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Okay, thank you so much to all my Watchers~! You're beautiful~!

Anywho. Lots of things.
  • First, my pledge to update daily: DOES NOT WORK. It was at first but that's because I had two days off in a row. I work a lot. So I'll make it a few things weekly.
  • Second, my book is technically DONE. Its just a lot of finishing up and final editing. Oh, and the damn copyrights.
  • Third, okay. this is a big one. So I always thank everyone who faves or comments on anything of mine but I have officially hit way past the natural number of faves that anytime I try to thank people DevArt won't let me due to possible "spam." Complete bullshit, I know. So, sad to say I will only be replying to Watches and people who comment first. Sorry to all. 
  • Last, my YouTube channel is up~! Go look,guys. We'll likely up date weekly once we get a steady pace going.

Questions, Comments, Ideas?

You peered over a file as you walked down the hallway. You had read the file many times already and at this point, you were sure you could recite it. “What’s wrong, ____?” You looked up to see Ikakku standing in front of you. “You’ve got such a serious look on your face.”

“Oh, Madarame.” You shook your head. “It’s just the case. You know how I get.”

“If you’re banging your head against a wall, why not tell me what you’ve found so far. A fresh set of eyes might help.”

“It would,” you stopped in your tracks, setting a piercing glare on him. “If you were Ikakku Madarame.”

He cackled. “You’ve always been clever, _____.” He lightly pulled on the skin of his cheek and it glowed blue before the image of Ikakku vanished. What was left was a haunting familiar face, dark brown hair lay delicately around a face with an almost perfect complexion save for three moles under his left eye. He had one blue eye and one silver that accompanied a crooked smile.


“Ah, I love that expression. Is it shock? Is it fear? Who knows? I can never tell with you.”

“What are you doing here? And how did you make yourself look like Ikakku?”

“In order, I’m on squad twelve and second, it’s called a reishi mask. It’s my little project though I thought I had it perfected but leave it to you to ruin my fun.” You rolled your eyes and kept walking. “Hey, hey, hey!” he followed you.

“Go away. I don’t have time for you.”

“So rude. After my captain told me to assist you and provide you with our squad’s resources to help with your investigation.”

“He did?” you were somewhat surprised. “He didn’t seem all that pleased about me being given the case in the first place.”

“He wasn’t but you know, what can you do? Besides, I’m pretty sure the head captain told him to so,” he shrugged. “I actually know you or else he would’ve sent Akon.”

“He would’ve been preferable.”

“Ouch. I’m tryin’ to be nice here, ____.”

“I know what you consider “nice” and I’m not falling for it.”

“Oh, does Captain Zaraki know then?” this caused you to freeze. “Ah ha! He doesn’t know!”

“I don’t know what?” A shiver went down your spine as you heard your captain’s voice behind you.

‘I was so busy focusing on Masume that I didn’t even sense him. Man, I’m stupid.’ You thought to yourself.

His eye went back and forth between you and Masume. “Who’s this?”

“Sir, I’m Masume Kunikida, fifth seat of squad twelve. My captain wanted me to lend ____ a hand with her investigation.”

“You’re quite familiar with my fourth seat.” You couldn’t say for sure but there was a bit of an edge when he spoke.

“Yes, of course. _____ and I are old friends from the academy.”

“I would not use that term.”

“So mean!” he whined.

“Tcht!” the noise caught your attention as Kenpachi turned. “Try not to get too distracted. It is a mission, after all.”

“Uh, Captain, I’ll come by to organize the reports after lunch.” You called after him.

“Focus on your case. You’re not the only one working on it now so you can’t half ass it.”

“Uh, okay.” His comment left you feeling somewhat bummed. It wasn’t as if he had said anything wrong but it still just… you stopped when you noticed Masume’s grin. You smacked him in the face with the case report. “Take it. Know it by this afternoon.”

“Right, right.”

“I’m back!” You announced and Yachiru poked her head out of your captain’s office.

“Oh hi, ____!”

“How have things been?”

“Kenny’s been sulking all day. He doesn’t-”

“Yachiru,” Kenpachi had materialized in the doorway behind her. “Go get Ikakku for me.”

“Alrighty!” She agreed as she took off.

“So you’re back,” she had left you standing face to face with Kenpachi. He hadn’t made eye contact, instead he was looking you up and down.

