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"Come On"

It hadn’t been long since you joined the Straw Hats. They were one of the biggest and most dangerous pirate crews you had ever heard of. You, on the other hand, were not a pirate- at least, not until now. You had the misfortune of getting swept away in their antics and Luffy had taken notice. He had made his decision.

“Join my crew.” Luffy said as an impossible grin spread across your face.

You stood quiet for a moment, stunned. “No.”

“I want you to join my crew! Come on, it’ll be great!”

“No! I don’t want to be lumped in with you when the navy shows up!”

“_____’s stuff is loaded and ready to go.” Franky called to Luffy.


“I had already decided from the moment I met you that I wanted you on my crew.”

“W-wait a minute-!” you were a bit flustered and annoyed by his straightforwardness.

“You might as well just give up.” Zoro spoke. “Once he’s decided something, there’s no changing his mind.”

“Usopp’s been handling all of our smithing.” Nico said.

“But even I only know so much.” Usopp nodded in agreement. They had been obviously impressed by your skills as a blacksmith- it was your livelihood.

‘Someone who wants to make things need understand how to they work.’ Your dad used to always say so you were a skilled fighter as well.

“I’m going to be the King of Pirates so I need the best blacksmith in the world on my crew. And you won’t have to worry about the Navy because once you’re part of our nakama, we’ve got your back.” Luffy flashed as smile as he held out his hand. “So come on!”

You frowned as you slapped his hand away and walked passed him onto the Thousand Sunny. “This is just a test. If you’re not a man of your word or if I don’t like it, I’ll jump overboard with no hesitation!”

“Tough and beautiful~!!!” Sanji cooed.

You knew from your first meeting that they weren’t bad people. They had respectable morals and… you actually liked that. If there was one thing you couldn’t handle- it was the Captain. You attempted to keep to yourself because you didn’t like to be in the spotlight but Luffy was not about to let that happen. His carefree attitude had struck you as irresponsible for a captain and often triggered many fights though they didn’t always end badly.

“-I’m saying you can’t do that anymore!” you snapped at him.

“It wasn’t a big deal.” He said in a nonchalant manner that bothered you terribly.

“It is! You’re the captain! If you fall overboard, you will die and I won’t fish you out again!”

“Zoro could’ve done it. It probably would’ve been easier for him to carry me. Make him do it next time.”

“That’s not the point!”

“Hey,” he said in a soft tone. “I’m sorry, okay?” this was a gentle smile that threw you off for a bit.

“Uh, yeah. Apology accepted.” You breathed out a sigh, the adrenaline draining out of you. “I’m tired now.”

“Come on,” he motioned towards the hammock as he plopped in it.


“Naptime. You’re tired, right?”


“There’s plenty of room up here.” He grabbed your wrist and pulled you closer to the hammock. “We’re going to be in port soon so we might as well just nap here.”

“O-okay, when you put it that way.” You attempted to slowly climb into the hammock but the sway swept you up as you rolled into Luffy’s chest. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder and tilted his hat to cover his eyes.

“Now that you’re not mad, you should relax.”

“Uh, yeah.”

There was a quiet pause. “I’m sorry I worried you.” –were the last words he whispered as you both drifted off to sleep.

“Have any of you seen _____? I made some new pastries and she said she wanted to try them when they were done.” Sanji asked as he caught the crew staring suspiciously from afar. “What’s going on?”

“_____ is getting some quality time with our captain.” Zoro joked.

“Huh?!” Sanji caught sight of the two sleeping peacefully in the hammock.

“I found them when I went to go take a nap.”

“They were arguing a lot earlier. I guess they tired themselves out and decided to take a nap.” Nico chuckled.

“No matter how much she complains about him, she really cares about Luffy.” Nami said. “We better just leave them for now.”

“Damn. Luffy has all of the luck~” Sanji sighed.

You had quickly become adjusted to life on board the Thousand Sunny. Luffy had kept to his promise whenever the Navy made any attempt to capture them- which was often. Not that you couldn’t take care of yourself but he tended to put himself between you and any real threat more often than you were comfortable with. He didn’t act that way around any of the other crew members so it made you feel a little special. At the same time, you battled the idea that you shouldn’t put yourself on a pedestal just because he was a little nicer to you. He was likely just trying to keep you from leaving the crew. Either way, one thing became clear to you- no matter how much he bothered you, there was something about Luffy that made you adore him. You had decided to tell him.

The crew had held a surprise party to celebrate your first month with the crew. Sanji had prepared a grand feast that made you almost drown yourself in drool. “You may have first pick of anything you want. You are the princess tonight, _____.” Sanji smiled at her but turned to glare at Luffy, Usopp and Chopper. “Don’t touch anything yet!”

“But we’re hungry!” Chopper whined.

Luffy, much to everyone’s surprise didn’t complain as he sat down next to you. “Sanji is right. This was all made for _____, we can’t eat before her.”

You chuckled as you went to take a bite. You smiled as the flavors filled your mouth. “It’s so good~!”

“It’s all made with the new pans you made me.” Sanji smiled.

You went to take a second but was interrupted by the loudest growling stomach coming from your Captain. You turned to him and a devious idea formed. You held out your fork to him. “You want some?” You had every intent to say ‘just kidding’ in the next moment but Luffy chomped down on the fork- stunning you as well as everyone in the room.

“Thanks! It’s really good!” he grinned.

Your face turned red in embarrassment. “Y-you guys don’t have to wait on me to eat! Everyone dig in!”

At that, everyone did. By the time they were done, there wasn’t a crumb left- you would know, you watched Chopper lick the plates. Zoro had already pulled out the drinks and gotten the fun started as Brook started singing. Usopp, Chopper and Luffy started dancing around like fools. There hit a point in the night when everyone was having too much fun to notice you slip out onto the deck for some fresh air. You leaned on the railing and took a deep breath.

“The sky is clear tonight.” You nearly jumped as you heard Luffy’s voice from behind you. He stood beside you, staring up.

“Y-yeah. It’s better than the rain we’ve had the past couple of nights. The stars are so beautiful.”

“I was thinking. You remember the first week you were here?” he started. “You locked yourself in the forge.” You didn’t need to remind you. You remembered it very well.

“What’s wrong, Sanji?” Nico asked as he walked back holding two trays.

“Oh, it’s _____.”

“She’s not coming out of there.” Zoro said. “Might as well stop trying.”

“No but every day I bring her food and leave it outside the door and she always eats it all and leaves a thank you note. Last night, she didn’t finish her meal and when I just went by to drop off her lunch, breakfast hasn’t even been touched.”

“That’s strange.” Nami agreed.

“Yeah, and smoke stopped coming out of the chimney last night.” Franky said as serious looks dawned the group. “Was I the only one who noticed?” Luffy was the first to make a mad dash up the stairs.

He stopped in front of the door for a moment before turning the nob. “It’s unlocked…” the door swung open to reveal you spread across the floor. He could spy your hands, scraped and bruised as well as poorly bandaged. “____-!”

“Don’t come near me!” you squeaked as you curled into a ball. “I- I can’t do it… I just can’t! I’m not good enough!” Tears seemed to flood down your cheeks. Luffy just scooped you up and carried you over to the bed.

“Aaah! ____!” Chopper ran in as he set you down. “She’s majorly fatigued! She’s been overworking herself.”

Zoro picked up one of the swords laying around. “These are some incredible blades.”

