black Seiren, Black Coma and Silver Zodiac all belong to Meibatsu 
Elle belongs to LydianDragon
Sybil belongs to Hojitsu
Echo belongs to MyDearBasil 
Argine belongs to LilWicky
Nocturne belongs to Annamaru 

Lemme get yer questions, comments and concerns?


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No prob. ;) I already told you Brawl was a fave of mine
nekohallowking Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2015  Student Writer
Happy b day from the nekohalloking XD hope you have a good one ^.^
Enthaga Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2015
Thanks so much~! 
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