“Yeah, we investigated the areas of the Rukon district where the attacks took place. Masume’s specialty has always been geared towards reishi so he has able to pick up a few things I wasn’t.”

“Nice to see you were actually getting work done.”

“Hey, I always get work done!”

“That Kunikida clown is really good at distracting you.” You now knew that he had noticed your inability to sense him earlier. “And I expect you to sleep in your own bed tonight…” All of a sudden, his voice seemed to be snuffed out as the roomed swayed. It took you a moment to realize it wasn’t the room but you. The next sound you heard was Kenpachi calling your name. “____!”

“Uh, yes?!” he startled to attention, shaking the lightheadedness.

“Are… you’re…” he snarled but almost to shake the awkward atmosphere he was putting off. He reached to touch your arm. “You should have someone from squad four take a look at you-” You reflexively and unknowingly jerked your arm away from his grasp. You looked horrified by your own action.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean-!” You rushed to defend yourself but he quickly turned back in the doorway.

“Go rest. You’re obviously tired.” He shut the door behind him, leaving you feeling a bit sad.

“Hey, ____.” Ikakku caught your attention, Yachiru riding on his shoulders. “The captain wanted to see me?”


“Do… you know why?”

“N-not really.”

“That’s weird. Usually the captain tells you everything.”

“He… doesn’t.”

Ikakku shrugged. “Hey, you okay?”

“Just tired.” You gave him a fake smile that he obviously caught. “I’m gonna turn in early, bye.” You rushed off before he could say anything.

“Hey, Yachiru.” Ikakku spoke. “Do you know what’s wrong with ____?”

“Kenny probably caused it.”

“Captain Zaraki would never-”

“Kenny’s sulking because ____ spent all day playing with moleface.”

“Moleface? That squad twelve guy?”

“Mhmm. He’s known _____ for a long time. So Kenny probably said something mean.”

“Come on, Captain, that’s not cool.”

“I can hear you.” Kenpachi’s voice echoed through the door.

“Uh oh! We’re caught, baldy.”

Mayuri sat across from Kenpachi in the little restaurant. “I am surprised, Zaraki. Inviting me out to drink suddenly is unlike you.”

“Yet you still came anyways.”
“If you were doing something out of the norm, I am inclined to be curious about why.” He said as he took a sip from his sake glass.

“Our squads are working together, I thought I’d poke you for some details on your squad member.”

“Excuse me?”


“Our squads are working together on what exactly?”

“The pattern of hollow appearances in the inner Rukon districts.”

“I authorized no such thing.”

“That Kunikida guy-”

“And I gave Kunikida strict orders to stay away from it. He was always annoying and I’ve let that slide because his work with reishi has been exceedingly excellent but now he’s being a downright pest over this case in particular because that reishi girl is working it.”

“Reishi girl?”

“Oh, yes. I forgot you cannot sense reishi. When I first met your forth seat, I sensed something immediately unusual about her. After thinking it over, I realized that she had an obscenely high reishi level and she was putting out quite a bit of it. The question was, with so much reishi why was her spiritual pressure as light as a snowflake on your skin? The girl is using pinpoint precision to channel the reishi throughout her body to every part of it. When I was pondering what purpose that would have, I looked into the medical records that were kept on file and saw that she was ill with a disease that severely damaged her nerves.”

“I knew that. She got better.”

“But no, she did not.” Mayuri wagged his finger at Kenpachi. “That type of illness does not go away. Your girl is using reishi to force her body to move. It’s quite interesting but even I would not push that boundary and earn the ire of the head captain while he’s trying to get everything back in order or start a fight with you for that matter.” He flashed a grin. “You are quite taken with the girl from what I understand. Kunikida likely sensed the same thing I did and is going off on his own. From what I was told, she was still bedridden the last time he saw her.”

“He said that he met her in the academy.”

“That can’t be possible seeing as he’s been on my squad for about fifty years now.”

“____ agreed with him.”

“Interesting that she would lie to you but more importantly, if she’s with Kunikida now I don’t need to speculate what he’s up to. That boy has a one track mind.”

Kenpachi stood up suddenly and turned on his heel quickly.

“These notes are really good, Masume.” You said as you looked over the new file he gave you.