“No! None of them are good enough!” You shouted. “My father... he made Mihawk’s sword.” This truth surprised everyone. “I can’t be the greatest smith until I’ve made something that’ll shatter his masterpiece!”

“You can.” Luffy said as he sat next to the bed. “That’s why I picked you. I just know you can.” He smiled. “Sleep for now. I’m not leaving until you do. A tired smith can’t make the world’s greatest sword.”

“If Sanji hadn’t of noticed that I wasn’t eating, nobody would’ve have even noticed.”

“I would’ve.” Luffy said as his eyes set on you. “I’ve actually been checking on you every day.”

“You have?”

“Well yeah. I promised to look out for you. Sure I was only putting my ear to the door since you locked it but I could hear you hammering away.” He chuckled.

You feel your face heating up. This was it. “I- There’s something I have to tell you.” You started. “When you first said you were going to be the King of the Pirates, I was angry. You were either stupid or lying. I even thought maybe you were making fun of me but now…” you clenched your fist. “The truth is… oh, damn it, the truth is I’m in love with you okay?!” you gave Luffy a light punch, leaving your fist pressed against his chest. You couldn’t bring yourself to look at him though you knew his expression was one of surprise. “I will be the greatest blacksmith in the world so you better become King of the pirates because I don’t love people who have stupid dreams!” You pulled your hand away and turned. Embarrassment was beginning to take over as you turned your gaze to the doorway. You could spy Usopp and Chopper dancing on the table alongside Brook as Franky and Zoro downed drinks and Sanji fawned all over Nico and Nami. “We should get back-”

“_____,” as he called your name, your head turned slightly. He held up his hat to block your faces from the view of the doorway as he pressed his lips to yours. The kiss only lasted a moment but you felt as if time stopped. He moved back, replacing his hat on his head as your face turned a darker shade of red. A smile spread across his face as he held his hand out to you. “Come on.”

“I- always-!” you said as grabbed his hand and you walked back.

Two words and I will follow you to every corner of the world.

“Come on.”

Come On {Luffy X Reader}
Okay. Just ramblings. I'm back from Ikkicon so I'm trying to reassemble my brain. I got home yesterday and Hachi(my cousin y'all always hear me talk abt) was having a shitty day so here this is for her~
I'm freshly back from a con so as usual, it's just spew but please enjoy~

And my brain is still in it's liquid state and nowhere near ready to resume my novel work so yes, I am taking requests. If ya want one, we can chat over it.

"This meeting is adjourned." Vincent said as he stood up. "I hope all of you will continue to work as hard as you have been in the future." his tone made it sound as if he thought it was funny.
There was a shuffling as people began to get ready to depart. Some were more annoyed than others. Ripchord had managed to only crack the table as he expressed his rage towards Vincent- a great improvement, he thought. Nyx shifted through the notes that he had dreaded taking- well, kind off. Most of them were doodles that he had etched out while pretending to listen. He got the gist of what was going on. If the Coven wanted the details, they should have picked someone else to take notes. His eyes went to Miss Universe, who was still sitting. She was drinking a cup of tea, with no sign of her wanting to leave at all. She flashed a smile at him. "Uh, not ready to leave yet?"
"Hm? I haven't finished my tea. Its bad manners." she chuckled lightly. "Also, I was hoping I'd catch your attention."
"M-My attention?" 
"Yes..." her eyes went down to his papers. "Aw, is that me?" she pointed to the sparkly sketch taking up half of one of his pages. 
"Uh, yeah. I got bored." he smiled awkwardly. 
"I'd like to keep it, if you don't mind. No one's ever drawn a picture of me before."
"Sure." he handed it to her.
"Now, as I was trying to say. There's a little favor I was wondering if you'd do for me."
"Uh, I kind of need to check back with the Coven before..."
"Oh, you were chosen to be their representative, weren't you? And I'm sure they'd want you to do anything to show their loyalty to the Shadow Cabinet."
"Yeah but if you are asking..."
"They don't have to know it's me." she winked.
"Yeah... yeah. I like the sound of that. What did you have in mind?" He gave her a toothy grin.
Vincent had yet to leave the room. He narrowed his eyes as he overheard the conversation. This was something that annoyed him quite a bit.

-Salem, MA-
Riza walked out of the store, carrying several bags of various items. She mulled over them in her brain and mumbled to herself until she was sure she was done shopping. She glanced at her shopping list one more time before a blinding brightly colored flash caught attention out of the corner of her eye. It was accompanied with the screeching of many brakes and several horns blaring and then- nothing. The expected crash that usually followed- did not. She looked up, her face twisting in shock as she saw it. Caron was standing in the middle of the street. The was a magical aura around him that made the cars levitate rather than hit him. There was an echo of people yelling and screaming as this happened. "L-Lord Caron!" 
"There you are, Riza."
"What are you doing here?!"
"I'm here to see you, of course." he smiled in an unknowing way.
"Get out of the road!" Someone shouted.
"What the hell did he do-?!"
"Oh my god-!"
"Look at him!"
"He's a Celestian!"
"Ah. Nice to see they recognize their betters. Though I was attempting to lie low." Riza looked him up and down. A white long sleeved shirt with a collar, black pants and an ornate sash wrapped around his waste. He was the picture of normal Celestian citizen. However, that did not work here. 
"We-" her face was beginning to burn with embarrassment. "We should get out of here."
"Hm?" he walked to the window of a shop, spying the outfit on a mannequin. "No wonder everyone is staring. I am following the wrong fashion trends." With a wave of his hands, a lavender puff of smoke swirled around him and copied the outfit on the mannequin. "There. Much better."
"We... need to go!"
"But I just got here. I wanted to see what all the fuss is about this dimension-"
"As you wish." In another magical cloud of smoke, they disappeared.

-Salem Museum of Witchcraft and Mysticism-
Veronica scanned the papers that were scattered about on the table. "The Talisman of Azzar..."
"Here," she looked up as the red haired gentleman sitting across from her handed her the paper. "Its an energy siphon that drains the energy of mortals to magnify the powers of it's wielder. Don't touch it with your bare hands."
"Ah," she took the paper. "Thanks, Jason. You didn't have to help me with this, ya know."
"Nonsense. Now that I see that you literally meant you had a mountain of work to do, I could never have left you to do it all on your own." He smiled at her. "Though I am surprised your Master is still around after all this time. The last time we met, she was being chased by cultists-"
"Ugh. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have heard that story." She laughed. It almost sounded exhausted. "What she did to them was just... so bad." she shook her head.
"It was funny at the time." He laughed as well. "I can't believe that she actually leaves you in charge of the Archive. She's always been so-"
"Bossy? Rude? Psychotic?"
"Distrustful. But those also describe her too."
"When it comes to tracking down magical items and cataloging them, I'm kind of the perfect choice."
"Wish I had your state of mind when I worked under Merlin. I might have made less mistakes and wiser decisions."
"That's Merlin. I doubt you'll find someone as legendary who isn't nit-picky about every little detail."
"And Wisteria is not? Why did you start apprenticing under her?"
This caused Veronica to pause but she quickly blew it off. "It's a long story. Not really that interesting."
"I'd actually like to hear it sometime. In fact," he seemed to hesitate as he glanced around the dimly lit room filled with books and papers crammed into shelves. The curtains were drawn but small rays of light peeked underneath them. She was working by the light of oil lanterns set all across the table. "When I first arrived, I thought the atmosphere was quite... romantic." 
She froze, now looking at him. "Aaaah... you thought this was a date...? Oh my- I'm so sorry!"
"No, no. It's my fault for assuming-"
"The curtains are closed because my eyes are incredibly sensitive to light. UV light, especially. That's why I have the lamps. Oh... it does have that kind of feeling in here. doesn't it?" She put her hand over her mouth, dumbstruck.
"A little bit, yes. I am sorry. I didn't know."
"It's my fault. I probably didn't clarify."
"So your eyes," he scooted his chair closer. 
"They've always been incredibly sensitive to light ever since I was little."
"They're different looking. Not in a bad way.That golden glow your pupils have is..."
"Jason." She said quite briskly as he had leaned in close.
"Hm-? Ah-! Sorry. What was that?"
"It's because you have Etrigan. That light is the reflection of my magic. You know the saying 'the eyes reflect the soul'? Wisteria said I can see the threads of the universe that are holding it together. I can see what's 'right' and what's 'wrong', if that makes any sense."
"I understand."
"You and Etrigan are bound together. You're... a whole mess of right and wrong jumbled together, it's hard to explain. Demons and warlocks for some reason are drawn to my magic like bugs to a bug zapper. Even though I can 'correct' the situation, they always think that they can obtain my power." she shifted. "Anyways, we better get this done- if you still want to, I know you thought this was a date."
"Of course I'll help. I said I would. On the other matter, I could just... take you out to dinner or something. No magic, no work."
"Uh, yeah. Why not?" she smiled.
"You don't have to feel obligated-"
"I understand with Etrigan-"
"Jason. I'd love to."
"R-really? Then I'll make arrangements later."

-SGPA Headquarters, Pluto-
Cat stormed down the walkway towards the war room, others dodging her from the sheer effect of the feeling she was putting off. Terri was backing towards her, still talking to someone as she turned. "-yeah, I'll take a look- oh! Cat."
"Have you seen Solar Cat?" she said sharply. 
"Uh, yeah. She's talking to Elle. What's wrong?"
"Probably the same thing Elle is talking to her about. I can't believe that imbecile Caron dropped into our dimension with no thought as to what the repercussions are!" she growled. 
"Yeah, I heard about that." she said. 
"Not to mention the train wreck this is gonna cause with A.R.G.U.S. and the fact that the Justice League is going to grill me..." she shook her head. "I'm sorry, Terri. Didn't mean to explode on you."
"You've got a lot on your mind. Being multiverse cop can't be easy so go ahead and rant."
"Thanks." she smiled but stopped as she was about to walk off. "Oh and Terri, how come you never told me you had a crush on me?" This made Terri freeze in her tracks. She swallowed nervously as she turned to her. "You must have known I would've found out, being a contact telepath but you never said anything." 
"I didn't think I should. I mean, you were with Superboy and that whole ordeal... I just didn't think you liked me that way. I know humans have their preferences, I didn't know if Celestians-"
"We don't. I don't." she stated with a smirk. "The thing about me is I tend to let people decide their feelings for themselves. Just because I know, doesn't mean I should act. I'll catch you later." She left Terri standing somewhat baffled on the walkway as she entered the war room. Inside she could spy Phuong, Fafnr and Elle- who seemed quite aggravated. 
"I understand you're upset-" Fafnr started.
"You don't even know upset. Meanwhile, there's a public relations nightmare walking down the streets of Salem, in this country, on this planet- in this dimension. How could this happen?" she groaned. "I'm getting all sorts of calls all over about a Celestian disrupting traffic. Some asshole who's front bumper got nicked in the incident is screaming its the War of Abominations all over again which- by the way, everyone still thinks is our fault." she spotted Cat in the doorway. "And speak of the devil. Have you found him yet?"
"Yes. It seems he dropped in to see Synergy."
"He was teaching her magic while she was in the Dimensional Rift, in Haven. She hasn't been back so he came to see her. At least, that's what he says."
"You're a contact telepath, what do you mean 'at least that's what he says'?"
"His feelings are quite genuine but the man... is my cousin and a noble high in the Celestial Court. If he simply disapproves of the world,"
"He could a threat." Fafnr said.
"True but unlikely. He seems to be here to sight-see, if you want to call it that."
"Okay then." Phuong finally spoke. "Have him make a statement that he is here as a tourist and is in no way in power to lay siege or to take leadership of this dimension. He is here strictly in a civilian capacity. Will that work for you, Elle?"
She frowned but then sighed. "Yeah, I can make it work."
"You're the best."
"Remind me why I love this job."
"The business trips?" Cat joked. 
"Oh, I do love those. Ilantheum is beautiful this time of year."
"I know we dump a lot on you so seriously, thanks."
"Pssht. You'd have to get Superman to drag me out of this job. I wouldn't give it up for anything."
"Glad that's done." Cat sighed.
"Sorry, Cathy. I know you're swamped." Elle said. 
"It's Halloween. I've been up to my ears in magical mishaps already." she sighed.