“I knew you’d like them. You’re always so picky.”

“There’s no excuse for laziness.”

“Right. So your captain looked kind of mad before.”

“Did he?”

“Come on, ____. How did you not notice?” he whined.

“Sorry. I’m not good at that sort of thing.”

“I guess I noticed because I’m one of those guys.” His eyes shone as he spoke. “A guy who’s after someone can always tell who his competition is.”

You stopped. “What.”

“You haven’t been getting light headed recently, have you?” A shiver went down your spine as the room suddenly started spinning again. “It took me a while but I finally found a way to disrupt your reishi’s flow.”

“M-Masume-!” he caught you as you fell forward.

“Nuh uh uh. Save your energy. You’ll need it later.”

To Be Continued…

    Spots filled your vision as a tingling sensation crossed your cheek. You’d almost call it pain but then again, he didn’t hit hard enough. You turned your gaze back to the gawking men who had blocked your way. The piercing look in your eyes caused a shiver to go down their spines.

“S-she didn’t even flinch.” One whispered.

You rolled your eyes and went to pick up the sacks you had dropped. “Excuse me.”

They scoffed at you, the mere sound annoyed you. When your hand touched the bag, one of them put their foot down on it, crushing your fingers underneath. Another grabbed ahold of you by your bandana, pulling your hair along with it to make you turn your face to them. “The boss is still pretty mad at you, tag. You ran away before he could say goodbye.”

“He’s not gonna kill you. In fact, he wants to offer you a job, better than his last offer.” Another added.

“No thanks. I have a job.”

“I don’t think you understand what kind of position you’re in.” the pressure on your hand increased.

    There was nothing about these fools that threatened you, only your own rage beginning to boil. You could shatter his knee cap and destroy the others elbow all within ten seconds and you’d be free of their hold. The others would be easy enough to handle then. The ideas were already cycling through your head but you kept rejecting them. Your harsh thoughts were interrupted by a call.

“Hey, you idiots! This is a private construction site, leave.” Your boss barked at them as one of the other workers suddenly shoved the man off of your hand.

“Beat it unless you idiots want to deal with the police.” The worker said.

They growled and the other thug let go of your hair. “Police are in Monroe’s pocket anyways.”

Worick sighed as they began to disperse. He could feel Nicolas twitch, Worick had his hand wrapped around his wrist to keep him from pulling his sword. He released his hold and gave him an apologetic smile as Nicolas grunted and they walked up to you.

“Damn punks.” Your boss huffed. “Pickin’ on a tag who just wants to do an honest day’s work. You alright, ____?”

You nodded before you noticed the handymen approaching. Worick waved at you. “Hey, ____.”

“Hi… what’re you guys doing here?”

“Nico wanted to come visit you,” Worick elbowed him and he stuck his tongue out back at him.

“You know the handymen, ____?” your boss asked.

“Yeah, they helped me out when I just moved here.”

The notepad emerged from Nicolas’s back pocket.

Why didn’t you say that you were working construction?

“Uh, was I supposed to?”

I thought you said you were going to look for a job as a chef.

“Ah ha, yeah…” you laughed awkwardly. “Turns out being a tag really limits your job options. It’s fine though! Everyone here is really nice and they don’t mind that I’m a twilight.”

“It’s because you’re so damn strong, ____!” One of the workers laughed. “If you weren’t a tag, it’d make us look back.”

“It still makes you look bad,” your boss barked. “Back to work, you lazy bums!” he turned to you. “Get back as soon as you finish talking to the handymen.”

“Yes, sir.” You nodded. You shifted nervously. “So… what’d you guys need?”

Now Worick was the nervous one. “There’s no easy way to put it…” Nicolas had already turned the notepad to you.

Did you kill your contract holder?

“Did I… what? Who told you that?!”

“Nicolas…” Worick grumbled as Nicolas signed to him.

Is that not what we wanted to know?

“It is but come on, man, have some tact.”

“No. I didn’t kill him but I didn’t save him.” You finally spoke. Nicolas eyed you but you couldn’t read it. Your thoughts were suddenly cut off when he pinched your nose. “Ugh-! Nicolas!” He let go and started walking away.

Worick chuckled as he turned to follow. “Nicolas wants you to come over after work. Cook something nice for us.”