-Harvey's Cafe, Salem-
"So." Sheila started as she stared across the table at Kahlil. The waiter placed two cups of coffee and some cakes in front of them. 
"You said you don't go out with SGPA members because it might compromise the team."
"So not a date?"
"Not a date." he smiled. "Besides, you said there wasn't something you wanted to talk about."
"Uh yeah." she rubbed her fingers on the crystal around her neck.
"If you keep playing with it, you're gonna wear out the concealment charm and we'll have to explain to Elle why we were in Salem on Halloween."
"Enchantments don't wear off that easily."
"No but it got you to smile."
"Yeah..." she glanced at the cake in front of her.
"Its about Soco's vision, right?" Kahlil asked. "You don't have to tell me what it is. I can kind of guess anyway. You made the decision on your own. It was your choice and you chose us."
"But... there's a chance I might change my mind. That's what the vision tells us."
"I think the only chance of that is if you doubt yourself." he said. "If you let doubt win, then yeah. There's a chance but you're stubborn. You'll pull through.
She smiled. "And you said this wasn't a date."
"It's not a date."
"Then why are you sweet talking me?"
"Isn't that why you talked to me?" he joked. "Let's eat this cake before-"
There was an explosion coming from outside that shook the cafe. "You were saying?" He followed Sheila out the door. A car was launched through the air, flying their direction. With a wave of his hand, Kahlil forced a gust of wind that gently set the car done. "Date's over." she said as she removed the charm from her neck. In a swirl of glowing fire, her outfit changed and her staff appeared. 
"Not a date!" he shouted as he ran after her. Her only response was a laugh. He was surprised as he saw the tree in the center of the shopping district. The leaves were gone and black goop was flowing out of it. He heard a familiar cackling.
"What is this? I was expecting a kitty cat to come my way. Not Captain Planet and the runaway princess." Nyx was perched in the tree, leaning on one of the branches. "But this could be a lot more fun." he jumped out of the tree, his body seemed to slump before he stood up straight. "Shall we give these lovely people a show?" he grinned.
"Get him away from that tree." Sheila whispered. 
"It's a defense charm. I can sense it. The Black Cat must have put it up to guard Salem against magical threats while she was cleaning up everywhere else."
"Nyx didn't have a problem getting in."
"It's supposed to protect things from getting out, not in. If it corrodes any further-" they lunged out of the way as a blast of dark matter struck the ground between them.
"I'm sorry, am I interrupting something?" Nyx said as little black bubbles floated around him. Kahlil disrupted the ground underneath him, causing it to send him flying away from the tree. "Uh oh. The wittle planeteer is mad that I hurt his tree friend." he jumped to avoid another earth attack and flung the bubbles towards him. Sheila put up a wall of fire to soften the blast. 
"He's right though. That tree isn't looking good."
"I don't know how to fix it! We need a sorcerer." 
"Then I guess it's a good thing I got the alert." There was a violet blast as a force slammed Nyx through a wall. They turned to see Riza and Caron. a shimmering smoke swirled around Caron's hand, showing that he was the one who had just attacked.
"Huh. And I was about to call humans dull." Caron smirked.
"Salem, what's going on?" Riza asked.
"No time! Synergy, you need to-" she was interrupted by a horrifying cracking sound. They turned to see the tree was cracking. With a blinding blast, it sudden exploded into splinters. There was a black haze everywhere. Riza had put up a barrier to shield them from it.
"That doesn't bode well." Caron said as the barrier vanished. 
A hollow laugh echoed down the street. The sky distorted, turning dark. "Hello, little lambs." The smoke began to clear to reveal a red head of hair. That alone was enough to unsettle Riza. The figure was squatting on the ground, it arose to it's feet. There was an ominous jangling as broken chains seemed to scatter about the ground. She felt pain surge through her entire body as a pair of golden eyes set on her. Her foot shifted backwards, an almost retreat that she cursed herself for as Caron grabbed her hand. He had apparently sensed her fear but he didn't take his eyes off of the figure- a man or so he would appear.
"No..." Kahlil was breathless.
"Grae the Red- on Earth?!" Riza choked on the words.
"So this is what the air tastes like." Grae breathed in. "It's polluted... I like it!" he grinned. "I'm honored really. A few brave volunteers have come to sacrifice themselves to celebrate my arrival. I would shed a tear if I had any." 
"What manner of thing is this? I'm curious." Caron spoke.
"Ah. One of the People. I haven't feasted on Celestian's energy in such a long time."
"I take it back. Let's destroy it." Caron frowned. 
"It's not that simple..." Sheila said as she pointed to the civilians that were previously coughing from the smoke. They're eyes turned black, a darkness that seemed to crack down their faces. They breathed out the black haze. 
"Grae is chaos incarnate! He's an immortal. That smog was caused by a pulse of his own energy that causes this dimension to warp into another, causing a madness that he can control." Sheila spoke.
"I see, Riza's barrier was fortified with Celestian spell techniques. We're immune to the effects of dimensional warping."
"Hm? I wonder how fragile humans really are? Let's find out." With a wave of Grae's hands, the people lunged at the group like animals. Riza threw up another barrier.
"You all speak as if you've faced this monstrosity before?"
"We have just not here. We do a little interdimensional work from time to time." Kahlil said. "I didn't think that the Black Cat would hide his prison here."
"I see. Knowing my dear cousin, she dropped him into a pocket dimension that is completely separated from the Rift by this dimension's wall but at the same time separated from this world. The tree is one from our home. Clever of her to use it as a prison. It is immune to most magic."
"How did Nyx get him out then?" Kahlili asked.
"His dark matter is not typical magic. It's a cosmic level of rift magic." Riza said. "Which I hate to break it to you but he's back on his feet."
"Quite the endurance to take a hit from me- oh for the love of Feyroron!" he face-palmed. "Ri- I mean, Synergy, you remember what my last lesson was?"
"About healing- oh! Oh!" she realized what he meant.
"Precisely. The tree is from my home which means its no ordinary tree. It was a construct of magic and emotion. Find it's greatest moment and restore it to life."
"I don't know if I can-!"
"You don't have a choice." Sheila snapped. "Elemento and I will keep Nyx occupied. Caron can push Grae back towards the tree."
"You've got this. You've done it before. Find the memory."
Caron gave her a nod as she dispersed the shield, blasting the people back. "Don't hurt the civilians!"
Caron sent a blast towards Grae, causing him to slide back a few feet. "How interesting..." Grae chuckled as his form began to change. The monstrous shape let out a deafening shriek. "I didn't think you could get any uglier." His tail wrapped around a car and launched it at Caron. In a puff of smoke, the car vanished.
"Childish move." he said until he realized Grae had lunged at him. He grappled with him. He began shoving Grae back. "I am not some mortal you can push around-!" Grae's tail pulled Caron's legs out from under him, causing him to fall on his back. In a deep breath, Caron could spy a dark mass down Grae's throat. He pulled his knees up and rolled, kicking Grae off. Sheila waved her staff, sending a wall of fire towards Nyx who rolled out of the way. Kahlil knocked back the civilians with a blast of air, being sure not to cause them any physical harm. 
"Oh, and I thought you like things a little wild, hellion." Nyx taunted. 
"Shut up, rag doll!" She avoided another dark matter surge which tore up the tiled walkway. She jumped in the air and slammed an inferno down on him. It vanished as it beat down on a dark matter shield. It blast up at her. She slammed her staff into the force, causing an explosion.
"Salem-!" Kahlil tossed a man to the ground that had jumped onto his back. 
She slid back out of the cloud of smoke. "I'm fine."
Riza waved her hands over the tree remnants as her hands glowed. "Come on, give me something to work with." she let out a deep breath. "Block out the fighting."
She could spy the ethereal figures crowded around the tree, on a darkened purple- the Black Cat.
["-The people of Salem are honored to have the Black Cat as our very own superhero." the man standing next to her said.
"Thank you, Mayor. And I hope you'll accept this tree as a gift from me. It is a tree from my home. It will be a symbol of peace and bring hope when it seems like we've run out luck." she chuckled at the joke and the crowd laughed.
"C-can I take a picture with you?" A little girl asked.
Cat ruffled her hair. "Of course, Rosie."
"You know my name?"
"Of course."
"It's a secret." she winked.]
"There it is. The day they honored the Black Cat. Now," a bright glow emanated from her hands.
Grae noticed the light and with a shriek, sent a blast wave towards her as Caron tackled him. "Riza!" he shouted. 
She noticed it too late to move. Suddenly- nothing. "I am getting really sick of interdimensional immortals."
She looked up to see Veronica. "Aletheia-!" 
"Another one? Human shelled? What hides within that body?" Grae buzzed with questions.
"You are a whole mess of wrong." Veronica's eyes narrowed. A citizen lunged at her but she caught his face with the hand. A light glow emanated and the man returned to normal.
"Wha...? I'm-"
"Free but not safe. Get out of here." Veronica said. The man nodded and ran.
"What is this?!" Grae's tail swung at her but evaporated when it came in contact with her hand. 
"Get the prison ready." Veronica said. 
"What are you, woman?"
"Wouldn't you like to know." she smiled. She blitzed towards him. Caron's eyes glowed as he blasted Grae, who had already begun to back away from Veronica. Grae grabbed a hold of a car and threw it at her. She dodged, not slowing down in the least. Her fist glowed as she sucker punched him- his monstrous form dissolving. She twirled, booting him back. He stopped and grabbed her next swing and smashed his head into hers.
"Aletheia!" she heard Jason's voice. She could spy him throw something. She caught it- the Talisman of Azzar. Her whole body glowed, causing Grae's skin to burn. She punched him in the jaw again before grabbing him by his collar and flinging him towards the now glowing tree. The glow had warped into a strange portal. Caron cast a spell to tie up the civilians still attacking.
"No, no, no-!" 
"You don't belong!" With a final blow, he was knocked back through the portal as it closed. An energy pulsed through the area, causing the clouds to disperse and the people to revert back to normal. 
Riza swayed, a bit dizzy. "I got you." Caron grabbed her. "Well, hello there." he smiled as she looked at him.
"How cute." Nyx cackled. "You're playing lovebirds with a human way too out of her depth."
"Silence, creature." Caron barked at him.
"I can see it. A selfish being who does what he wants and takes what he wants."
"I said silence." his eyes narrowed.
"Does the monk know? What lies beneath the pretty face you wear? Show her your true face-!" In a flash, Nyx suddenly exploded from the inside out.
"I said silence." The glow in Caron's eyes faded. "Wretched thing."
"He'll be back." Veronica said.
"I know that. Nothing would that kind of magical power stuffed into its skin will die from something as simple as that. He'll reform back with his master before long." Caron grumbled. "I assume you've had dealings with it before."
"He's... uh, yeah. A lot. Though I think blowing him up was a bit much..."
He paused. "I apologize, Riza. I didn't mean to offend..."
Veronica wrapped the talisman in a cloth as Jason walked up to her. "How-"
Sheila froze as she spotted Jason before becoming enraged. "You!" She hit him with her staff- glowing in fire, sending him crashing to the ground. In a sudden flare, Jason transformed into Etrigan.
"What trick is this?" Etrigan looked up to see Sheila. 
"Servant of my father hiding in human skin! You thought you could hide from me?!"
"Salem-!" Kahlil tried to stop her but she pulled away from him.
"What does he want?!"
"Salem, stop!" Veronica stood in front of him. "This is Etrigan, Jason Blood's other half."
"Ha, the weakling seems to have made new friends. Be careful, those who do meet violent ends."
"Etrigan... right. Sorry." she shook her head.
"You can go back now, Etrigan."
"Woman thinks she can order me? I was drawn out by her fire and now you wish me gone."
Veronica frowned. "Please."
"Haha!" His laughter echoed. "Very well but tell the runaway she should not hide with you long. As much as I hate him, Lucifer likes to taunt me to the point where he leaks information. He is planning something big. I suspect it'll be fun to see." In a blaze, Etrigan vanished to reveal Jason again.
Veronica helped him up. "Well, I was planning to introduce you to Etrigan when we've at least had our third date." he joked and she smiled. "How did you stop that creature?"
"I told you, I can see the what's wrong. He didn't belong in this dimension and everything about him is meant to make chaos by warping and mangling dimensions together. I'm the perfect person to handle him. How did you charge the talisman?"
"A little bit of life energy is nothing for someone who's immortal." he smiled.
"What was that?! A foreboding message from a demon, an interdimensional demon and your warlock boyfriend just let the only one we could interrogate escape by blowing him up." Kahlil snapped. 
"Etrigan is right. Something has every demon in Hell stirred up." Jason spoke.
"Which now makes me wonder. What should we be more worried about? The demons all riled up or the Celestian Lord who conveniently destroyed our only lead." Kahlil looked at Caron, giving him a glare that he returned in kind.