You cut through the apple with quick precision. It was a little hard to remain focused with Nicolas hovering over your shoulder, watching you cook. At this point of knowing him for three weeks, you knew what he was thinking. He reached around your side and grabbed one of the apple slices. You latched onto his wrist. “No, wait till the food is done.” He made an annoyed grunt but thought of a quick response. He licked the side of your cheek, causing you to let go of his wrist out of sheer shock. He escaped with the apple slice, shoving it into his mouth. “N-Nicolas!”

“Hahaha, what’s wrong, ____?” Worick’s teasing had begun. “I thought you didn’t mind if Nicolas did inappropriate things to you.”

You curled your lip into a pout. “He should do it because he wants to not because he wants to steal food.” You turned on your heal to go back to the food.

“See that, Nic? She’s practically inviting you now.”

“Keep talking, Worick. And maybe it’ll just be me and Alex eating tonight.”

“So mean!”

Nicolas held up the notepad.

Does that mean you’re going to starve me too?

“Hm…” you tried to look like you were thinking about it but he easily saw through it as he frowned and bopped you with the notepad. “Now who’s being mean?” He stuck his tongue out at you and stole another apple slice. “Nicolas!!! Keep doing that and there won’t be enough for a pie!” He started signing something. You focused to understand. You had been studying like crazy to pick it up so there was no time like the present to try it out. “Try and… stop me…?” he nodded and you frowned which his response to that was a devious grin.

    You were on your way home. You were having so much fun at the handymen’s apartment that you hadn’t noticed it had gotten dark out. You turned down on of the alleys, to avoid the main roads as many tags do and to take the short cut Worick had shown you back to your apartment.

“Well well. Look whose done hanging around the handymen.” A voice spoke. It grated on your ears, a voice you had heard earlier today. The same thugs were standing in the alleyway as if they were waiting for you.

“So which one catches your fancy? Or are you banging both of them?”


“Wait, don’t tell me. It’s the deaf dwarf, isn’t it? Perfect relationship, he doesn’t have to hear any of your bitching and you get to have a boyfriend who “understands” you.”

You told yourself, don’t do it. You started walked briskly past them but they weren’t about to let you. The large one from earlier stood in your way and decided to repeat his earlier actions as a swift punch landed on your cheek. You once again, didn’t budge. “Hey, how about we have a little fun with her before we take her back to the boss.”

“I don’t know, man. You saw what she did to the boss’s fingers.”

“Back when she was some nobody, now she’s got friends we can threaten and she needs job security. She ain’t gonna fight back.” At this you found yourself laughing. Not a snort or a chuckle, genuine laughter.

“You idiots think that matters to me?”

“You- Shut up!” He went to swing again but this time you caught his fist.

“I was just going to let you be after the show you gave my boss earlier. A tag killing someone in public? I’d definitely lose my job. But nooooooo,” the man struggled to pull free. “You just had to follow me into a dark, abandoned alley. This is almost too good to be true.” You smirked at him. “I’ve been thinking about this all day.” In one swift motion, your other fist connected with his elbow with enough force to cause the bone to shatter and tear through the skin. Then you turned to his friend and slammed your foot into his knee cap, causing his leg to bend the wrong way and cause him to topple over. “That should about do it.”

“You… You monster.”

“The three laws state tags have a right to defend themselves. Be happy you’re not the one dead or injured.” You began walking away.

“Stop! I said stop!” You paused in your steps as you heard the click of a gun barrel. In the next moment, silence before a loud thud.

You turned to see Nicolas sheathing his sword. “Nicolas?” He shot you an annoyed look that made your head retreat back into your shoulders for a bit. He sighed and help up the notepad.

I told you to WAIT.

“I can walk home on my own just fine…” you were somewhat embarrassed but then it clicked. “Did you know they were waiting for me?” He flicked your forehead and starting walking. “Nicolas!” He stopped, turned to you and signed something.

If you walk with me, people will leave you alone.

“Why?” He hesitated but then-

They’ll think you’re my woman.

You started walking. “Soon they’ll more than just think it.” You said as you passed him.