Miss Universe leaned back in her chair as Vincent sat across from her. "What a pleasant surprise, Vincent. I hadn't expected you to call me for a private visit."
"Let's cut the pleasantries. You were never subtle. You have been trying to get your precious little nails hooked into Coven for a long time. Using the Shadow Cabinet as a proxy is bad manners."
"Oh? You think I'd something to jeopardize our alliance?"
"I think you're just as self motivated as the rest of us. Do you think that you can't trust me to take your agenda into consideration? Bewitching Nyx to break out a world destroying demon. A former lover of yours perhaps?"
"No, no, no. You misunderstand. It's not that I don't trust you, I don't like you." she said as she playfully tapped his nose. She rose to her feet. "But I can see the benefit of sharing information. It was not the prisoner I was interested in but something in the prison itself." She strolled away.
"Should I?" Echo asked. 
"You don't need to show Miss Universe her severance package just yet. I'm quite interested in where this will lead."
"I am quite interested as well." Neophyte spoke as he emerged from the back room. "This woman," a glowing orb was floating in his hand. In the glow Vincent could spy Veronica- Aletheia. 
"She's one of the SGPA members. Though I don't remember her being quite as tough."
"That is not what interests me. It is her very unique power."
"Oh? Did it give you an idea?"
"Possibly. I must see it for myself. It seems I must make a house call."

SGPA [The Series] Issue #4/Hollowed Hearts
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Myra Mahariel by Enthaga
Myra Mahariel
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My Dalish Grey Warden, Myra Mahariel from Dragon Age.

Young Justice

Mission 7/ Hard Learned Lesson

Marvin skated around the other students, whistling the tune from his head phones. He spotted Conner and M'gann walking up to the school. He changed directions and headed straight for them. "Hey! Konner, Megan!" He stopped and stomped on his board, flipping it up. He caught it. He noticed Conner carrying something; not something, someone. Cat rested on his back, piggy-back style. Her face was in the back of Conner's neck while her arms hung around it. "Who's that?"

"A friend of ours. She's starting here today." Conner shifted his shoulders as he slowly put her down. She rubbed her eyes in a daze. M'gann handed her a to-go cup of coffee.

"Sweet. I'm Marvin." He held out his hand to shake.

"Catherine Lord." She bowed her head and then yawned.

"You're not much of a morning person I take it." He chuckled.

"She usually isn't up before noon." M'gann laughed. At that moment Mal Duncan brushed past seemingly in a bad mood, bumping his shoulder with Conner's and knocking the coffee cup out of Cat's hand.

"Hey!" Cat looked at her coffee which was now a puddle on the ground. He didn't stop or look back until- the coffee cup pegged him in the back of the head. "I was talking to you." Cat wore an annoyed expression that seemed to surprise Mal. "You see that?" She pointed to the puddle. "You knocked my coffee out of my hand and didn't even apologize." Everyone grew quiet, stunned.

"Uh, Cat-" M'gann started.

"No, it was my bad. I wasn't watching where I was going. I'm sorry." He apologized.

"See?" Cat smiled. "Simple. Apology accepted."

Mal laughed. "You're one strange girl."

"So you're the one Megan was talking about." The cheerleaders swarmed in an instant.

"Y-yes! I'm Catherine Lord." She stuttered nervously. She noticed Mal give Conner a dirty look and Conner glared back. "Stop that!" She covered his eyes.

"Cat?!" He moved her hands.

"Don't pick fights with people." She turned to Mal who had a devilish smirk on his face. "And you! Just because you're in a bad mood doesn't mean you should pick fights either." His smirk vanished.

"Well, I didn't expect such a lively new student." Mr. Car approached them. "Miss Catherine Lord, I presume."

"Yes." She bowed her head nervously. "Nice to meet you."

He placed his hands on her shoulders and made her stand up straight. He grabbed her hand. "It's nice that your formal and respectful but I'm not a king. You don't have to bow your head to everyone. A simple handshake will do."

She smiled and shook his hand. "Okay."

"Now I'm we can find someone nice enough to volunteer to show you where your classes are."

"We wouldn't mind." Wendy offered.

"Sounds easy enough. What do you have?" Marvin asked.

"Um…" She pulled the paper out of her pocket and unfolded it. They peeked over her shoulder.

"You have history and physics with us." Conner said as he glanced at her schedule.

"And you have Girls Athletics with us." M'gann smiled.

"Whoa, you're taking dance?" Wendy asked.

"Yeah, why?"

"The dance class is filled with some of the most high class, stuck up girls in the school. Believe me, girl. They can be vicious to new people." Karen said.

"Vicious?" She frowned.

"Don't fill her head with stupid information." Conner interrupted. "She'll be fine." He started walking towards the school building.

"Conner, wait up!" Cat followed him.

"She's following him like a puppy dog." Karen said as she raised an eyebrow.

She paused and looked back. "Megan, you coming?"

"She's sticking with the people she knows." M'gann ran to catch up.

"If you say so." Wendy sighed and followed.

"Teenagers." Mr. Car shook his head and followed them into the school.


Cat walked across the balance beam and then quickly back-flipped onto the ground. All of the girls, except for three, cheered for her. They gave her very observant and piercing glares. Cat blew it off. "Good job, Lord." The coach praised her. "Lang, get up there." One of the girls stopped glaring and walked towards the balance beam. She couldn't resist giving Cat a devious smile as she passed.

"Who's she?" Cat asked Wendy and M'gann.

"Maria Lang. She'll be in your dance class."

"She's one of the top dancers in the school."

"And-" Maria did a double back flip off of the beam. "She's also one of the best acrobats."

"She's pretty good." Cat clapped, surprising Maria. "What? Did I do something wrong?" She looked around.

"No…you must be the new student that everyone's talking about." Maria smiled. "Catherine, was it?"

"Uh-yes! Nice to-" She was about to bow her head but she stopped herself. "Oops! Mr. Car told me I don't need formalities."

"I don't mind. I think its adorable." Maria complimented. "I'll see you later, Catherine." Maria walked back to her friends who were giggling for some reason.

"That was… weird." Wendy said.

"I don't know. Maybe they like me." Cat said nervously.

"Hun, they don't like anyone who could take the spotlight away from them." Karen shook her head.

"Maybe…" Cat noticed the boys athletics class. They were playing soccer, Conner was the goalie. Suddenly the soccer ball went flying as someone kicked it.

"Watch out!" Someone shouted as it flew their direction. As it came soaring at her, Cat flipped and kicked it back towards them. She landed on her feet and turned to see Conner catch it. She smiled and waved, he did the same.

The guys stared at her as they gathered around Conner.

"Nice girlfriend you got there, Kent." A guy whom he recognized as Marshall said.

"Catherine's not my girlfriend."

"Oh, so you won't mind if I talk to her then?" He laughed and walked away.


"So who can tell me who JFK is?" Mr. Car looked around. Many hands were up except-"Catherine?"

"Uh- President John F. Kennedy."

"Can you tell me what president he was?"

"Uh- um." She frowned as she tried to think. "The 35th president. He was in office during World War II."

"Correct." He smiled and turned back to the board. "Now…"

'You didn't have to give me the answer.' Cat thought.

'He put you on the spot.' M'gann replied.

'I know but I really didn't know the answer.'

Later, after the bell rings-

"Catherine, can you stay after?" Mr. Car stopped her.

"O-okay." She walked up to his desk as the rest of the students crowded out of the room.

"I noticed you were having some problems."

"Y-yes. To be honest, I didn't know the second answer to the JFK question. Megan told me."

"Did she? Thank you for being honest."

"I have problems remembering things if they aren't numbers and symbols."

"I could tell. Mr. Kelly spoke so highly of you. He said you were one of the brightest students he's ever had in his physics class."

"He did?" She seemed surprised.

"Yes, he did. Maybe what you need is a tutor. Why don't you ask a friend to help you? And you can come in in the morning if you need any extra help."

"O-okay. Thank you."

"Anytime, don't be afraid to ask for help." he gave her a few words of advice as she walked out of the classroom.

Conner was waiting in the hallway. "You didn't have to wait for me."

"It's fine. I can tutor you if you want me to."

"Really? Thank you. That'd be nice." She smiled.

"Hey, Catherine." A girl walked up.


"Maria wants to see you in the cafeteria."


"It's about your dance class initiation."

"Okay." She shrugged and they followed her into the cafeteria.

"Yo, Conner!" Marvin walked up to him. Cat ran up to Maria who was waving at her.

"Hey, do you know what that's about?" Conner pointed to the crowd of girls around Maria Lang.

"Uh oh." Marvin frowned.

"Why 'uh oh'?" Conner asked. Suddenly the crowd jumped back as a bucket hanging from the ceiling dumped red Jell-o all over Cat.

"That's why 'uh oh.'" The cord of the bucket snapped and it landed on top of Cat. "Okay, that wasn't supposed to happen." The cafeteria erupted with laughter. "Something the dancers do to embarrass their new members but they've never dropped the bucket on someone before."

Cat lifted the bucket off her head and threw it. The sound reverberated as it hit the wall, silencing everyone. Her face was expressionless as she walked out of the cafeteria.


"What's her deal?"

Whispers spread through the crowd. M'gann frowned and looked at Conner who was furious. 'Conner, don't!'

'They humiliated her in front of everyone!'

'I know… but she doesn't want us to do anything.' She shook her head.


"She's right there, Mr. Smith." The secretary pointed to Cat who was sitting on the bench outside the office. She had her knees pull close to her chest, her clothes were stained red for the Jell-o. She was still expressionless.

"Thank you." He told the secretary as she walked back to her desk. He walked up to her, staying silent for a moment. "I brought the extra clothes you asked for." He looked her up and down. "What happened?"

She frowned and tears started streaming down her cheeks. "Humans are terrible creatures." He patted her on the head.


There was a knock on the door of the dance studio. Ms. Hart opened it. Cat was standing outside of the classroom with the secretary. After a few words at the door, Ms. Hart led Cat inside. She was slurping a milkshake.

"Class, this is Catherine Lord."

"It's okay, Ms. Hart. We've already met." Cat smiled at Maria and her group off girls. "Oh yeah." She snapped her fingers. She opened her cup and splashed the milkshake all over them. "My thank you for the initiation and the time it wasted for my uncle to leave work and bring me new clothes."

"Ugh! You-" Maria whined.

"You girls did that Jell-o thing again, didn't you?" She glared and they realized it, they were in trouble. She turned to Catherine. "I apologize. This is not how my class should act."

"It's okay, I repaid them in full." she smiled.


'Recognize, Black Cat. B.1.3. Recognize, Miss Martian. B.0.8. Recognize, Superboy. B.0.7.' They walked through the front entrance of the cave as it called out their I.D.'s. They met with Kaldur in the training room with Black Canary. Kaldur's attention deterred for a second and Canary knocked him to the ground.

"You should've stayed focused." She helped him up.

"We're home!" Cat announced.

"How was your first day?" Kaldur asked.

"Eh." Cat shrugged. "Black Canary, what are you doing here?"

"I heard you had some problems on your first day." Canary said with a curious glance.

"Red Tornado told you?" she frowned.

"All he mentioned was that your clothes were stained red." Kaldur replied. "What happened?"

"A dumb prank. The girls in my dance class dumped Jell-o in me as part of their initiation."

"Jell-o? Really?" Wally zoomed into the conversation.

"Yeah but I got them back." She smiled.