To Be Continued…

The Way to A Mans Heart [Nicolas X Reader] Part 2
Part 1:…
Haha, I ironically actually have a playlist for when I work on things.
For this, it's:
Take Me to Church by Hozier
No One's Here to Sleep by Naughty Boy ft. Bastille
R U Mine? by Arctic Monkeys
Do I wanna know? by Arctic Monkeys
Medicine by Daughter
Home by Daughter
Breezeblocks by Alt-J
I Found by Amberrun

Have fun~!
Questions, comments, concerns?

Gilbert glanced out the window, giving an annoyed sigh. Ludwig didn’t take his eyes off of the wheel. “You vere the one insisting on coming vith me.”

“Ja but I didn’t think you’d make me babysit your friend.”

“It is not babysitting.”

“Ja ja.” He shrugged Ludwig’s comment off as the car rolled to a stop. His eyes grew wide as he stepped out of the car. “Holy crap!”


“This is her house?! It’s freakin’ huge!”

“Ja, she inherited it vhen her grandmother died.” He spoke hesitantly. “It… vas the same accident.”

Gilbert frowned but then let out a sigh that meant he was giving in. “Ja, I guess. Besides, who vouldn’t vant to be taken care of by the awesome me?” he smirked.

Ludwig unlocked the front door and opened. “Before, I forget. Here,” he handed Gilbert a key. “There’s your own house key. Don’t lose it.”

“Jeez, I von’t. You vorry too much.” He commented as he followed Ludwig inside. There was an eerie silence throughout the house.

“____?” Ludwig called. “She’s around her somevhere.” He walked off down the hallway.

Gilbert followed but he stopped to look at a picture sitting on a stand and when he looked back, Ludwig was gone. “Ah-!” he silenced the reaction that was about to leave his lips. He started off down the hallway, turning whatever way he felt like but it little in helping him find his brother. “Aargh. Why is this house so big?” he grumbled when he heard movement. He walked towards it, unknowingly. “There you are-” he swung the door open to see you.

In a startled panic, you immediately- “Aaaaaaah!” A shrill scream left your mouth, actually causing Gilbert to scream in response. You both finally stopped, panting from exhaustion. Loud footsteps rushed your direction as Ludwig appeared on the scene.

“____!” He paused when he noticed the two of you and relaxed. He could easily guess what had happened.

“Why’d you scream at me?!”

“You screamed at me first!” Gilbert argued. He paused. He hadn’t noticed it before but now that he had the chance, his eyes scanned your sitting figure to see that you were seated in a wheelchair. Scarring peeked out of your pajama pants going down your feet.

You could tell he was staring, your face heating up. “Q-quit staring!” He snapped out of it.

“Like I vould stare!”

“____, this is mein bruder, Gilbert. Gilbert, this is _____.” He cleared his throat. “I have a lot of vork to be done in my stay so Gilbert has offered to look after you vhile I’m busy-”

“No.” you stated.


“No, I told you I didn’t need you to take care of me, I sure as hell don’t need this asshole either.”

“Asshole?!” Gilbert clicked his tongue, annoyed. “Like I’d vant to take care of some spoiled princess!”


“ENOUGH.” Ludwig cut between the both of you. He turned his sharp gaze to you. “Vhen did you eat last?”

“I- I just had lunch.”

“Oh? Vhat’d you eat?” he asked much to your dismay. “Because there’s a lack of dishes in the sink and I’m pretty sure you can’t reach it to even vash them. If you can’t even prove to me that you can take care of yourself, don’t even bothering arguing.” Ludwig’s tone made you feel sheepish as you hung your head. He sighed and softened his tone. “I know it hasn’t been easy but at least let me vorry about you.”

“Okay.” You gave in as he patted your head.


“I’m sorry.” The apology came from Gilbert. He sighed and smiled. “Even the awesome me can lose his cool sometimes but hey, I’m so cool I don’t even mind apologizing.

You glanced at Ludwig. “Luddy, you have to be kidding.”

“Kidding no. Regretting it already, possibly.”

Gilbert walked through the house, doing the chores at a shocking pace. “Ah ha! I don’t care how big your house is, chores are no match for the awesomeness that is me!”

You sighed, just watching him exhausted you. You closed the book you were reading and squeezed your eyes shut for a moment, hoping you could recharge just a little. You gasped as you opened them to see Gilbert squatting in front of you, his face inches from your own. A curious look on his face. “You’re tired, already?”


“You look like crap.”