"I heard you dumped a milkshake all over them." Conner said.


"Wow." Dick and Artemis walked up. "You must be pretty whelmed right now."

"I didn't think you had it in you." Artemis chuckled.

"I didn't either but there you go. Honestly, I wanted to run and hide but then I realized that wouldn't change anything."

"So you dumped a milkshake on them?" Artemis smirked.

"Yup and then I embarrassed them with my awesome dance moves. Ms. Hart was so impressed."

"That's great." Wally chuckled. "Maybe you can give us a demonstration some time."

"So school wasn't as bad as you thought it would be." Conner smirked.

"Yeah…" she frowned and pushed him playfully. "Wipe that look off your face!"

"Haha, what look?"

"That one!" She twitched and her attention went to the zeta tube.

'Recognize, Batman. 0.1. Recognize, Red Tornado. 1.6. Recognize, Wisteria. 2.1.' 

"Hey, we have a mission?" Wally smiled.

"Yes, you do." Wisteria smiled. Elegance and sophistication came off her in vibes yet her eyes shone with danger like wildfire.

"You seem to be showing up a lot lately." Dick said.

"You're an interesting bunch of young heroes. I guess you can say I'm observing."

"This mission comes directly from the Green Lantern Corp. so I want the best from all of you." Batman's eyes seemed to narrow as he spoke.

"Whoa, sounds pretty epic." Wally smiled.

"So what's the mission?" Artemis asked.

"A prisoner broke out of the Lantern Corps. Maximum security prison. For unknown reasons, he's chosen Earth as his hiding place." A picture of a muscular, grayish-purple alien man with rigid claws and four eyes appeared on screen. "They call him-"

"Maliphor the beast." Cat finished his sentence. M'gann could feel a sharp sense of fear stabbing at Cat.

"You know him?" Conner raised an eyebrow.

"I'm part of the reason he was in prison." She frowned.

"Whoa, really?" Dick was astonished by it.

"Yeah, he was the first bad guy I ever took down."

"There was a picture of you and the League after your first take down in your journal but there wasn't anything written about it." Conner pointed out.

"I didn't get the journal until after that." She shook her head.

"Wait, no way Bats and the League would let you fight a baddie like that on your own. Especially back then." Wally said.

"She didn't." Red Tornado cut in.

"There's a reason I didn't write anything about it in my journal."
"How come?" Dick asked.
Her hand went to her neck and touched the collar. "Because it was something I didn't want to remember."

"Let's focus on the task at hand." Batman switched the topic back "You'll be assisting a Green Lantern in his investigation and if possible, catch Maliphor before acts."

"Let me guess, the Lantern Corps. don't want anyone to know about this." Dick guessed.

"Correct." Wisteria smiled.

"A Green Lantern?" Kaldur inquired.

"Hal or John?" Wally asked next.

"Neither." Wisteria shook her head. "You'll be working with a more distant member of the League."

"Guy Gardner." Batman finished her train of thought.

"Guy?!" Cat's face lit up.

"Oh yeah. I've heard of him." Dick said. "You know him, Cat?"

"Know him? I worked with him… I guess you could say he was my mentor."


"Approaching Venice, Italy." M'gann flew the bio-ship through the sky in camouflage mode.

"Why Venice, I wonder." Dick asked.

"Why not Venice?" Cat shrugged. "Guy loves Venice."

"So he picks it as a meeting spot?" Artemis frowned.

"I'm sure he has his reasons."

"You never did explain how you were partners."  M'gann inquired.

"Well, I'm not sure it counts as partners exactly. I don't remember all of it but Guy and Superman were the ones that found me. They found me near a collapsing black hole. I was comatose for three months afterwards.  After a while, Guy started taking me with him on his missions."

The bio-ship landed in a clearing. Everyone looked around as they exited the ship. There was no one really in the area but voices and cheering could be heard from the festival a short distance away. 'Okay. Where is he?' Artemis looked around.

'I don't know… he should be here.' Cat and Conner noticed something. There was a figure hiding in the shadows, obviously watching them. In a split second Artemis spun around and shot the tree next to the figure with an arrow. It exploded, flooding the area with smoke. With a blink, Conner could see through the smoke.

"Its human." Conner slid his foot back, ready to battle if their mystery guest made any moves.

"Wait!" Cat stopped them. They could hear coughing as a ginger haired man stepped out of the smoke.

"No frickin' duh I'm human!" he coughed as he spoke. He was wearing green and black clothing dawned with the symbol of the Green Lantern Corp.

"He's a Green Lantern." M'gann floated to the ground.

"Really? What gave me away? My clothes, my ring or the glowing?" His tone carried his sarcasm.

"Guy!" A smile illuminated Cat's face.

"Well if it isn't my little stray." he smirked. She hugged him. "Whoa whoa whoa. We're on the job, remember? Hugs come later."

"Right, professionalism." Cat stood up straight, soldier like.

"Atta girl." he turned to the rest of the team. "So you're the extras Batman sent when I only asked for the Black Cat."

"They're my team. Where I go, they go." Cat got a determined look on her face.

Guy paused for a moment, staring at her. Cat seemed to waver and he smiled. He flicked her forehead. "Don't sass me."

She covered her forehead. "I'm not."

"Now," Guy turned to the team, seemingly more serious in his demeanor. "Truthfully, I could catch Maliphor on my own but it's much faster to have Cat track him."

"I can track him through the energy waves be puts off." Cat explained. "His waves make a distortion in the Earth's energy field. It's not strong enough to noticeably or physically distort anything."

"And with that said, when we find him I want Superboy to stay a good distance behind." Guy added.


"Because." Cat drew everyone's attention. Her violet irises seemed to glow. "The energy we're tracking is from Kryptonite."

"Kryptonite?" Kaldur couldn't believe it.

"Since the forming of the Justice League and it's rising fame throughout the universe, the Lantern Corps. thought it'd be a good idea to put a ban on Kryptonite. Unfortunately, it's worth a lot on the black market now so everyone's trying to get a hold of some. Maliphor is a major dealer. He was around the stuff so much it comes off of him like radiation." Guy shook his head. "When me and Cat took him down, we only found four out of five of his stashes."

"You think the last one is here." Artemis realized.

""It would explain why he's hiding here on Earth of all places." Wally added.

"Hello, M'gann! But- why are we in Venice?"

"Because, who doesn't like Venice? I've been seen here all the time. It's one of my favorite places in the universe." he smirked, hinting at something.

"You're trying to lure him out." Dick realized.

"Ding ding! The Boy Wonder is correct! Maliphor is the kind of man who likes revenge."

"You were trying to lure him out." Kaldur said. "Yeah but I got tired of waiting. Then it dawned on me to ask Bats to send Cat my way and I'd find him much faster. So let's get this over with. It's a school night, ain't it?"

"Okay." She backed away from them. "Give me some space." She closed her eyes, almost like she was entering a meditative state. The air around them became eerie and strange. Her eyes snapped open suddenly. "There's a large amount of Kryptonite creating a distortion near Rome."

"So close by."

"Don't just stand there, let's move!" Guy barked as they rushed into the bio-ship.


The bio-ship hovered above the ground. Seat belts were off and they were moving. Cat didn't wait for the door to open, she teleported out. Everyone but Conner and M'gann took a line.

'Superboy should stay in the ship.' she thought before he could jump out.

'What? Why?'

She swallowed nervously. 'Because of the Kryptonite. You'll be useless.'

'Cat's right, kid. Stay put. I'm not your leader or anything but I am a Green Lantern. It's my job to look out for you. This isn't the usual kryptonite that's watered down by other variables. It's in its purest state, directly from the source. Regular kryptonite can weaken you but pure kryptonite will kill you.'

'He's right. Stay here as back up.' Kaldur ordered. 'Everyone in stealth mode.' Within a moment, their clothes transitioned to black and Guy's glow died down. They begain moving, leaving Konner in the camouflaged bio-ship. They followed Cat as she hid behind a pile of rubble.

'The kryptonite is in there.' She pointed to a broken down temple. It was closed off in the typical 'Do Not Enter' fashion.

'He's hiding kryptonite in a historical site closed off to the public?' Dick thought.

'Not a bad idea.' Wally added.

'He took the risk that humans might discover it?' M'gann asked.

'That's not his style.' Cat stated to their surprise. 'Why would he risk it in an active planet where it could possibly be discovered? He may be big but he's not stupid. It was either guarded by someone who owes him a favor or he just recently moved it here. Likely the second option.'

'Good thinkin,' Cat. You've gotten better.' She blushed modestly as Guy passed her the compliment. 'Maliphor doesn't trust any one, especially when it comes to his merchandise. He probably had it stashed somewhere else.'

'Then why move it to Earth? He's more likely to get caught here with the Justice League.' M'gann asked.

'He'd only move it for one reason.' Guy stated.

'A buy is going down.' Dick realized.

'Yeah but who do you think the buyer is? Sportsmaster?' Wally suggested.

'Why do you say Sportsmaster?' Guy asked, unknowingly.

'He works for the Light.'
'Who's that?'
'Think major baddies like Vandal Savage, Luthor, Queen Bee and Klarion. They've been at the center of some major deals lately. Buying supped up Cobra venom, attemping to assassinate the Rhelasian leaders, things like that.'
Wally explained.

'Suped up? How?'

'Mixing it with Cadmus's Blockbuster formula.'

'None of them have the brains for that kind of thing.' he thought.

'…but we know someone who does.' Cat realized something. 'Who was it that bragged he could use 80% of his brain? Surge.'

'Who's Surge?'

'An evil genius with an ego larger than Canada.' Artemis frowned at the thought.

'We're not even sure he has anything to do with this.' M'gann added.

'A major nerd like Surge would kill to get his hands on a resource like that.' Dick explained.

'Let's not count any one out yet.' Kaldur quieted his teams mind.

'What's that glow?' M'gann pointed it out. Once they reached the opening, they knew what it was. Tanks filled with glowing crystals. It was so bright they couldn't look directly at them. The tanks lined the walls and were stacked across the floor.

'That's a lot of kryptonite.' Wally was in disbelief.

'There's Maliphor.' Cat pointed him out. He was standing next to a tall, ominous cloaked figure, obviously Creeper, and a shorter cloaked figure.

"Here it is." Maliphor's voice was raspy and deep. He handed the shorter cloaked person a box. "The sample. I have enough kryptonite here to kill an army of Kryptonians. Not even the great Superman can survive this in its pure, untainted form." The short man lifted a small tube of bright whitish-green kryptonite out of the box. Seemingly satisfied, he replaced it back it the box.

"Excellent. But you neglected to mention that we'd be entertaining an audience." he pointed them out. M'gann knew the voice, Psimon.

'Go!' Kaldur ordered and the team sprung into action. Cat vanished from sight and Dick threw several explosive discs. They struck Maliphor and- KABOOM!

"Creeper, Ember." Psimon ordered.

"Whoa!" Wally slid under a blast of fire. "Her too?"

"Oh~ did you miss me, speedster?"

"About as much as he misses school." Artemis pelted Ember in the back with an arrow, it exploded into foam.

Creeper dispersed in to the shadows and rose up behind M'gann. He was pushed back by a telekinetic field only to get electrocuted by Kaldur. He spun around and knocked Artemis back. Cat appeared behind Psimon, swinging his foot down on his head. It clashed with a force field and he threw her back. Maliphor beat on Guy's glowing shield. He forced back and knocked him into a pillar. He rose to his feet.

"Come on. You can do better than this." Guy taunted him.

"You're right, I can."

"But he doesn't have to." Psimon smiled. "Psimon says-"

"No!" M'gann dropped her guard momentarily to shield her mind only to get slammed by one of Creeper's tentacles.

"Sorry buddy, but I could do without the headache today." Wally slid into him, knocking him over. Artemis shot Creeper with two arrows which exploded into a high frequency flash. He shrieked and turned to run. He was nailed with a flying kick to the face from Dick.

"Too bright for ya?" Dick chuckled.

"Don't worry, boy wonder. If you're afraid of the dark, I'll lighten things up for you." Ember was back on her feet and burning like wildfire.

"I thought you doused this flame, Artemis." Dick flipped to the side, dodging a fire ball. The flames chased him as he ran.

"She must be one of those trick candles." Wally joked as he blitzed away from a fireball.

'Careful, Ember. Don't damage the merchandise.' Psimon warned her. He faced M'gann who was struggling to contain the newly risen Creeper. He was deflecting Kaldur's swordplay while violently lashing out at M'gann. 'Creeper has the advantage at night but-' he spotted Cat and Guy taking on Maliphor. '-this fight is not a winning one. Psimon says- Sleep.' At that point the whole team dropped. Maliphor grabbed Cat out of midair and flung her to the ground.

"Took you long enough." Maliphor growled.

"My apologies. The Martian was shielding their minds from me." he bowed his head slightly.

"No matter." Maliphor kneeled next to Cat. He grabbed her braids and lifted her head to look at her face. "I hadn't planned on taking my revenge until after I'd conducted my business but the Green Lantern and the Black Cat have brought themselves to me."

"Along with their team." Ember frowned. "Wait… where's the Kryptonian? What's his name?"

"His name… is… Superboy." Cat growled.

"She's still awake? What a strange mind she has." Psimon knelt in front of her.

"This little brat? Ha! She's not even fit to be a sidekick. When the Green Lanterns were hunting me down, they had to check all over. She stumbled onto my hiding spot by accident and didn't even wait for her partner to back her up." He ripped her collar, revealing her scar. "Ain't it pretty? A little gift from me. Do you know what a cat sounds like when you skin it?" he laughed.

"I-I'm not the same-!"

"You're the same as you ever were! Just carrying some more dead weight."

"I-I'm not!" She grabbed his wrist, attempting to pull herself up. He scowled and threw her over the opening, off the cliff and into the water.

"Why'd you do that?" Ember asked.

"The little kitten can't swim." He chuckled. He turned. "What are we going to do with these?" He motioned to the team.

"It is quite a conundrum. If we kill them-" Psimon started.

"We'll have the League and the Green Lantern Corps. Breathing down our necks." Maliphor grunted. "What a pain."

Cat drifted in the ocean, holding on to what breath she had. She was sinking like the Titanic, no way to stop it.

To Be Continued…

Mission 7/ END

YJ:Mission 7/ Hard Learned Lesson
Reposting some of the edited versions. XD Once I'm done with them all I'll go thru and post the links to the previous and future chapters before continuing on.
This one is the first of a two parter with the lovable Guy Gardner. XD

Let me know any questions, comments or requests.


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