“Wow. Thanks for your unwanted opinion.” You spat sarcastically. You had expected a witty retort but his thoughtful look continued until it felt like he was looking through you. “W-what?”

“Vere you always this uncute or is this the meds?”

 In that moment, you could almost hear your patience snap as you slammed your book in his face. “You jerk!”

“Ow! Vhat vas that for?!”

“You insensitive ass!”

“I’m the insensitive one?!”

“Yes! I lost my grandmother and I can barely move my legs…” you growled. “You have no idea how I feel!”

You startled as he slammed his hand down on the arm rests of your wheelchair. “You’re right about one thing, frau. I don’t know how you feel and I’m not going to pretend to because despite how magical I seem, I can’t read your mind. But I’m not the one being insensitive. You’re all set to vither in this house all by yourself but you haven’t given a thought to the fact that there are people who still care about you. They’re vorried sick and all you’ve done is push them away. Mein bruder may have been pushy vhen he said I vas going to take care of you but he’s been vorried for veeks vhile you hide from reality in your big, empty house.” He moved away. “If you vant to be alone, just say it to his damn face so he can stop vasting his time.” He began walking away.

“Hey! Get back here!”

“Nope. I’ve said all I have to say-” he stopped when he heard a crash. He turned see you face down on the ground, trying to use your arms to prop yourself up while your legs wobbled underneath you. “Hey-”

“Don’t!” you barked at him. “Calling me insensitive… Do you know how embarrassing it is to go through this every damn day? To see the look on people’s faces when I slip while trying to get out of that stupid chair! Ludwig always looks so damn sad all the time. I don’t want people to look at me like that! I just have to get through the dumb physical therapy and then…” Your eyes started watering.

All you could hear was Gilbert sigh again. “Then tell him that.” He crouched down. “Mein bruder is kind of dense so unless you tell him he’s just going to keep vorrying and pushing you around to make sure you’re actually taking care of yourself but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask for help.” He turned to the hallway, “Hey dummkopf, you tell her too.”

Ludwig emerged from the hallway, wearing an embarrassed expression. “Hallo…” he shifted. “You should have just told me.”

“I have my pride too, you know.”

“And your pride is currently the reason why you’re on the floor.” Gilbert said dryly.

“_____,” Ludwig crouched in front of you. “Ve’re not trying to make you feel uncomfortable. Ve just want to help you.”

“I know… I’m sorry.”

“See, vasn’t so hard.” Your face burned with embarrassment as Gilbert picked you up and set you back in the chair. “Eins, Zwei, Drei! There you go.” He grinned at you. “Besides, you have the two most awesome brothers in the vorld to take care of you.”

You stared plainly at him. “Sure one of them but the other…”

“So uncute!”

To Be Continued…

Carry You Home [Prussia X Reader] Part 1
Okay, someone requested a Prussia one I just don't remember who so whatevs.
With me pledging to update at least one series a day, that means SGPA will be updated quickly too. Sorry for such a long wait. Everything was put on the back burner while I worked on my book. Apologies.


Enthaga's Profile Picture
You may call me Ryo
United States
I am an aspiring writer currently working on my first novel.
I am also an avid fan of a lot of anime/video games/comics/etc. Just because its not in my gallery doesn't mean I'm not a fan, it just means I was a spaz and didn't post it XD
I have like no photoshop skills so anything in color will likely SUCK.
My artist is the ever wonderful HKD-arts tho a lot of her stuff just comes here because sometimes she doesn't have internet XD
Okay, thank you so much to all my Watchers~! You're beautiful~!

Anywho. Lots of things.
  • First, my pledge to update daily: DOES NOT WORK. It was at first but that's because I had two days off in a row. I work a lot. So I'll make it a few things weekly.
  • Second, my book is technically DONE. Its just a lot of finishing up and final editing. Oh, and the damn copyrights.
  • Third, okay. this is a big one. So I always thank everyone who faves or comments on anything of mine but I have officially hit way past the natural number of faves that anytime I try to thank people DevArt won't let me due to possible "spam." Complete bullshit, I know. So, sad to say I will only be replying to Watches and people who comment first. Sorry to all. 
  • Last, my YouTube channel is up~! Go look,guys. We'll likely up date weekly once we get a steady pace going.

Questions, Comments, Ideas?

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